Are 3M N95 masks on Amazon?

N95 respirator

The N95 mask is a respiratory protective device that prevents harmful airborne particles from getting inhaled by the wearer. These airborne particles consist of aerosols as well. Therefore, the N95 respirator is used by the masses to prevent an individual from inhaling harmful airborne particles. The N95 respirator is ninety-five percent (95%) efficient at filtering out airborne particles that are harmful to the wearer’s health. The N95 respirators are the safest Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

The N95 respirator prevents the user from getting infected by harmful diseases like lung disease, heart disease, and cardiovascular disease, etc. 

Since the pandemic has begun, it has become a compulsion for everyone to wear N95 respirators. Harmful airborne particles like pollutants, contaminants, bacteria, dust, dirt, and infectious agents can be blocked by the N95 respirator. The N95 respirators have been approved by NIOSH, which means that the quality of the N95 respirator is exceptional.


Based in Minnesota, United States of America, 3M is a multinational conglomerate company. 3M has been active in providing crucial personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to healthcare providers and hospitals, nursing homes, and physician offices. 3M is a company in the United States that has sold the largest number of N95 respirators in the year 2020. 3M has manufactured numerous products like gloves, face shields, face gowns, disinfectants, hand sanitizers, N95 respirators, surgical masks, and a plethora of other products as well.

3M manufactures products for various fields like the United States healthcare, consumer goods, and industry, etc. 3M has significantly multiplied the production of N95 respirators in the United States by helping the people combat this fatal pandemic and providing crucial Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to the masses. 3M has made two billion dollars in 2020 by just selling N95 respirators to the public. 

There are a plethora of masks available on Amazon, but Amazon is not a reputable brand to purchase N95 respirators. The cost of respirators on Amazon might be less, but the quality of these masks is not good; this is because these masks are imported from China, and people do not say good things about the products that are manufactured in China. Therefore, if you want to buy a respirator from Amazon, you will have to compromise with the quality of the product.

People say that the quality, comfortability, and breathability are some issues that the user faces from the masks they purchase from Amazon. Therefore, an individual should not buy respirators from Amazon. Clinical Supplies USA is a more reputable brand than Amazon, Walgreens, and Walmart, etc. for purchasing N95 respirators.

The quality of such Chinese products is bad, and wearing such unsafe products could cause the virus to spread; this is because if an individual has been infected by COVID-19 and is wearing such masks, he could spread the virus to the other person. An individual must purchase N95 respirators from reputable brands like Clinical Supplies USA to avoid such a catastrophe.

In addition to that, respirators, that are manufactured by China, are not approved by NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health). Therefore, these masks are not recommended by big healthcare organizations to be used by the public. The products that are approved by NIOSH are the products that keep an individual safe from the pandemic, which is COVID-19. Some N95 respirators that are sold at Clinical Supplies USA are:

3M 9205+ N95 Respirator 

This N95 respirator is a respiratory protective device that blocks or filters out harmful airborne particles like dust, dirt, bacteria, infectious agents, and pollen, etc. Inhalation of such hazardous airborne particles could cause several health problems to an individual. Inhaling such particles could weaken the immune system of the individual and cause several lung and heart problems.

It prevents the individual from inhaling such harmful airborne particles. This N95 respirator model is comfortable, and this is the reason why the wearer does not have to face any breathing problems. The quality of this N95 respirator model is exceptional, which means that the user while wearing this N95 respirator model, does not face any breathing problems.

This N95 respirator model is light-weight, which means an individual can wear this N95 respirator model for a whole day without facing any difficulty. In addition to that, this N95 respirator model has been specially manufactured to help the wearer in fighting off this lethal pandemic, which goes by the name of COVID-19.

3M 8210 N95 respirator

3M 8210 is a particulate filter that filters out pollen, mist, smog, fog, contaminants, and other hazardous airborne particles; such particles include infectious agents, dust and particles, and viral infections that could be hazardous to a person’s health. It is 95 percent effective against harmful aerosols.

This N95 respirator model is used by workers who work in industries like mining, general manufacturing, and transportation, etc. These respirators have been manufactured to deal with airborne particles like infectious agents, bacteria, mist, pollen, fog, and smog, etc. This N95 respirator model consists of a two-strap design.


Amazon sells respirators and masks that are manufactured in China. As you know that the Chinese products’ quality is bad, that is why it is not recommended for an individual to buy masks and respirators from Amazon. Amazon does not sell N95 respirators, and Clinical Supplies USA is a more reliable and reputable place to purchase N95 respirators. 

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