Are N95 Masks Available in Different Sizes?

N95 Respirators

An N95 particulate respirator is a mask that filters out airborne particulates such as dust, pathogens, viruses, and fluids as well. The N95 is a NIOSH approved and FDA recommended mask that has been successfully tested to protect the user from at least 95% of harmful particulates. The N95 respirator has a cup-like appearance and a tight seal that does not allow any harmful particulates to seep through the mask, making it a mask that will provide you with optimum safety. The N95 can be utilized during various operations and functions and there are several different N95s dedicated for each of these purposes which are termed as the ‘variants’ of N95.

N95 and the Coronavirus pandemic

When the Coronavirus outbreak hit the US and other countries at the beginning of March or in the middle of February mostly, the entire world was in a state of wild frenzy. Government officials were baffled, economies were declining and the public was scared for their lives. Healthcare workers, who belonged to a sector that was extremely prone to contracting this infectious disease were working without any viable protection. Trying to stay safe while also maintaining one’s sanity was found to be an extremely hard task during these unprecedented times but having to deal with the lack of PPE on top of all this was a whole different thing.

Since N95s were the only type of masks that were proven to be effective against the infectious COVID-19, their price reached an all-time high in the markets and other online platforms and besides their high price, their availability was a problem too. The N95s were extremely short and one had to go through a lot of hassle and had to be extremely lucky as well to acquire a single N95 respirator piece.

Availability of N95s in different sizes

One of the most crucial factors to ponder upon while purchasing a mask is that of its size and model and the size of an N95 will most certainly vary according to its models. Since the N95’s tight seal is what makes it stand out among the other masks and keep its user protected then it is an absolute necessity that the potential buyer of this mask does his homework. One must educate themselves about the N95s sizing standards and must also know which size will be the best fit for them.

Among the most typical sizing options of the N95 masks are the usual medium, small and large sizes with the additional small/ medium and medium/large sizes. The way to determine which size will be the best fit for is through the fit testing of the specific model you want to purchase. Only through fit testing will a person ever be able to evaluate the fitting of the mask. The following are some N95 models that come with different sizing options.

3M 8511 N95 Particulate Respirator with Valve

This particular N95 mask comes in a regular size and will most probably be the best fit for people with a generic face size, which means a face that is neither too big nor too small. This particular mask is manufactured by the very reliable 3M Company that is headquartered in America and has its divisions in other countries as well. The mask is approved by NIOSH, has an exhalation valve, and has a nose clip that will provide you with a sealed fit.

Juniper N95 9050 Respiratory Face Mask

Another N95 respirator that is designed to fit on a variety of different faces that qualify as a standard face size. This is a non-washable, anti-pollution, and anti-bacterial face mask produced by the brand Juniper and is approved by European standards. This particular N95 masks provide you with a 95% efficiency of protection against 0.3 microns and have an adjustable nose clip as well. This is a lightweight mask that is easy to wear for prolonged hours.

3M Particulate Respirator 9004

Another 3M N95 mask for protection against the novel coronavirus. This is a freestyle mask and will most probably be available in different sizes that will vary and must be checked through a seal fit test before purchasing. The mask is available in white color only and weighs 60gm.

3M Electret Media Disposable Mask

This 3M n95 mask is ideal for protection against fumes, mists, and dust particulates. The mask has a cup type style and can be bought in the available standard sizes. The material used in the manufacturing of this mask is called Electret Media, as suggested by the name.


N95 masks continue to face a shortage crisis in the market and can't find that easily online either. So to get your hands on the N95 is an achievement enough but if the size doesn’t fit it is of no use then. If you buy an N95 online you will not be able to go through fit testing. That is the only way to determine whether the mask is the right fit for an individual. The preferred way of purchasing an N95 mask will be in person rather than online as you’ll be able to go through the fit testing, Whereas online, the size depends on luck solely but if the purchaser is smart enough then he may be able to find his right fit online as well. 

If you want to purchase the N95 online then communicate with the seller and ask him about the size options and then place the order smartly according to your size only.

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