Are N95 masks with valves ineffective?

N95 masks:

N95 masks are the face pieces that are used for the protection against many harmful particles present in the air. People use N95 masks to stay protected from these dangerous airborne particles that can cause serious damage to human health. These respirators are approved by different health care organizations that are specifically concerned about the health of people. They have approved N95 masks based on its filtration ability.

Because it can filter about 95% or the hazardous particles present in polluted areas. N95 masks can filter different types of microscopic particles present in the air, like bacteria, viruses, fungal spores, and dust particles.

Importance of N95 masks in this time of COVID 19:

COVID 19 has affected millions of people in different courtiers. And a huge number of people have died of the Coronavirus in this threatening time. Governments of different countries were striving to find some ways so that they could control the spread of COVID 19 from one country to another. Then the United States presented N95 masks to the world that have saved millions of people all over the world. 

 Because it has such great filtration ability that it can filter about the maximum number of particles present in the atmosphere. In this way, the N95 mask has saved many lives in this pandemic. 

Types of N95 mask available in the market:

As N95 masks are the most demanded personal protective equipment all over the world, their need is increasing day by day. And to maintain the supply of N95 masks among the people different companies are working on the manufacturing of N95 masks on a large scale. These companies have manufactured N95 masks mainly into different forms that are used by most people.  

These two types include the N95 mask with valves and the second one is without a valve. These are the two basic forms of N95 masks available in the market and many people are using these masks extensively in this pandemic. But according to new research, the researchers in many healthcare organizations have noticed a new fact about these protective respirators. And this fact about these masks was important to be known for the protection of people.

This fact is completely concerned about the efficiency of both N95 masks against the COVID 19. Many researchers have raised the question that "are N95 masks with valves ineffective". And after a complete analysis that has taken a long time to accomplish, scientists have found the answer to this question.

Are N95 masks with valves ineffective?

So after complete analysis scientists have concluded that those N95 masks that contain valves are ineffective. This conclusion is based on many factors, but the most important factor is that N95 masks with valves cannot filter the air that is exhaled by a person. It means it cannot give better protection against the virus and other harmful particles present in the air. Because a protective mask should filter the maximum air that we inhale and exhale. 

But the main problem in the structure of these masks with valves is that it can filter the air that we inhale but it can not filter the harmful particle that is present in the air that we exhale. These defects can create a serious threat for those healthy people living near an unhealthy person. The fact is that, if a person that is affected by COVID 19 will use the N95 masks containing valves then to some extent that person would be able to protect himself. 

 But the people living close to that infected patient will not be able to protect themselves in a better way. Because by using these N95 masks with valves, one can cause the exposure and spread of the Coronavirus in the air. And then other people can also be infected by this harmful virus. So that's the reason that among all other N95 masks products, those masks that contain valves have been considered ineffective. 

Many other N95 mask products are used by people in this pandemic. But these masks were specially made for the professionals working in the medical institutes and also in construction sites. Because these N95 masks were made up of special fiber, that can filter many harmful particles from the air in a short time. And that's why it was suitable for these professionals to use them at their work.

 But the N95 masks having valves are not even suitable for these people and also not for the public. Because it can create some serious issues for the people that are using it on a daily basis. Because these respirators can filter the air that a person inhales but cannot filter the air that is exhaled by a person. So According to healthcare organizations, N95 masks with a valve can not give the expected protection that we people need in this pandemic.


The N95 mask has been proved as the best personal protective equipment for millions of people all over the world. And to maintain different companies has manufactured different models of N95 masks. These models are divided into two main categories. One contains valves and the other is without valves.  

But among all of the other products of the N95 mask, the masks with valves have been considered ineffective. Because many healthcare organizations have proved that N95 masks with valves are ineffective to protect against COVID 19.

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