All you need to know about Respokare's new N95 mask

There are different kinds of masks that individuals can look for in this time of a pandemic. There are different masks for different levels of protection that individuals would need. In this article, we will focus not just on the different kinds of masks but on a specific model of the N95 mask called the Respokare N95 Mask. What are the things that you should know about it? What makes a Respokare N95 mask a good alternative whenever the 3M N95 mask is not available? 

Getting To Know The Respokare N95 Mask

Let us begin by talking about the Respokare N95 Mask and what it has to offer. First, you should know that the Respokare N95 mask is also a kind of N95 mask that offers a good kind of protection. It is manufactured by Innonix. Innonix is a company that has been at the forefront of cutting edge innovation in personal protective equipment like N95 masks, gloves, and all other personal protective equipment for over 19 years

It can block at least 95% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. It also claims that it inactivates up to 99.9% of flu viruses and other airborne health hazards within minutes upon contact to the N95 mask. These claims have been approved by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) which is a part of the Centers for Disease Protection and Control (CDC).

According to the website, the Respokare NIOSH N95 Respirator Mask has already passed the N95 standard tests. The tests were conducted by the Nelson Lab following the Food and Drug Administration’s Good Laboratory Practice (GLP).

With that, the following are the characteristics that the Respokare NIOSH N95 Respirator Mask have to offer:

    • Outer Layer. The outer layer is said to be just like the one that most N95 Masks have except for the color blue. According to the website, the blue layer captures viruses and bacteria present in the air. 
  • Interior Layers. The Respokare N95 Mask comes in four layers. Unlike most of the N95 masks available in the market, the inner layers are said to be made with rayon, copper and zinc ions. There are three interior layers for this kind of N95 mask - the inner layer, the filter layer, and the antiviral layer.
  • Face Fit. One of the best things about the Respokare N95 Mask, is the fact that it brings N95 respirator fit at a different look compared to the 3M. In a way, the individual still gets the same level of protection and he would be happy about it. The following are the characteristics of the face fit:
      • The Respokare N95 Mask is very lightweight. It will not feel heavy on the head and is perfect for those who have small ears as it will not cause too much strain on it.
      • The seal is also airtight for the Respokare N95 Mask, just like any other N95 mask. One problem, however, is that most users complain that some of the masks get sucked in when they breath in. Hence, it could be a matter of adjusting to the use of the mask.
      • The straps are elastic and strong. This characteristic is a part of the fact that the individual will want to get the best fit for his size. Since Respokare N95 Masks are not meant to be one size fits all, it still matters that the straps are elastic for whatever size that the individual may need.
      • The smell of the Respokare N95 Mask is quite like the smell of hospitals. You may need to adjust to it once you use it but you will get used to the smell eventually.
  • Functionality. The Respokare N95 Mask works the way that it is supposed to, to protect the user from a virus and the like. If you are in need of a specific kind of Respokare N95 Mask, you should look for one on their website or from registered sellers.

In today’s market, the Respokare N95 mask is one that is available at $50 for a pack of 4. 

Which Is Better: The Respokare N95 Mask or the 3M N95 Mask?

Through a quick analysis, it is clear that the 3M N95 mask is the better mask of choice. It is absolutely what the individual may need during this time of a pandemic. It has all of the layers that the individual may want to have even if he is part of the general population and not in any of the medical frontlines.

Choose The One That Is Available

Even if we can say that the 3M N95 Mask is still the better choice of protection against the coronavirus as certified by NIOSH standards, it is still important to keep in mind that you should choose an N95 Mask that is close to you and what is available in supply. While you can find a lot of N95 Masks supply through websites now like Amazon, Clinical Supplies USA, and 3M, if you are already in the store, make sure that you buy at least a set that will get you through to the next seven to ten days. The rule is that you should not go out as you are very vulnerable so make sure that you do just that - stay at home, buy essential supplies for two weeks at a time, and when possible, choose the supply that is available.

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