An N95 respirator is a NIOSH-approved respirator that gives you 95% protection against harmful airborne particulates including fluids, bacteria, and pathogens. The N95 is the preferred choice of all healthcare workers and has also been recommended to be worn by civilians due to their efficient protection against the infectious coronavirus disease. N95 has precedence over other masks—cloth masks and the surgical mask because the N95 has a tight seal with adjustable straps and a nose clip that enables it to sit tightly on the user’s face.

The tight seal acts as a barrier and prevents the particulates from entering through the user’s mouth or nose. N95 respirators played a crucial role during the coronavirus pandemic as these masks had become an essential component of personal protective equipment. The medical sector especially relied on the N95 masks to keep them safe from contracting the virus as the N95 has been successfully tested to filter-out 95% of airborne particulates. 

But during the pandemic, the N95s went through a period of extreme scarcity as the respirator could not be found anywhere without paying an unreasonably hefty amount for it. 

But as the USA and other countries have experienced a bit of decline in the emergence of newer cases, the price of the N95 has been lowered and the masks can be found on multiple platforms now—both online and in stores.

How to protect yourself if you’re immunocompromised?

Keeping oneself safe during this outbreak was a challenge for everyone irrespective of their age group and gender. The internet had become everyone’s best friend since almost everyone was looking up tips on the web on how to boost their immunity and which products and activities to stay away from that will not be good for their immune system. Now a person whose immune system was working quite alright before the pandemic began will not have much of a problem in boosting their immune system but what becomes of the people who were already immunocompromised and then had to cope with this pandemic too?  

These peoples are the ones who are most at risk. They are the ones who need to boost their immune system and protect themselves in the best way that is possible. Usually, the people who are immunocompromised may have undergone a treatment to cure a dire disease such as cancer, HIV, or could have even had a transplant. Such procedures weaken a person’s immune system, thus these peoples need optimum care and protection to survive this pandemic unscathed.

If a person with immunodeficiency were to contract coronavirus, it will take a lot longer for them to heal comparatively to a person who’s not immune-deficient. These people will need to have a healthier diet to boost their immune system from the inside and on the outside, they’ll be needing the protection of a reliable and efficient mask. So an N95 respirator will be the best choice for them that will keep them protected.

Here are some of the best N95 respirators to choose from that will be beneficial for people who are immunocompromised.

  • 3M 8511 N95 Respirator

When talking about the best N95 mask, the 3M 8511 N95 respirator is sure to be included in the list. This mask is one of the most reliable N95 masks and has been in use for a very long time now. People rely on it to seek protection from cases of flu and other bacterial viruses. The mask has been manufactured by 3M which is a CDC approved N95 manufacturer and the biggest N95 manufacturer in the United States at the moment. The mask comes with the typical 3M cool flow exhalation valve that eases the breathing process and includes the adjustable nose clip as well that will ensure that the mask sits tightly on your face.

  • 3M Safety N95 8210Plus Particulate Respirator

This mask is another good choice for people seeking protection from viruses and dust particulates as the mask will give you protection against both. The reason this mask will be another choice for immunodeficient people is that this mask is the epitome of comfort and protection. The mask’s cushioning nose foam guarantees comfort while this N95 also has a welded attachment that will make it extremely hard for the mask to get damaged or broken.

  • 3M 1860 Medical N95 Mask

Now some may be thrown off by the blue color and the description which mentions that the mask is for medical workers-but if you get past through those judgments, you’ll discover this mask’s real potential. As this mask was created for medical workers, it is highly efficient and protective and easy to wear for prolonged hours since that is a requirement for the people who are associated with the medical sector.

  • MUSHK N95 mask

The above-mentioned mask has about 6 layers of filters that offer you effective air filtration and if someone uses glasses—then they’ll be happy to know that this mask will not fog your glasses if you adjust it according to the nose clip. This mask too offers you optimum protection against Coronavirus


Everyone knows that the outbreak of coronavirus has sent the world into a state of frenzy. But there were a lot of people who were more worried than the others and they are the ones who had been immunocompromised. These people need the best care and protection during this time and a good N95 respirator will contribute greatly to this cause.

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