Are N95 respirators available for purchase in retail stores?

Around twenty-two million people worldwide have been infected with the COVID 19 pandemic. Over 773 thousand patients have already died in their hospital beds. In the US alone, 5.44 million cases of infection and 170 thousand deaths have already been recorded. With these alarming statistics, fifty countries have declared the compulsory wearing of a disposable N95 respirator and full PPE for the medical and surgical staff.

Looking at the numbers, scientists say that the United States holds almost one-fifth of all the recorded cases. To combat these numbers, officials have instructed family and their kids to wear a plastic face shield and disposable face mask for safety while outdoors. If a home has an elderly present, then putting on N95 respirators would be better to lessen the likelihood of infection.

But, why does the N95 respirator offer more protection than the ordinary face mask? Approved by the US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), the N95 mask has a higher quality, fit, and material. Compared to ordinary face masks, an N95 respirator filters 95% of pathogens and viruses. Due to its nonwoven polypropylene material, an N95 respirator offers the best barrier for the virus.

The market for N95 Respirators

With the high demand of N95 masks in the market, a lot of online sites have been offering in stock supply for sale of the N95 respirator. However, the FDA warns buyers of counterfeit products and a low standard N95 respirator. To ensure that the purchased N95 respirator provides the appropriate fit, customers should look for the FDA approved seal.

If you are looking for a shop that delivers N95 respirator right at your doorstep at a very reasonable price, then go for Clinic Supplies USA. Their N95 respirator is widely used by most, from dental clinics to surgery tables. It would also help if they shop for an N95 respirator from trusted and prominent brands like the 3M N95 respirator.

On another note, with so many people typing on their computers searching for “n95 mask Amazon” or “Amazon n95 mask” to buy, there is bound to be a shortage of supplies. Experts have shown concerns regarding the selling of a medical-grade N95 respirator in retail shops. 

According to them, the N95 respirator should be reserved only for hospital front liners. However, other companies have other opinions regarding the selling of an N95 respirator to ordinary consumers.

N95 Respirator Role in Hospital Settings

Doctors and nurses have preferred the N95 respirator to common masks for a long time. On an ordinary day, the N95 respirator could just be interchanged with a disposable face mask. But, during this pandemic, the N95 respirator has played a crucial role in fighting this virus. With health workers wearing a layer of protective equipment, goggles, and face shields during their 24/7 duty, the N95 respirator is the most important factor.

Experts and scientists have experimented on the importance of the N95 respirator in everyday pandemic life.  By mixing up different factors like social distancing, wearing face shields, washing hands, and wearing an N95 respirator, the N95 respirator gave the best protection and cover.

Distribution of N95 Respirator

On a recent CNBC interview with Mike Roman, the CEO of 3M Company released a statement regarding the selling of an N95 respirator in retail shops. To paraphrase him, he was disappointed to know that the N95 respirator that was supposed to be redirected for hospital workers were found in local stores. The decline of N95 respirator imports from overseas has also led to a decrease of 20% of the overall supply.

This unfortunate recession of N95 respirator stocks has led to a risky supply level of protective equipment for hospital workers. The N95 respirator has been prized by surgeons and doctors due to its high-grade protection.  But, with this decline, Home Depot and other companies have declared a stop sale of the N95 respirator in all of their shops. This initiative was made to meet the demands of health workers.

With the WHO predicting the need for at least 89 million stocks of N95 respirator during the course of the pandemic, companies have expedited their production rate. USA-based factories have increased their N95 respirator production twelve-fold. So, despite the need of the health workers, companies will still be able to provide enough stocks of N95 respirator for families who need the N95 respirator.

Conserving N95 Respirator Stock

For families or homes that are currently having a hard time buying an N95 respirator, there are other ways to preserve your N95 respirator supply. To stop the dwindling supply of the N95 respirator you can actually reuse them. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are certain guidelines that will help in sterilizing the N95 respirator.

A convenient way of cleaning the N95 respirator is by placing inside a sealed zip-lock or paper bag. Keep them there for at least five days, and the virus would have weakened by then. After that, you can spray on some disinfectant and the N95 respirator is good to go. For another method, the N95 respirator can also be placed in a machine with UV rays. However, this should only be done in hospitals.

Other methods include the heating of the N95 respirator inside an oven for thirty minutes with a temperature of 70°C. The virus will not able to survive the high temperatures and the N95 respirator can withstand the heat.

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