Are 1860 N95 masks of high quality?

N95 respirator

The N95 respirator, similar to the other face masks, filters out particulate matter and protects the wearer from inhaling airborne particulates. It is an indispensable piece of medical gear that keeps the wearer safe from airborne particulates. Because of the prevention of harmful particulates, the N95 respirator has been considered as one of the most efficient Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the novel coronavirus. The use of N95 respirators has been certified by NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health). The N95 respirator is crucial in preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus. 

The N95 respirators, in contrast to KN95 respirators and surgical masks, are way better when it comes to the prevention of hazardous particulates. Because of the novel coronavirus, the demand for N95 respirators has risen to a great extent; this is because of the effectiveness and safety this respirator offers to the user. The N95 respirator has halted the increase in coronavirus cases; this shows the effectiveness of the N95 respirator against the novel coronavirus particles and harmful particulates. 


Coronavirus—also known as COVID-19—is a transmissible disease that has adversely affected the way we used to lead our lives. Routines have been amended as a result of the breakout of this vile virus. Although this infectious disease may not be detrimental to the health of young people, the elders do get affected adversely. Neither of them should expose themselves to the outer world without following the precautionary measures. A person has to have a strong immune system to counter this respiratory illness.

Exposure to the outer world must be minimized to limit the coronavirus disease. You could get infected if you inhale the respiratory droplets of an infected coronavirus patient. Limit exposure to outdoor places, especially hospitals since there are a dramatic number of patients at such facilities. There are a plethora of symptoms of the novel coronavirus. Following are symptoms: dry cough, high fever, tiredness, headache, loss of taste, loss of smell, and appearance of rashes on the skin, etc. 

If you have any of these symptoms, you should consider going to the doctor as they would assist you in coping with this unpleasant respiratory illness. It is not as dangerous for the young generations as it is for the elders. Being in the presence of the infected coronavirus individual spreads this respiratory illness. The majority of the infected individuals experience mild to moderate symptoms of the novel coronavirus. If you want to avoid the contraction of the novel coronavirus, follow some precautionary measures. 

A social distance of more than six feet is crucial to avoid the inhalation of coronavirus patients. If you have to go outside, do not go to crowded places. In addition to that, always use a face mask for protection against coronavirus. Limiting the exposure to hazardous particulates is the only way to prevent the spread of this fatal virus. It is indispensable for elders to reduce exposure to the outer world. 

1860 N95 respirators

It is an N95 respirator model, and it has been manufactured by 3M—which is the biggest N95 respirator designer and manufacturer in the United States. It is a 3M particulate respirator. This particulate respirator is effective at providing respiratory protection to the user against biological particulates and other particulate matter. It is a disposable N95 respirator—which means that the wearer has to discard the N95 respirator after use. It is efficient at resisting splashes of blood and particulates that are harmful to the user. 

NIOSH has agreed to the utilization of N95 respirators. In addition to the certification of NIOSH, FDA has cleared it as a surgical mask as well. The N95 respirator is resistant to fluid and liquid as well. The N95 respirator model is comfortable to wear because of the softness of the inner shell. Moreover, the 1860 N95 respirator assists in reducing the exposure of the wearer to fluids and blood. The 1860 N95 respirator has an advanced electrostatic media. 

The 1860 N95 respirator model is the respirator that has been mostly used in the healthcare industry. The size of this N95 respirator is standard, and the respirator style of the N95 respirator is the cup. It effectively protects the user from gases and vapor particulates. The 1860s is the smaller size of this N95 respirator model. All of the features of this N95 respirator model are the same. 

Effectiveness of 1860 N95 respirator against COVID-19 particulates

The 1860 N95 respirator’s quality is exceptional. It is effective at the filtration of coronavirus particulates that could harm the wearer and spread the virus. The reason why this N95 respirator model has been manufactured is because of the rise of a pandemic. There have been various pandemics in the past like the influenza virus. Similar to all of that, the spread of coronavirus can be limited because of this N95 respirator as well. The Bacterial Filtration Efficiency—BFE—of this N95 respirator is more than ninety-nine percent. 

The headbands of this N95 respirator are braided. The weight of this N95 respirator model is light—which makes the N95 respirator comfortable for the user. Several places where the N95 respirator can be used are Wards, clinics, hospitals, operating rooms, stockpiling, laboratory, labor and delivery, and patient care, etc. Polyester has been used for the manufacturing of this N95 respirator model. The price of this N95 respirator model is affordable. The N95 respirator model is exceptional as well. 

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