Can 3M- Multinational conglomerate companies fix the shortage of N95 respirators?

N95 respirator

The N95 respirator is a particulate filter that filters out or blocks harmful aerosols from entering an individual’s body. The N95 respirator is 95 percent effective at filtering out dust, dirt, bacteria, infectious agents, and fog, etc. These are harmful airborne particles and aerosols that could cause an individual several diseases like lung cancer, heart disease, and weak immune system, etc. 

These health problems could be fatal for an individual. Therefore, an individual must use N95 respirators to keep himself safe from such harmful aerosols. Natural aerosols are fog, smog, and dust, etc. The N95 respirators are better than KN95 respirators and other masks because they can filter out particles that are smaller than 0.3um. The N95 respirator is the only respirator that can filter out particles whose size is this small. 


Based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, 3M is a multinational conglomerate company of the United States of America which operates in numerous fields; those fields include the United States healthcare, industry, and consumer goods, etc. 3M is providing crucial Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to healthcare professionals like doctors and nurses to keep them safe while treating the infected patients and the public. 3M is the largest manufacturer of N95 respirators in the United States (USA).

3M had to work strenuously to provide N95 respirators, face shields, and surgical masks. Disinfectants, face shields, N95 respirators, surgical masks, gloves, and other crucial Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are some important products that 3M manufactures. Therefore, the role 3M has played for the people around the world and the United States has been indispensable. 

3M is an iconic manufacturing company that manufactures innumerable products like tapes and sandpaper; this company made 32 billion dollars by manufacturing such products, and it will be on the lead to make even more money as it has started selling crucial Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) like N95 respirators and surgical masks. 3M has employed nearly 100,000 employees. 

3M is a massive company that sells 55000 products. This company would sell such products, but when the pandemic hit, the sales of this company sky-rocketed, resulting in a large amount of profit for the company. The reason why the company’s sale arose to such an extent was because of selling N95 respirators. 

During the pandemic, there is no Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which is as effective as the N95 respirator; this is because the N95 respirator is the best Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to fight off against the novel coronavirus. When the pandemic hit the United States, the whole public was concerned about their health because there was a shortage of N95 respirators in the United States. 

Moreover, healthcare professionals were worried about their lives as well; this is because N95 respirators have been manufactured in such a way that after one use, it must be discarded as reusing it could be detrimental to the wearer’s health. The N95 respirators are not as effective when they have been used; this is why healthcare professionals have been worried as well.

Doctors and nurses had to reuse the same N95 respirator four to five times while treating patients at healthcare facilities. Because of this, 150,000 to 200,000 healthcare professionals were infected by COVID-19 and around 1300 healthcare professionals died as a result of COVID-19. Then we ascertained that the majority of N95 respirators were made by 3M, which is an N95 respirator manufacturing company.

Therefore, 3M cannot fix the shortage of N95 respirators, but it can surely lower the shortage of N95 respirators; this is because the demand for N95 respirators is at its all-time high. It has become a compulsion to wear N95 respirators, and a plethora of people do not have it because of the immense shortage of it. 

3M has proven somewhat useful in tackling the pandemic. It manufactures around thirty to forty million N95 respirators in a month; this is not a small amount. But COVID-19 has economically benefited 3M a lot. 3M had never expected the increasing demand for N95 masks. While 3M has fulfilled the requirement for N95 respirators, they have experienced an immense decrease in the demand for other products like tapes, scrubs, and sandpaper, etc.

Millions of lives have been saved because of 3M. No company or retail company in the United States has manufactured such a large amount of N95 respirators in such a short time. 3M has built a formidable reputation because of manufacturing crucial Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) like surgical masks, N95 respirators, and gloves, etc. Moreover, the products that they manufacture are of exceptional quality as well; this is one of the reasons why people prefer 3M masks over other respirators or masks. 

Moreover, the price of the N95 respirators is low as well. Since it has become a compulsion to wear the N95 respirators during the pandemic, 3M has made their masks and respirators available for everyone, whether an individual is poor or rich. The cost of the respirators of 3M is around 3 dollars, which provides value for money.


Hence, 3M cannot fix the shortage of N95 respirators, but it has decreased the shortage of N95 respirators to a significant amount. Furthermore, it is not humanly possible for one company to manufacture one billion N95 respirators in such a short time. 3M has been indispensable during the pandemic. 

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