A breakdown of the e-commerce options for N95 masks

Online shopping has become the safer way to purchase essentials rather than visiting malls and public places. During these times that the COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause worries across the United States, it is important that we keep our family and kids safe.

As the COVID-19 threat escalates, it can be hard to buy an N95 mask. When you shop locally, you might find that the N95 mask you are looking for is no longer in stock. In the US, the 3M N95 mask is the sought-after option. However, you might find the price of which, when resold retail is already too expensive.

If you are looking for N95 respirators, the best place to search is online. There are plenty of N95 masks for sale and other PPE that are NIOSH approved and certified. However, there are counterfeit N95 masks too. So, when buying an N95 mask for your own protection, be sure to do a full check of the N95 mask quality, making sure to buy only those approved by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

To save you time, we searched for Ecommerce sites that are currently selling N95 masks, disposable face mask, reusable face masks, and surgical masks with N95 protection. Check out the full details below.


The first place to check out when searching for an N95 mask is with the company known as 3M. The 3M N95 mask is a popular choice among Americans, including medical and dental professionals. Health workers use the N95 mask that is highly-efficient in filtering viruses and bacteria, easy to use, breathable, and fits well.

When going out to places that can increase your risk to exposure, 3M can be a good place to shop for an N95 mask to use. Their respirators are tested and evaluated for the use of healthcare workers as well as the general public.

Clinical Supplies USA

Consumers can also purchase the 3M N95 Mask in other online shops like Clinical Supplies USA. They offer same-day dispatch in the US for certain products. Every N95 mask you buy is individually-wrapped to prevent contamination.

One of the other brand that is popular at Clinical Supplies USA is Makrite. Be sure to buy an N95 mask before supplies run out.

N95 Mask Co.

This company sells N95 respirators that use advanced antiviral technology essential for this time of COVID-19 pandemic. They sell the type of N95 mask that can provide protection against small particules .3 microns or less.

The company website also says that their N95 mask can inactivate as much as 99.9 percent of airborne particles within minutes. The N95 mask is said to neutralize viruses and germs on the surface to prevent exposure of harmful particles in the lungs and airstream. Their N95 mask can destroy viruses instead of just trapping them.

Furthermore, they have NIOSH-certified and CDC-approved N95 mask available. The company is also in the FDA-approved list of manufacturers of N95 mask. Buying in bulk is essential when buying an N95 mask, don’t just buy one. Most online shops that sell N95 mask offer four-pack, 10, 20, or even 200 masks for this particular site.


Now, when buying an N95 mask from a trusted source online, you know that you can stock up. While it is inadvisable to hoard every N95 mask you find online, it is recommended that you have a substantial supply of N95 mask to use for you and your family. Now, this depends on the kind and frequency of exposure you get to potentially contracting the disease.

If you are looking for premium-quality N95 mask that is NIOSH-certified, then you can check out this website COV.care. They offer N95 mask pack as low as three pieces. For hospitals, clinics, medical centers, and government offices that continue to serve the public in this time of pandemic, it is more important to have a larger supply for the workers.

COV.care offers N95 mask boxes up to 10,000 pieces per package. Their N95 mask is lightweight yet offers excellent filtration against hazardous particles. The design of their N95 mask was made with ultrasonic welding technology resulting in a comfortable N95 mask for hours of use. It is odor-free and latex-free as well.


Yes, there are N95 respirators and other ppe available on the popular Ecommerce site, Amazon too. Keep in mind that not all disposable face masks, like the N95 mask, on Amazon are NIOSH-certified and not all can say their products can provide 95 percent protection or more.

With that in mind, check out our article on N95 mask Amazon. Most of the lightweight N95 mask are no longer in supply. Sadly, supplies run out quickly on Amazon. This is because the N95 mask supply is running low at the moment and are restricted to be sold on Amazon so that hospital workers can have a steady supply.

Still, you may be able to shop reusable N95 mask on Amazon. You will just have to buy a separate NIOSH filter. Keep in mind that the risk of the public in contracting the virus is far less than healthcare workers that day in and day out are exposed to COVID-19 patients. Still, that is no excuse not to use the N95 mask for our personal protection and safety against the virus.

These are some of the websites online that offer the N95 mask at a good price. Be sure to buy while supplies last because N95 mask runs out quickly even on Ecommerce platforms.

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