Can an N95 mask be repaired if broken?

N95 masks are one of the best products from personal protective equipment PPE. These N95 respirators provide maximum protection against the dust or air particles which can cause the infection. Moreover, these N95 masks are verified by NIOSH and are regulated by the CDC and FDA. When these masks are delivered to the market, a guide for the proper usage of these masks is also included in it.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has some of the respiratory protection standards. According to these standards, the manufacturing companies of N95 masks and N95 respirators have to train their workers for disinfecting, cleaning, repairing, inspection, and maintenance of each type of the N95 masks and N95 respirators. These N95 respirators are not free from maintenance. So, a standard must be maintained while delivering the products to the customers.

CDC, NIOSH, and FDA also make sure that the manufacturers must the maintenance and safety features. Furthermore, when millions of N95 masks and N95 respirators are being produced at a time for the protection of millions of people, some of the N95 masks may remain defected. So, they must have some repairing backup as well.

Care and Maintenance of N95 Masks and Respirators

the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) ensures that every N95 masks manufacturer must include a user guide in each pack of the mask to give them a general idea about the maintenance of these N95 masks. The repairing process of N95 masks is done according to the guidelines of OSHA. During the disinfecting process, the parts of the masks are separated, washed out with the disinfectant, and then put together carefully.

If during the disinfecting process, any part gets broken, you can repair that part or replace that part easily, in some of the N95 masks, such air-filtering N95 masks, a cartridge is used, which is replaceable. So, if your cartridge gets broken easily, you can repair or replace their cartridge with e new one. These cartridges then can be reused for an extended period and provide protection against the virus. 

Before buying the N95 masks, it is recommended that the buyer must look for any kind of fault. Otherwise, it may lead to serious problems in the future. If at the time of buying the buyer finds any broken piece, he must inform the seller and ask him to replace the N95 mask. If they do not replace the mask, ask them to repair the broken pieces. 

Ways to repair the broken straps of N95 Masks

Mostly the N95 masks have the broken strap problem. During the manufacturing process, it is carefully checked that each mask has the proper strap. The strap allows the user to hold the mask to face. Without the straps, it becomes difficult to hold the mask. A new elastic trap is stapled then to these broken strap masks. All the straps are removed and then the masks are sterilized for any kind of germs.

Before, the repairing process it is ensured that the workers and volunteers are free from any kind of germs or infection. If they have any infection problems, it means that can become the reason for the spread of the virus, instead of repairing the N95 masks. So, they are checked properly. These broken straps are replaced and repaired and these masks are made available to the medical staff, nurses, doctors, and other workers in the hospitals.

Repairing or replacing the Broken Valve of N95 Masks:

N95 respirators and the N95 masks are usually not considered fit for the usage by the public. These masks can cause breathing issues for people who have PVC sensitivity issues. However, they are considered better masks than the other locally made masks. One of the major backdrops of these masks is their valve. The valve can cause the breathing resistance. They may also be broken during the packaging process.

Users are recommended to check for the safety of masks before they buy them. However, if they have broken valves, these valves can be replaced or repaired. Most of the time, manufacturing companies claim the repairing process. But still, you can repair these valves at home. Extra valves can be bought from the market.

The already broken valve is removed and then the new valve is placed in its place. The valve is then fixed with the help of some joining material. After pressing the valve, for some seconds, the valves are replaced successfully. However, there is a problem with this repairing process as well. That Is the smell problem. But, overall the process can be used for successfully repairing these masks.

Volunteer Program for Repairing the N95 Masks:

In various states of the US and the countries around the world arranged the volunteer programs to repair the broken N95 masks. For instance, the Tuft students, staff along with the help of students from MIT and Harvard, took part in the repairing process of masks. After the repair, these masks were provided to the medical staff in various hospitals. In a second case, almost 20,000 N95 masks were repaired Memphis Hospital in a single week. 

So, these programs overall proved to be very effective in providing the extra masks to the medical staff and help them protect the lives of people.


The broken N95 masks can easily be repaired and replaced. These masks are the most durable and relied masks which are appreciated for their air-filtration quality. Their repairing process is quite easy.

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