Best surgical mask models not made in the United States

Since mask mandates are still in full effect, the demand for masks continues to increase day by day. This is because mask mandates require people to wear protective face masks in public. Masks have been efficient over the years in decelerating viral transmission and contact. One of the most in-demand masks is the surgical mask.

Surgical masks may not be as efficient as the N95 mask, but it still can provide protection. Before the pandemic, a surgical mask had been a staple in hospitals. A surgical mask is a 3-ply mask. Meaning, there are three layers of protection. The blue part of the surgical mask is responsible for trapping particles from the outside. The white part of the surgical mask is the one responsible on the inside. The center part is the one doing the filtration. The center part of the surgical mask is made of a non-woven fabric that traps particles. Once particles are trapped, it will be impossible for them to infiltrate the body.

In the United States, millions of surgical masks are used every day. Healthcare workers put on up to 3 layers of surgical masks. This is in response to the scarcity that N95 masks are experiencing. States have been stockpiling surgical masks for their healthcare workers. American consumers rely on US-made surgical masks. But little do they know, there are surgical masks that they can buy that are not US-made.

These foreign surgical masks are FDA-cleared surgical masks and are guaranteed safe. Aside from the United States, these foreign surgical mask manufacturers have been building their names for years. As a matter of fact, some of these foreign surgical mask manufacturers donated surgical masks to the US government.

  • PTAK is Europe’s largest factory in manufacturing surgical masks. Based in Warsaw, Poland, PTAK surgical masks are all sourced and made in Poland. Unlike the usual surgical mask, the PTAK surgical mask is white in color. With a CE marking, PTAK surgical mask is safe and complies with the European standards.
  • Vietnam has been successful in combating coronavirus, being one of the most responsive countries for covid-19. This success can be attributed to the people’s obedience towards their protocols and their mask manufacturers. Vietnam houses some of the top manufacturers of surgical masks. Peace Age Medical Equipment Ltd. Is a Vietnamese surgical mask manufacturer. Surgical masks from the Peace Age were certified by the ISO and conformed to the country’s standards.
  • China has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of surgical masks. The country has been manufacturing surgical masks across 80 countries, including the United States. Their manufactured surgical masks comply with the standards of the FDA and CDC. Shanghai Dasheng Health Products is one of China’s leading surgical mask manufacturers.

These foreign surgical masks are recognized internationally. People can order surgical masks from these companies.

Why should people wear surgical masks?

Since the N95 mask is experiencing scarcity, wearing surgical masks in public is the best option. Although the surgical mask is not as efficient as the N95 mask, it still can offer protection to anyone that wears it. There are several benefits of wearing a surgical mask:

  • Wearing a surgical mask can lessen the healthcare worker’s workload. This is because if a person wears a surgical mask, there is a great chance of becoming protected against the virus. With more people protected by the surgical mask, there will be lesser reported cases. Thus, a lesser workload for healthcare workers.
  • With more people wearing a surgical mask, transmission decelerates. The surgical mask offers two-way protection, protecting both the wearer and the people that surround it. The virus will continue to be afloat with no host in contact.
  • The efficiency of the surgical mask lies in how the mask is worn. If the surgical mask is worn improperly, the mask can be a contributing factor for leakage and potential contamination. A surgical mask should be worn properly by securing its seal around the area of the nose and the mouth. Also, the straps of the surgical mask must be intact to the mask itself.

What should people notice before buying a surgical mask?

While people are taking advantage of the opportunity, people need to pay attention to details before buying a surgical mask. These details will tell the consumers whether they are buying from a legitimate source or not.

Usually, a surgical mask is priced at around less than 10 cents in retail. The box of surgical masks is priced around $5 to $6 for 50 pieces. If the price of the box suspiciously exceeds, avoid buying the surgical mask.

The surgical mask is not safe for children ages 2 and under. The surgical mask can be an obstruction to children’s breathing. If the surgical mask that you are planning to buy has this kind of promotion, do not buy the mask.

If you are planning to buy a surgical mask from an unknown supplier, you have to be careful. The common modus of these suppliers is that they let you pay a down payment, 3/4ths of the actual payment. After you pay the amount, these suppliers will not show up on the date itself.

Wearing protective masks will now be a part of humanity’s daily routine. Unless a vaccine or a cure will be available, people need to endure wearing protective masks. After all, protective masks are not made to compromise people. They are made to protect people. In these trying times, a mask is better than no mask.

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