Benefits of wearing both an N95 mask and face shield

N95 Masks

The N95 mask is the most potent mask, the same as all other face masks. Its name means and shows that it is possible to block at least 95 percent of the tiny particles, 0.3 microns, which are the hardest to capture. On average, the single strand is approximately 70 to 100 microns thick.

Remember that there are no holes between the mask's edge and the skin. This involves a molded part of the face's nose. Made from polyester and other single-use synthetic fibers, N95 face filtering masks are made.

Keep in mind there are absolutely no holes between the skin and the mask's edge. This involves a moulded part of the face's nose. In order to check for air leakage and to ensure that masks are appropriately sized and fit, most health care and other workers undergo annual fit controls.

Benefits of an N95 mask 

These kinds of facial covers are referred to as dust respirator masks and are designed to prevent you from contaminating the face with airborne particles and liquid.

These N95 masks provide 95 percent protection against dust, mists, and fumes that effectively block particles down to .3 microns and will not pass through the barrier with large droplets of cough and sneezing. N95 filtering facepiece forms are useful for protecting against airborne infectious agents.

Preventing the spread to others

How many individuals carry this virus when either asymptomatic or presymptomatic and how much n95 mask can spread in these stages, is still not understood? People need to wear n95 = masks that will avoid the transmission of droplets into the air and infect other individuals because we don't know enough about this.

In any place where social distancing is not possible, it is particularly necessary to wear and to help protect vital staff when shopping. 95% of the droplets that can be held 6 feet in the air can be minimized by wearing an n95 mask. It is important to remember that it is most effective when the mask is worn by the infected person (asymptomatic or symptomatic).

Protecting yourself

Designers don't know exactly how many people we meet every day who are infected with the virus, but wearing a mask can also shield us. It is not guaranteed to protect you from the virus unless it's an N95 mask, but it still gives you some sort of security.

Psychological benefit

While preventing you from having the virus is not guaranteed, there may be some psychological pain that comes from the feeling of security. N95 masks can help with the anxiety of individuals. Another bonus-to keep your physical distance, just the act of seeing masks is a great visual reminder.

Face shield and its benefits

The scientists of the study found in a research study published in the National Library of Medicine of the NIH that wearing a face shield decreased the inhalation of virus-laden droplets by as much as 96 percent, giving the wearer substantial protection. These results, however, are for larger droplets sprayed with a sneeze, cough, or breath (8.5-micrometer diameter).

Water particles are able to aerosolize and remain for much longer in the air. Indeed, the same study found that the protective effects of a face shield were decreased for small aerosolized droplets (3.4 micrometers in diameter), partially because they were open on three sides: 68 percent of aerosol droplets were blocked by the face shield after cough, and only 23 percent of aerosols were blocked up to 30 minutes later.

Reusable and cleanable

Face shields are uniformly reusable and cleanable, making them a great profit for the money. Our AmeriShield face shields can be easily washed, without streaking or discoloring, with bleach (or Clorox wipes), ammonia (or Lysol wipes), peroxide, or soapy water. While some cloth masks can be washed and N95 masks can be sterilized, many masks used must be discarded right after use, including the common surgical mask.

Face shields protect the eyes

The Journal of the American Medical Association's JAMA Opthalmology, there is increasing evidence that COVID-19 can be transmitted via the mucous membranes in the eyes. Face shields avoid the entry of droplets into the eyes, providing substantial protection against the possibility of ocular contagion.

Breathe freely

The fact that they interfere with breathing is a common concern regarding face masks. Although study after study has shown that wearing a face mask does not affect blood oxygen levels, it is true that a face mask makes breathing a more strenuous act in some environments, especially exercise (not to mention hot). Face covers, which do not touch the face and are open on three sides, do not affect breathing at all and keep you calm, making them an excellent choice during exercise for defense.

So which is better: Face shields or masks?

It has not been proved by science that face shields are better than face masks. As masks do, face shields provide proven security... they only do it differently. Our Full Security recommendation? Wear both a face shield and a mask over your face. We assume that the effectiveness of wearing proper PPE is demonstrated by our own experience at our plant.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, face shields are not authorized for daily activities. You should not wear a face shield instead of a face mask, the CDC wrote in its guidelines.  Even if coach Andy Reid of the Kansas City Chiefs does not agree.

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