Are N95 masks available in NYC?

When the pandemic started, NYC was badly affected and very soon there was extreme scarcity of the N95 masks. 

The coronavirus pandemic has made the masks and sanitizers an integral part of our lives. Earlier, it was only the doctors, nurses, and essential workers who required masks for their work. However, now masks have become an integral part of our lives. The masks are a new age necessity and to ensure your safety it is important to buy the masks. The current situation is that the market all around the world including NYC is full of fake N95 masks. The fake masks are of no use, rather they just give a false sense of protection and thus one needs to buy the N95 masks from an authentic place. NIOSH's website is full options freom where one can buy the N95 masks for protecting themselves from the infection. The masks are easily available to buy in NYC and here the options from where one can buy the masks.

  1. Clinical Supplies USA- the website stores American made 3M N95 masks and has a full range of the PPE offering. The company has its mission to keep America safe and thus houses the best quality masks. They ship the same day or the other day after the order is placed; thus if you are in urgent need of the masks Clinical Supplies USA is your go to option. The company  is also accepting charities for donating the N95 face masks for donating to hospitals and emergency responders. The website also sells oximeters, thermometers, surgical gowns, gloves, PPE kits, and more. 
  2. JTC it is a website that has various items for selling on its website. During the pandemic, it even started selling N95 masks. The minimum order amount is $100, and it gives free shipping for orders above $300. The site is listed on the FDA and NIOSH list of approved sellers of N95 respirators.  
  3. Aiden- Aiden sells a variety of masks, right from the N95 masks to the surgical masks and cloth masks or face shields. FDA approves the N95 masks and it is a listed seller on the list of NIOSH. The masks are highly affordable and cost even less than $0.50 per piece. The website has surgical gowns, cloth masks, gloves, sanitizers, face shields, and even other PPE kits.
  4. Amazon-  if one is considering to buy any stuff and especially during the lockdown phase it is feasible to mention the name of Amazon. The website has a dedicated section for selling surgical masks, face shields, thermometers, face masks, gloves, sanitizers, and more. Amazon is sourcing the PPE items from third-party sellers and is allowing them perks to sell on the site. The masks are being sold after strict quality checks and approval from the FDA. 
  5. Personal Protection Supplier- if you need to order large quantities of personal protection equipment like sanitizer, shoe covers, wipes, gowns, hand soaps, 3 ply surgical face masks, N95 face masks, and more than the website is the one-stop solution for you. It has the best offer price. It sells 3ply surgical face masks in cases that have 2000 masks per case, and each case costs $760.
  6. N95 Mask Co- the N95 Mask company sells various of their first-tier protective masks to the public. The company has wholesale options for selling and boasts of the mask being made with advanced antiviral technology. The masks are available in retail selling options also, $49.99 for a pack of four pieces of the mask, and $89.99 for a pack of ten pieces.
  7. Honeywell- the company that is known for its innovative products, has now stepped into manufacturing surgical masks. The surgical masks are approved and of the best quality. Honeywell has donated lakhs of masks to hospitals and charitable institutes. It sells 3 ply surgical masks at affordable rates and ships all over the places for a minimal price.
  8. MedPharma Supply- MedPharma supply has the best options for N95 and KN95 face masks. The website is listed on the NIOSH list of approved sellers. It has the best quality masks that are CDC tested for 97.77% and are made from multilayer fabric. MedParma sells the highest quality medical supply products at the most competitive prices. 
  9. Aiden Health- another website that is listed on the accredited list of NIOSH  is Aiden Health. The website houses a wide variety of options of N95 masks to choose from. The website sells masks from famous and reputed brands like 3M, Champak, Honeywell, Innonix, Makrite, and more. The website also houses the Chinese approved KN95 masks, that are also approved by the EUA. Apart from the N95 and KN95 masks the website has a variety of other health supplies and PPE. 
  10. Sterling Printing- one of the most trusted websites selling N95 and KN95 face masks and PPE kits is Sterling Printing. If you are tax-exempt and using a PO number or State contract to order, then you can choose to pay later and Exempt in the promo code box to get free delivery. Order the items online and attach a copy to your requisition or COMMBUYS to get a confirmation of your order. 
  11. Honest PPE- Honest PPE, as the name goes, sells the authentic and good quality PPE approved by the NIOSH. The company is offering the best quality masks at the lowest prices. The website has also donated more than 5000 masks to the hospitals in New York. The website is offering additional discounts to medical facilities, frontline workers, first responders, and the military. Honest PPE has donated more than 100,000 pieces of PPE equipment to people in need all across the country. 
  12. J & A W Essential- the company aims at providing affordable masks for everyone. Apart from the masks, the company also sells wipes, sanitizers, and PPE kits. It has special discount offers for bulk purchases. It is a public transit agency but as the COVID-19 hit they started supplying the masks to people all over the company through their existing channel of supply. It is one of the examples where a company from a different sector started providing masks during the pandemic to help the people fight and survive the tough times. 

The above-mentioned websites are genuine and sell quality N95 masks. Some of the manufacturers have started manufacturing the masks during the pandemic as there was a huge scarcity of masks. No matter which website you are buying, the N95 masks, check on the NIOSH website whether or not the website is listed there as an approved seller of the mask or not.   

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