Surgical masks’ stature has reached a new high since the occurrence of the coronavirus disease. The pandemic has also acted as a catalyst which led to an immense hike in the prices of Personal Protective Equipment and masks such as surgical masks. Thus surgical masks have gained the status of a hot commodity since the beginning of this pandemic and are still being used widely for protection against the aforementioned deadly disease. The public had to also witness a period where they faced an extreme shortage of this essential commodity and struggled to get their hands on a single piece of a surgical mask.

Even though the dreadful virus still hasn’t faded entirely and newer cases are continuously emerging each day, the surgical masks and PPEs shortage has been resolved for the most part. This means that surgical masks and PPE are now being acquired by the general public without as much difficulty as before. But the mere fact that surgical masks are now easily available doesn’t mean that people can just order one online now and or purchase one arbitrarily from a store as per one’s convenience.

Buying a surgical mask or any other mask or respirator is a task that should be done with care and precision. One must educate themselves about the different types of surgical masks, their risks, pros and cons, their level of protection and also cross-check the reliability of the manufacturer before selecting and buying a mask. If someone ignores the importance of these variable factors then they may end up with a mask that is unsuitable for them and as a result, will be highly disappointed.

Top masks to choose from

Now that we’ve discussed the factors that may cause you trouble in choosing a mask- Here’s a list that will make the tedious task of searching for the perfect surgical mask easier for you. These masks are highly reliable and will not be a source of disappointment for you even in the long run. The following surgical masks will be a good fit for men-however the factor of sizing should be examined by the seller himself but since most of these surgical masks are of standard size, they may fit any individual if worn properly. All of these masks can be found online as well.

  • Disposable Three-Layer Face Masks with Elastic Ear Loop 

This mask offers you the protection of 3 layers, which means that this sort of surgical mask is most reliable for seeking protection against infectious diseases such as the coronavirus. This surgical mask is not too thick and allows you to breathe easily which is a rather appreciable trait as well. It is adjustable too and also includes the metal nose fit. You can find these masks on the Amazon website and they are pretty economical as well since you get up to 50 pieces in a single package.

  • Curad Antiviral Face Mask

Well for this particular surgical mask, the name speaks for itself. This mask offers you sufficient protection against various viruses and will also come in handy during the flu season as this surgical mask claims to offer 99.99% protection against flu causing bacteria. In addition to all this, this mask also includes some of the most comfortable and effective features that will surely impress anyone.

  • Easiest Face Mask Three-Layer Design

This surgical mask is among the most economical masks out there with an inexpensive price of only 32 cents per piece. This mask also includes the adjustable nose-clip and is made of three layers as well. These masks are especially recommended to people who are used to working long hours with a mask on and are tired with the hurting of their ears as this mask takes care of that too. It is lightweight and comfortable to wear for prolonged hours as it is designed to provide both comfort and protection to the user and does that too at an extremely economical price. This mask can also be found on Amazon.

  • London Luxury Disposable Three-Ply Face Mask

This surgical mask is another indispensable addition to this list offering the best choices for surgical masks. As the title mentions, these surgical masks are also three-layered and include an adjustable nose-clip that ensures its user a perfect fit for protection. These masks are available on the Bed Bath and Beyond website at a pretty economical price.


Surgical masks at present are although not that difficult to acquire, but one must be wary of counterfeit masks, that are now widely being sold in many markets. Further, since masks are an investment rather than an expense as they will be protecting you and may also serve as a potential shield against viruses- so the decision of purchasing a mask should be a calculated one rather than an arbitrary one.

This calculated decision should be made according to your need and your specifications. This decision shall also be made after a good research on the particular mask you want to purchase by reading its customer reviews and assessing the pros and cons of the mask. The purchase of a surgical mask is not an easy decision and if made not made rightly could be a source of great disappointment for you. Hopefully, the above-compiled list will make this task easy for you and will help you choose the best mask accordingly.

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