Before March, you didn't have to bother about the air you breathe. Unless you live in a densely sir polluted environment, you are cleaning a dusty place, you practice medicine, or something else. With the Coronavirus spreading around the world, you have to think twice about everything, even a dental check-up.

The n95 respirator is one of the best ways to protect yourself from. It protects you against 95% of both large and small air particles. It is easy to use, and comfortable. However, you should always choose the best one if your life might depend on it. Here are 5 things to consider when choosing your n95 respirator:

1. Does it protect you from both large and small airborne particles?

Making sure you have a functional respirator is crutial now more than ever. This is because it is easy to get one that only stop dust and other large particles whilst letting smaller particles pass through. The best way to do this is to look for the "n95" print on your mask. However you still have to be extra vigilant as the need for respiratory security has brought about frauds looking to make a sale.

2. How much of the air particles does it filter out?

The current standard for a disposable face mask according to US standard n95 is 95%. This means as explained above, the respirator you should be going for should at least be able to trap both large and microscopic air particles. As of now this is the highest proposed percentage so anything below this percentage would be more risk for you and anything above it might be exaggerated.

3. Does it comfortably sit on your face?

Successfully avoiding getting infected now goes beyond just wearing a face mask. If unfiltered air can go in through open spaces between your face and the mask, you might get infected. Therefore, the face mask should properly cover your nose, cheeks and chin. The metal strip on your nose should help with fastening the mask properly. The strips that hold your mask in position should not be loose or too tight to the point of deforming the mask.

4. Which brand are you choosing?

Right now everyone seems to have a solution, however it is best to rely on a brand that has a reputation that speaks for it. A company that has been trusted to deliver over the years. So reading reviews, making careful comparisons and more will help you make more informed decisions.

5. Are you looking for a disposable face mask?

N95 respirators are made for single use. These offer more protection but would need replacements each time you use one. This means that you dispose of whatever got trapped in the fibre with the mask. However, you can also disinfect you n95 with either heat, UV lighting or hydrogen peroxide. This will give you approximately 30 more sessions.

With the above information you will be better informed the next time you want to buy a face mask. The general takeaway is to be careful and vigilant

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