3M N95 Mask Validation Series: 9322+Gen3

There are a lot of 3M models when it comes to their disposable respirators. 3M is very passionate about injury that the products they release are all authentic and can really protect and address the needs of the specific industry or work environment that it has been created for. 3M creates different levels of N95 masks and N95 respirators for different industries.

In this article, as part of a validated 3M models series, we will discuss the different models released by 3M that can be validated as well as the importance of validation and the safeguards that individuals should know about it. You will definitely learn a lot about the N95 masks and N95 respirators once you get to know more about them. 

The Models Released

Not all of the 3M N95 mask models that have been released are even open for validation. The 3M Safeguard Product Authentication Process only has a specific list of N95 masks that you can get validated through their system:

For 3M Disposable Respirators, only the following model numbers use the 3M SafeGuard system:
































9310+Gen3 RU

9312+Gen3 RU

9320+Gen3 RU

9322+Gen3 RU

9330+Gen3 RU

9332+Gen3 RU

The 3M 9322+Gen3 RU

One of the models that can be validated is this one. As part of a series this model is considered as a new filtering half mass of p.m. Since it is part of a model series it has quite a different look compared to others of the same series. Just like not all N95 masks and N95 models are made alike, the 3M 9322+Gen3 RU also has some very few differences from the model series of which it is a part of. 

  • It has a classification of FF2 NRD. This means that it can protect against solid and liquid irritating aerosols with a minimum filter efficiency of 92%. But since this is an N95 respirator, 3M guarantees that it can filter out at least 95% of the respiratory airborne particles that it comes in contact with.
  • It is a part of the 3M™ Aura™ new filtering half mask with 3-panel design for tight  fit to all facial shapes and face sizes that is fully compatible with 3M™ glasses and other 3M™ PPE. This means that they are perfect for the industries of which they are a part of. 
  • It is also part of the model series that comes with a  3M™ Cool Flow™ Valve that aims to reduce 36% more heat build-up inside the respirator by removing exhaled air from under the mask. This part of the system means that it can filter out bad respiratory and airborne particles while it can also remove exhaled air from under the mask making sure that the wearer breathes in only fresh air.
  • It is made up of the best hypoallergenic advanced electrostatic 3М™ Advanced Electret (Filter) Media (AEM). This characteristic ensures that the individual has the capacity to move his face even when he is wearing the mask. The model aims to properly accommodate greater facial movement during speech, and does not support burning.
  • There are also more adjustments that are available with the mask. The new upper and lower adjustment details make facial adjustment easier.
  • The nose clip is adjustable and it comes with a soft moisture lining that individuals would love. It ensures that it creates a seal and fits the wearer properly without any other problem that may come along the way.
  • When you buy this model, you can be sure that you will have it in individual packaging so that it is easy to use and dispose of when the wearer is in a rush.

The following industries can make use of this model:

  • Construction;
  • Metallurgy; 
  • Shipbuilding;
  • Ceramics;
  • Machine Building;
  • Foundries;
  • Brick production;
  • Saw mills; and
  • Those working at opencast and open-pit mines.

Why Is It Important To Have These 3M Models Validated?

The answer is simple: there are a lot of very scrupulous individuals who create counterfeit 3M products and who do what they can to get their fair share of the pie by trying to scam individuals into buying off their products. It is, therefore, important to make sure that you buy only authentic 3M products and validate your purchases if you are having some doubts about the lot that you got.

Where Can I Purchase The Models?

You can purchase any of the models available for validation at the 3M website, you will definitely love the fact that you can purchase the right N95 mask and N95 respirator online without leaving the comforts of your own home. Go to the 3M website and you will find all of the models of N95 masks that they offer.

Where Can I Validate My Purchase?

You can validate your N95 masks and all other purchases that you may have through the 3M Safeguard Product Authentication Process. This process can be done online by making sure that you at least have the Secure Code and the Lot number of the product that you bought. Once you are on the website, all that you need to do is to make sure that you put in the Secure Code and the Lot number of the product so you can check if it is legit.

You may find the validation process at the 3M Safeguard Product Authentication Process’ dedicated website at: https://safeguard.3m.com/Guest#/Validation 

What If I Cannot Find The Code?

If you cannot find the code, you can also check out the specifics through a product code selection drop down box that is also available at the same website.

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