Can N95 masks be bought for extremely low prices?

The pandemic is spreading worldwide, and people are getting infected by the virus at a constantly increasing pace. The pandemic was bestowed upon Earth's face by the country with the highest population in the world that is China. In the Wuhan district of China, the first coronavirus case was depicted. Then, the number has been increasing tremendously without any stop. 

The virus causing covid-19 belongs to the family of coronavirus responsible for generating the common cold. This virus has been named Novel coronavirus and has undergone evolutionary changes to develop the level of immunity it has. There has not been any confirmed case of vaccine for the virus discovered. The scientists and researchers are doing their best to finally develop the solution to eradicate this virus from the earth. This virus is still on constant and rapidly increasing acceleration; therefore, people have to maintain safety.

To safeguard oneself from the virus, people are getting in blind towards adopting the habit of incorporating personal protective equipment in their daily life. One such personal protective equipment that has proved to be a boon for the frontline workers in the covid-19 situation is named the N95 respirator. These N95 respirators indeed are very efficient in providing security and safety against contaminants from the outside environment. While they are safe, they also have high costs. 

We will, through the medium of this article, try to find out a cost-effective way of getting N95 respirators, the points that will lead us to our main findings are,

  • Manufacturing of N95 respirators?

  • Companies responsible for providing N95 respirators

  • Why are N95 respirators necessary?

  • Comparing the costs of N95 respirators, surgical masks, and cloth masks

  • What can be a few ways that can lead us to buy N95 respirators at a meager price?

Manufacturing of N95 respirators?

In 2020 and forthcoming years or months, N95 respirators are something that we need ourselves to be fully aware of. N95 respirators are no less than the food we eat daily for our survival on the earth. The points below will throw some light on the process of manufacturing N95 respirators,

The N95 respirators usually consist of a mask made with the vision of giving a short of convenience to the people working in industrial areas. It was a method to try and make the work of industrial workers comfortable.

These masks were not manufactured with the vision of providing safety against oil-based aerosols; therefore, they do not, in any manner, block the oil-based aerosols.

The N95 respirator usually consists of or is an alignment of 3 layers punched together—all these layers in one way or the other increase the mask's efficiency.

The layer responsible for trapping about every possible contaminant to enter into the mask's the inside environment is known as filter media. The non woven fabric utilized in manufacturing the filter media is made by melt blowing polymers. In the case of N95 respirators, the polymer most commonly used is polypropylene.

The other two layers that consist of N95 respirators does the work of blocking out larger particles from both the inside and the outside environment and also provide a safety covering to the filter media.

What are some points that we need to know about N95 respirators?

  • The process of melt blowing produces N95 respirators. This is when polymers undergo heat treatment to be broken down into microscopic fibers and related to a clothlike appearance. This cloth is usually known as non-woven cloth or material.

  • This non-woven fabric obtained from melt blowing is used to produce the three-layered N95 respirator's filter media.

  • The filter media is covered by two layers from both the back and front. This filter media does not allow particles with a minimum diameter to cross the mask. The other two layers prevent the larger particles from getting an entry into the mask.

Companies responsible for providing N95 respirators

The N95 respirators are being manufactured by different companies and corporations worldwide so that the shortage of N95 respirators can be met and fought with easily. Following are few companies who are very well known for producing N95 respirators,

  • 3M Company: 3M is a very popularly known corporation for the production of health care products like masks etc. The N95 masks provided by the 3M company are known to give excellent breathability and are quite comfortable. There has not been an issue with the efficiency of the masks produced, which is a plus point. The N95 Respirators provided by 3M are basically under the range of - 2.71 US Dollars to 25.09 US Dollars(depending on their Efficiency).

  • Foss Manufacturing Company: The company is known as the pioneer of non woven fabric material and punches fabric manufacturing. They have been giving neck to neck competition to the crisis of N95 respirators. They are also producing high efficiency and 95 respirators with about 99.9% efficiency of safety against contaminants. 

Why are N95 respirators necessary?

The N95 respirators are essential and necessary for people who want to protect themselves and their families from getting a hold of the novel coronavirus. 

These masks also ensure that the medical healthcare professionals and workers on the front line do not get the disease while performing their duties to keep others safe and healthy.

What can be a few ways that can lead us to buy N95 respirators at a meager price?

One way to get N95 respirators at low prices is to get a hold of an online seller providing the N95 respirators on sale of some sort.

Another way to get yourself N95 respirators at a low price is by getting a hold of them in donations. If you are one of those, you need them.

The third method can be to try a retail shop that you are aware will provide you with a considerable discount.

The fourth method can be to try different advancements made in N95 respirators like 3D printed respirators, which are not as near as the N95 respirators manufactured by other companies.

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