Abdur Razzak: N95 Mask Fraudster

Scams are now very rampant. Given the current problems the world faces, it is not just a few individuals who are facing financial trouble but also a lot of the members of the population. It is sad to know that even at this time of a pandemic there are scammers that used the need for personal protective equipment including N95 masks and N95 respirators to scam money out of people. 

In this article, we will discuss one of the latest scams that are related to personal protective equipment such as the N95 masks and the N95 respirators.

The Abdur Razzak (JMI chairman) N95 Mask Scam

In the country of Bangladesh, one of the latest scams that have been known in relation to the N95 mask is the scam made by Abdur Razzak, chairman of JMI Hospital Requisite Manufacturing Ltd, and six of his staff members.

The main allegation is that Razzak, together with Deputy Director Md Zakir Hossain Khan; Assistant Director Md Shahjahan Sarkar; Chief Coordinator and Desk Officer Dr Md Ziaul Haque;  Desk Officer Dr Sabbir Ahmed; Acting Store Staff Md Karbir Ahmed and Senior Store Keeper Md Yusuf Fakir, sold the Central Medical Store Depot (CMSD), the government body that sources medical supplies, fake N95 masks. 

In a statement, it was alleged that JMI Hospital Requisite Manufacturing Ltd, which involved all of the individuals named in the complaint, were caught supplying at least 20, 610 pieces of fake N95 masks to CMSD in March. 

The damage was not localized to CMSD as the fake N95 masks were later distributed to 10 organizations. This meant that medical frontliners in Bangladesh used fake N95 masks while they were in close contact with individuals who are suspected or confirmed to have coronavirus, or whatever virus they may have. 

The case began on June 10 when the Anti-Corruption Commission in Bangladesh investigated the allegations of embezzlement of cores of money. The embezzlement was said to have happened through a process of supplying fake masks, downgraded personal protective equipment, and other gadgets in hospitals. The investigation related to the officials of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the Central Medical Stores Depot (CMSD) and the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS).

By October 8, 2020, a Dhaka court sent JMI Hospital Requisite Manufacturing Ltd Chairman Abdur Razzak to jail and refused to grant him bail. 

Is It The Big Competition That Fueled A Scam? 

Some people have the contention that it is the big competition that is fueled by the market that made the scam easier to do. However, that is not the case at all.

The fact is that the healthy competition that is currently happening in the field of personal protective equipment such as N95 masks and N95 respirators are good. The acts that led to the commission of the scam is not in relation to how the market of N95 masks currently plays out but is actually due to the personal acts of the people involved.

N95 Masks And The Competition

The competition when it comes to the N95 masks is fierce. Before the pandemic started, the market was saturated and owned by 3M. The company had all of the personal protective equipment in their hands and they also carried the highest levels of certifications as approved by the NIOSH. 

Unfortunately, when the pandemic began at the beginning of 2020, 3M was not able to meet the high demand. This is unprecedented considering that the demand for the N95 masks did not really begin at the beginning of the year but talks about the virus affecting the world had already started in 2019. 3M was unable to keep up with the needs of the world and this pushed the competition to come out and create a different version of the N95 masks.

Of course, the fact that there is competition coming out of the woodwork is not necessarily a bad thing. Given that the demand will always be here as long as there is no vaccine for the virus, the truth of the matter is that there needs to be a competition so that manufactures will do their best to provide the population with their needs and to actually deliver what the world needs.

The Respokare N95 masks came in at the lost fortunate time. It is amazing how the mass created such a good turn out and helped the market at least deal with the problem while there are other segments that actually have to face the virus with the best 3M products.

The new Duckbill N95 masks is also giving 3M a run for their money and is now considered as a very important competition for 3M in the field of personal protective equipment. If you are not familiar with it, it is considered that this kind of the newcomer N95 masks are actually the best in terms of protection and are actually considered as providing great breathability for the end-user. 

Whatever kind of preference you may have when it comes to your personal protective equipment, it is important to know that with this kind of competition the real winner is not the company or the supplier but the end-user. Competition will definitely make the products even better and the pricing more, as cliche as it may sound, competitive.  It is really a good thing that competition now exists especially in terms of personal protective equipment.  What are the scams that you know about personal protective equipment? Can you share your experience?

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