Best N95 respirators that are Made in the USA

N95 respirators are the highly demandable respirators during the COVID-19 pandemic, which increases its manufacturing rate all over the world. N95 respirators are one type of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) used to prevent various harmful agents that can enter a healthy person’s body through talking, coughing, and laughing with an infected person. N95 respirators are used to prevent all kinds of respiratory infections including influenza, and the recent pandemic virus which causes COVID-19. It is a half-face mask, manufactured for one-time usage which means you can only get efficient filtration (which is 95%) benefits of N95 respirator for one time. 

We all know what role N95 respirators played during COVID-19. The shortage itself tells us the whole story. N95 respirators are specially designed to be used among health care practitioners that are in close and direct contact with respiratory infected persons. COVID-19 pandemic is also a respiratory tract infection that can spread at ten times faster rates than other respiratory infections. For this reason, PPE strictly recommended all doctors, nurses, surgeons, and other staff to wear N95 respirators during their working hours. This respirator is very beneficial for both the wearer and the patient and it will reduce the risk of its spread.

Due to the rapid increase in the number of affected persons of coronavirus, the demand for N95 respirators at health care centers also increases all over the world. Aware of the fact, that there is no benefit in re-using N95 respirators. The health care practitioners started using it carelessly to ensure their own safety. It will soon result in a shortage of N95 respirators.

To meet the demand and to fill the gap of its supply many countries around the world start manufacturing N95 respirators. Names of those top companies include: 3M, Honeywell, Prestige Ameritech and a few more have contributed more than expected. Some of the best N95 respirators and highly demanding N95 models made in the U.S.A will be discussed in this article. 

3M N95 Respirators

Among all N95 respirators manufacturers, 3M Company is on the top of the list and also America’s largest leading N95 respirator manufacturing company. 3M Company is very well-known because of its N95 respirator’s quality, and durability. Their highly demandable N95 respirator and models are mention below. Wearer should follow all the instructions given on the box. Its misuse can also cause serious illness or even death.

3M N95 Respirator 9025

3M NIOSH approved respirator model 9025 contains all qualities of N95 respirators. This model can filters out 95% non-oil-based particles including dust, fumes, and bacteria. 3M 9025 respirator model is very comfortable to wear for a longer duration. Apart from the quality 3M N95 respirator, the 9025 model is also very suitable for eyewear people. It has a unique adjustable size which is designed according to the contour of an individual’s nose which allows the space for exhaling air without fogging eyewear and also promotes easy breathability.

  • 3M N95 Respirator 8212

3M 8212 NIOSH approved respirator is also very well-known for its industrial usage. This model is particularly designed for the workers that are directly exposed to metal fumes. 3M 8212 model is very suitable for long durability in the work where the humidity and heat level are much higher like welding, metal cutting, etc.

  • 3M N95 Respirator 8214

3M 8214 NIOSH approved respirator, having all the qualities of other 3M respirators is another very popular face mask in the working field where metal fumes are in high quantity. This model can reduce the risk of inhaling harmful metal fumes and increase low resistance breathing in a hot environment. It also allows long and comfortable wear ability. It is highly demanding in the industrial population.

  • 3M N95 Respirator 8511

3M 8511 NIOSH approved respirator is another very high quality, long durability respirator. This respirator is very much demandable to prevent the inhalation of any infectious agent which can be present in our surrounding by the respiratory droplet of an infected person. Like other 3M respirators, it is also very comfortable and reliable. The unique quality of the 3M 8511 model is that you can wear it with any eyewear and hearing protection devices. It promotes ease in breathing.

Honeywell N95 Respirators

Honeywell Company also addresses the increasing demand for N95 respirators due to COVID-19. Honeywell Company is also very well-known for manufacturing high-quality N95 respirators. Some of their best sellers and highly demandable N95 respirator models are mentions below. Wearer should follow all the instructions given on the box. Its misuse can also cause serious illness or even death.

  • Honeywell RWS-54007

Honeywell RWS-54007 NIOSH approved respirator is very well known for its filtration efficiency that is 95%. This model can be used in various industries where the level of heat and humidity is much higher than the normal. Honeywell RWS-54007 model also contains an exhalation valve which allows hot air to pass out thus provide great comfort in wearing it for a long time duration.

  • Honeywell RWS-54003

Honeywell RWS-54003 NIOSH approved respirator is widely used in the settings where workers are exposed to the dust particles and allergens. This model also allows us low resistance breathing and reduce the inhalation risk of infectious agents. RWS-54003 has an adjustable nose bridge that can be fitted on any face size. It allows quick doffing and due to all the above mentioned qualities, Honeywell RWS-54003 is in high demand.

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