Can N95 masks be purchased on FlipKart?

The Coronavirus outbreak was a major problem for all countries around the world. All the countries around the world were concerned about the safety and protection of their citizens. Different types of personal protection equipment PPE such as N95 masks, face shields, and various others, were being prepared for stopping the virus.

However, the masks and respirators were already in demand due to the pollution problems. Various types of surgical and medical masks are already present in the market. However, the 3M N95 masks are N95 respirators are considered to be the best for the protection against pollutants, virus, and other chemicals that can cause the problems. 

These purchase of these N95 masks are one of the major problems that people are facing due to the global shortage of N95 masks. But there are various online stores that are providing these N95 masks and N95 respirators to their customers. Flipkart is one of the best E-commerce company which is based in Bangalore, India. It has provided millions of N95 masks and N95 respirators along with other personal protection equipment to people in India. 

Flipkart as some of the best N95 masks and N95 respirator models for its customers. These N95 masks and N95 respirators are being prepared by 3M and various other companies around the world and then being delivered to Flipkart and other online stores. The following are some of the models that are currently available on Flipkart:

NEA N95 5 Layer Mask

This N95 masks model is present at Flipkart and it is considered to be the best by the reviewers. This is an anti-pollution mask which has been used by the people from some past years. It is also a protective mask against the virus, which filters almost all of the dust and air particles that can contain these viruses. So, these N95 respirators and N95 masks help in containing the virus and stop the spread of disease.

NEA N95 mask is a protective face mask that has a breathing valve. This breathing valve can be irritating for some users; however, for most of the users find it comfortable and suitable. The valve helps with normal breathing and allows the heat to go out during summer. The N95 mask is washable, reusable, and water-resistant. Flipkart has this N95 mask model as the best for its users. 

Gleam N95 Face Mask

It is an anti-pollution and anti-viral face mask. From the very beginning of COVID-19, the need for N95 just went sky-high. The gleam N95 was introduced by the 3M company in India, which is the largest market with 1.3 billion people. So, these N95 masks proved to be effective in sales. Flipkart provided these N95 masks and N95 respirators to their customers and help them in protection against the virus. 

These N95 face masks are IS0 CE verified and are the most reliable N95 protective mask for the people. They come with melt brown fabric, which is most comfortable for the users. These N95 masks are reusable and can be washed for the next use.

Swadeshi Stuff N95 Masks

These N95 masks come in various colors and are popular in India. Flipkart added these items to their store for the customers during the pandemic and provided people extra protective equipment to save themselves. These N95 masks are CE, ISO, and FDA certified. WHO has also certified these N95 masks. 

Swadeshi N95 masks are reusable and can be washed and sterilized for the next use. It is an anti-bacterial and anti-virus mask. It helps prevent airborne particles and dust-containing these viruses from entering the body. It has five-layers, which provide maximum protection. Flipkart has this N95 mask model as the best product from personal protective equipment PPE. 

Attache N95 WH10

This N95 model is manufactured by Attache and is available as a protective instrument against viral and bacterial infections. It prevents dust allergies, asthma problems, and harmful chemicals in the outside environment from entering into the body. WH10 N95 mask has a unique 3D cut model, which ensure the comfortability for the users. 

It is composed of 6 layers such as an anti-bacterial layer, activated carbon layer, and dust layer. So, this N95 mask provides maximum protection against the virus. Flipkart used this model of N95 masks to provide the best facilities to its customers in the increasing demands. Flipkart ensured the nose clip to be adjustable and comfortable for effective use. This N95 mask model is reusable and washable.

3M 3M8210V N95 Respirator

Flipkart has a variety of N95 masks and N95 respirators available on its store for the customers. This N95 respirator model is also one of the best products by Flipkart. It is an anti-smoke, anti-virus, anti-pollution, and anti-allergy mask. This N95 mask model is certified by NIOSH and CDC for 95% of the filtration quality. 

It has an exhalation valve for smooth and effective breathing. Provides effective protection against coronavirus and other viruses. It has the maximum time usage of 14 days with 2-3 hours of use per day. Flipkart provided this N95 model to its customers during the N95 shortage as the effective replacement of other N95 models.


Apart from the all above mentioned N95 masks and N95 respirator models, Flipkart has a diverse range of other N95 models as well. All these N95 models can be purchased easily on Flipkart. Flipkart offers the best N95 models and personal protection equipment to its users. 

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