3M N95 Mask Validation Series: 9330+Gen 3 RU

There are a lot of N95 masks and N95 respirators for different industries that 3M has created. It is, therefore, not surprising that there are some companies that also want to take advantage of the good will that has been created by the company and take some of their customers. They create counterfeit items that may either get some of the clientele of 3M or that may hurt their business.

In this article, as part of a validated 3M models series, we will discuss the different models released by 3M that can be validated as well as the importance of validation and the safeguards that individuals should know about it. You will definitely learn a lot about the N95 masks and N95 respirators once you get to know more about them. 

The 3M 9330+Gen 3 RU

The 3M Aura Particulate Respirator 9330+Gen3 is the third generation of the 3M Aura respirator. It is part of the series that can get validated since it is definitely one of the models that a lot of people would want to get their hands on. It comes with the following characteristics:

  • It comes with a comfortable and reliable FFP3 breathing protection. This means that the mask will be able to protect you against solid and liquid toxic aerosols. It is also guaranteed to have a minimum filter efficiency of 98%.
  • It is best combined with the original 3-panel, flat-fold design so the snug fit and seal that it creates is comparable to those that you can see in other N95 masks and N95 respirators.
  • It has practical positioning tabs, braided headbands and an embossed so moving the N95 mask and adjusting it to properly fit the position that you desire is easy to achieve.
  • It also comes with a sculpted upper panel that helps reduce eyewear fogging so if you wear your glasses you may also need not adjust it every two seconds just because breathing makes the air fog up. 
  • It uses 3M Advanced Electret (filter) Media (AEM), a high-performance material that's engineered for easy breathing so people with respiratory problems may also rest easy knowing that they can have the protection that they need.

Generally, this model is best used in sanitary settings and in settings where the individual would need a lot of protection and be sanitized along the way. If you want to use it during this pandemic you may do so but cover it with another mask so that even with the exhalation valve model, you will be allowed entry in hospitals.

Where Can I Validate My Purchase?

The great thing about the process of 3M is the fact that it is easy to find and validate their products. The company has created the 3M Safeguard Product Authentication Process.   If you want to make sure that you have an authentic supply, you may find the validation process at the 3M Safeguard Product Authentication Process’ dedicated website at: https://safeguard.3m.com/Guest#/Validation 

Where Else Can I Buy The 3M Supplies?

You can also buy authentic 3M products from many different places online. The following are some of the best sources of authentic and validated 3M supplies:

  • Amazon. If you go to the Amazon website you may learn that there are different sources of 3M products. There are different sellers on the marketplace that have been verified by 3M for the selling of their models. Do proper research and make sure that you only go for the suppliers that are verified, that have good reviews, and that you can easily talk to in case you have other questions about the products. Amazon is a great place online but you also need to practice diligence when buying on their platform.
  • Clinical Supplies USA. Clinical Supplies USA has a range of personal protective equipment including N95 masks and N95 respirators. On their website, you will find that they are a verified supplier of 3M products and that they have also done their fair share in donating and giving out N95 masks and N95 respirators. Since the company is fairly new, expectations were not that high. However the truth is that this company has been around for sometime now and it is only now that people have realized how reliable and good of a source it is for personal protective equipment. Journalistic websites like Rolling Stones have already validated and confirmed that this is a reliable website.

Go For The Authentic Supplies

At the end of the day, the most important thing to remember is the fact that you need to always buy authentic supplies. 3M has a diversified portfolio and diversified range of models of N95 masks and N95 respirators. You should be able to find the N95 masks and N95 respirators that you have a specific need for if you know where to look for it. Go for the authentic supplies and look for authentic suppliers.

Check Out The Model You Need

Given that there are a lot of different models of N95 masks and N95 respirators, you need to make sure that you check out the right and very specific model that you actually need. Read on the different uses of a specific N95 mask and N95 respirators and choose the one that actually works closest to your need and that has been made for your specific industry.

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