Best USA owned N95 mask sellers

The advent of online shopping has been a prevalent episode in a person’s life, especially during the pandemic. Online shopping activity drastically increased when quarantine restrictions took effect worldwide. A lot of people depend on purchasing products online, including N95 masks.

The N95 mask is the most in-demand mask in the world. It is because the N95 mask has the ability to filter airborne particles that can potentially trigger a pandemic like this one. In fact, people in the medical profession recommend the N95 mask because of its properties. Unlike the loose-fitting surgical mask, the N95 mask is able to create a tight seal around the area of the nose and the mouth. This tight seal from the N95 mask prevents the wear to have any form of contact with airborne particles in the form of leakage.

However, with the skyrocketing demand for the N95 mask, it led to its scarcity. Hospitals are running out of supplies for the N95 mask. Online stores are running out of stocks for the N95 mask too. Suppliers and Manufacturers are doing everything they can to meet the worldwide demand for the N95 mask.

Months before the year 2020 closed officially, stores have slowly replenished their stocks of the N95 mask. This means consumers can now avail of the N95 mask and experience its potency of protection. However, with strict quarantine protocols, consumers can only buy through online platforms.

The online USA owned mask sellers

Across the United States, there are online sellers that sell legitimate N95 masks. Only through these online stores are where people can get themselves the N95 mask.

  • Manufacturers. Manufacturers of the N95 mask have already developed online stores for faster transactions. Also, the website of these N95 mask manufacturers has a catalog presenting a wide array of N95 masks to choose from. 3M and Moldex, for example, have a wide variety of N95 masks.
  • Online platforms. Online platforms are where most consumers get their products, most likely the N95 mask. Online platforms have online retail stores that consumers can choose from. Online platforms like Amazon and are some of the best online sellers of the USA owned N95 masks.

USA owned N95 mask store sellers

There are states that allow their people to go to retail stores and buy essentials, like the N95 masks. These retail stores sell legitimate N95 masks.


A pharmacy tops the list where you can most likely purchase an N95 mask. A pharmacy is a guaranteed store that there are no fake goods or items sold. Also, they subscribe to the standard retail price prescribed by the manufacturer. In this store, you are assured of an assured quality of the N95 mask. Some of the most trusted pharmaceutical stores across the United States are CVS Drugs, Walgreens, and Rite Aid.


Home Depot

Since the N95 mask is popular amongst the fields of construction and engineering, home depots also sell the mask. The N95 mask can be found in the section of protective equipment, alongside welding face shields, gloves, and others. They also follow the standard pricing. The Home Depot and Ace Hardware are some of the most trusted home depot stores across the United States.

Medical Supply

From the name it suggests, the N95 mask can totally be sold here. But the slight disadvantage could be, you have to buy the N95 mask in bulk. They do not sell in retail. Most of the hospitals order their N95 mask here. The pricing of the N95 mask is in line with the suggested retail price.

Ways to get affordable N95 masks

Since the supply for N95 masks is slowly recovering, consumers can now avail the protection of the mask. However, consumers always want the most affordable N95 mask available. With this time of need, every buck must be saved. There are ways to get affordable N95 masks.

  • Avoid buying the N95 masks by piece. The N95 mask is costly piece by piece. Buying the N95 masks in bulk is the best option. The more N95 masks in one pack, the higher the price. But this lowers the individual price of the N95 masks. Which means a way to save your money. There are online platforms like that offer free shipping if a certain amount of purchase is achieved. Consumers can do this. With more N95 masks, the less likelihood for the consumer to pay for shipping.
  • Do not buy the N95 masks in convenience stores. Convenience stores, from the name itself, add charge or what they call convenience. Instead, buy the N95 masks in medical health supply chains. Medical health supply chains are guaranteed retailers of the N95 masks. Also, consumers can be sure that the N95 mask is NIOSH-approved and FDA-cleared. Although convenience stores sell NIOSH-approved N95 masks, the convenience is too much of a dollar drag.

Consumers have the luxury to choose which procedure to buy: online or going through the physical store. But the motive of buying a mask is consumers to identify the legitimacy of the mask that consumers are purchasing. Consumers must not sacrifice the quality of the mask that they are buying. Remember, safety must be taken into consideration at all times. The mask that you are purchasing is your safeguard against the virus. Sacrificing its quality is similar to sacrificing your health as well. Choosing the right mask, whether an online or physical store, will always be important. 

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