3M 8200 N95 Mask: Recommended Applications/Industries

What Is An N95 Mask? 

N95 respirators are a special type of disposable face mask that is widely used among health care practitioners all around the world. An N95 respirator is worn over the nose and mouth area. They are respiratory protective in nature which means by the use of an N95 respirator, one can minimize the risk of inhaling harmful airborne particles such as bacteria and viruses. N95 respirators are non-woven and disposable face masks. Its inner layer is made up of synthetic fibers that filter out at least 95% of harmful airborne particles. This mask is also widely used among Industrial/occupational workers to prevent inhaling dust particles.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) includes gloves, face shields, respirators and other medical equipment which intended to use in a medical setting should meet the approval criteria recommended by The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and Centre for Disease Control (CDC). These institutes also regulate N95 respirators to prevent the spread of COVID-19 from inhaling infectious agents.

To get approved by NIOSH, a respirator should have a good filtration efficiency greater than or equal to 95%. FDA approved respirators also have a very unique low resistance breathing feature that allows maximum comfort level to wear a face piece for a longer time duration. CDC approved disposable respirator for one-time use only.

Manufacturing Companies of N95 respirators

During the outbreak of COVID-19, the whole world had gone under a serious health crisis and the safety of all the health care practitioners became the main concern due to the shortage in the supply of NIOSH approved N95 respirators all around the world. There are some well-known companies such as 3M, Honeywell, Alpha Pro Tech, Kimberly-Clark Corporation they all played a very significant role in filling the gap between the N95 respirator’s supply and its demand all across the world. Honeywell's well-known product Models are ACTi Protect UF, HC-NB095, HC-NB095F, HC-NB295FP. Alpha Pro Tech's well-known product Models are MAS 695. Kimberly-Clark Corporation well known CDC approved models are: 46827, 46867, 46727, 46767.


The N95 respirator is essential for protecting health care workers from COVID-19. In that regard, 3M Company had made a historical record in meeting the supply-demand and became the leading Company in the manufacturing of N95 respirator in the U.S in such a short time. 3M Company never compromises on the quality of their N95 respirators which have 95% filtration, long durability, and high comfort level. 

Their well-known NIOSH and CDC approved product models are: 1860, the 1860s, 1870, 1805, 1805S, 1870+, 1804, 1804S. The 3M Company also set a target to increase up to 2 billion global productions of their N95 respirator by the end of 2020. 

3M Company Models  

Every N95 respirator manufactured under 3M Company has its unique role and importance. Here are the names of the 3M highly demandable N95 respirators: 

  • 3M Safety N95 8210.
  • 33M 8200 N95 Mask.
  • 3M N95 respirator.
  • 3M 8511 N95 respirator.
  • 3M Particulate Respirator 8511.
  • Model x N95 respirator.

3M 8200 MASK QUALITY and Its Industrial Usage 

It is one of the best and most comfortable N95 respirators available in the stores. 3M 8200 N95 respirator has a filtration efficiency of 95% against non-oil based airborne particles which can be very useful in many occupations where there is relatively high exposure time with the airborne particles emit from dust, grinding, sweeping, sagging, processing coal, minerals, iron ore, flour, metal, wood, pollen, chemicals vapors, and gases. 

By the use of a 3M 8200 N95 mask, one can also minimize the risk of inhaling various infectious agents like Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, Bacillus Anthracis, and mold, and can prevent themselves from sustaining high risk of any serious health condition in the future. Although the risk is not going to subside N95 respirator can reduce it to some extent. Another very prominent usage is in the industries and occupational workers.

 During this pandemic those people who have to work on the field and have high exposure to dust particles are at high risk of getting infected, this is where 3M 8200 N95 respirator came and hold a charge infiltrating efficiently up to 95% airborne particles. The list does not end here, 3M N95 respirator also plays a very important role in other industries including food processing, where it need to make sure that all food ingredients are free from infection, workers and manufacturers should have to follow the PPE guidelines which recommend to wear gloves and mask while working in any food company and it also very important for the safety of food, general manufacturing, mining, oil and as we all know what mining is. 

This profession requires the hard work of their worker deep under the surface of our land which allows a heavy exposure to all the workers with hazardous gases and dust and chemical vapors present under the layers of the soil. This NIOSH approved N95 mask makes it very convenient for all the different industries workers to find the solutions to their upfront difficulties during this COVID-19.


All the above-mentioned information concludes that NIOSH approved 3M 8200 N95 respirators are one of the most comfortable, durable, and reliable respiratory protection systems. This 3M model is one of the most highly demandable products available during this pandemic. However, some people are not a big fan of the 3M 8200 N95 respirator as it cannot filter out oil-based particles and also not very helpful in eliminating the risk factor of getting infected. But still, 3M N95 respirator is on the top with containing good customer satisfaction reviews.

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