Comparison between dust masks and N95 masks

N95 mask:

N95 masks are designed by experts and are used to cover the face of people. N95 masks act as a barrier between a person and harmful particles. Organizations have approved the use of N95 respirators, and the reason is the high quality of N95 masks. N95 respirators consist of good quality non-woven fiber that enhances its filtration ability. 

These N95 masks consist of different protective layers that make them able to filter about 95% of the germs present in the air. These N95 masks can filter many bacteria, viruses and dust particles present that are harmful to human health.

Role of N95 masks in this pandemic:

 COVID 19 was the first time that occurred in the city of China. But that time no one paid attention to it. After just a few months, it started spreading in different countries all over the world. Millions of people died of it and many countries were striving for help so that they can control the spread of this dangerous virus. In that critical time, the United States manufactured N95 masks for public protection from this threatening COVID 19. N95 respirator has proved as a lifesaver for many people from different areas.

Different types of protective face masks:

As COVID 19 has affected millions of people living in different countries, there was a need for some specific strategies to be adopted to stay protected in this pandemic. For this reason, the Government of different infected countries recommended N95 masks for the peoples that they can control the spread of the coronavirus from one place to another. When the Government recommended N95 masks, people started using these N95 masks excessively.

 And this excessive use of N95 masks led to a shortage of good quality masks in different areas. To compensate for this shortage of N95 respirators many companies started manufacturing different types of protective masks. These were used by millions of people, to get protection against many harmful particles. But all of these masks are having the features that separate them from each other. And these features describe the quality of stuff used for their manufacture.

Many companies are famous for the production of good quality masks all over the world. Here are some mask products that are being used by millions of people living in different countries. And those mask products are mentioned here:

  • Surgical masks
  • N95 mask 
  • Dust masks
  • Valved masks
  • Cotton masks

These are some protective masks that have been used by many people living in different countries. These masks have the properties that make them unique in their ability to filter harmful particles from the air. Among all of the other masks, the N95 mask and the dust masks are the most famous. But, according to many researchers, both of these mask products have different qualities.

Comparison between Dust and N95 masks:

In this time of the pandemic, most people have used N95 masks and a dust mask. But these both masks also have positive and negative sides; based on which people can differentiate them. So here are some obvious differences like:

Types of particles filtered by masks: First thing that is important t see in N95 and a dust mask is that what kind of particles that N95 masks and dust masks can filter. There are different types of microscopic particles, and these particles can cause many dangerous issues to human health. Dust masks can filter some simple particles, like simple dust particles, dust from wood, smoke, and the pollen spores that are mostly present in the air.

But N95 is specially made up of different layers of protective fiber that make it able to filter the microscopic particles. Because of its structure, the N95 mask can filter bacteria, viruses, and many other hazardous particles that can cause many serious disorders in the human body. 

Comfortability while breathing: Many features should be present in the protective mask so that it can be feasible for people to use. And one of those important features is the level of comfort provided by the mask to the people. The dust mask is made up of one or two layers that make it comfortable for people to use. Because it doesn’t create any discomfort for a person whiles its use. But this feature also hinders the good quality filtration of a dust mask.

The N95 mask is made up of multiple layers that enhance the ability of N95 respirators to filter various harmful particles present in the air. But this property of the N95 respirator can also create uneasiness for people if they use it. Because, N95 masks are specially designed, to filter microscopic particles from the air. But these multiple layers present in N95 masks are responsible for the disturbance in breathing. Because, it resists all the maximum particles passing through it.


In this pandemic, COVID 19 has affected millions of people living in this world. Everyone has tried to solve the problem, but they were not able to do that perfectly. But United States manufactured N95 masks, and this has saved many people from being infected by the virus. Some companies also have manufactured many other mask products but they have different features. 

We can compare the N95 mask and other masks based on the types of particles filtered by masks and the comfort level. According to researchers, the N95 mask is better than the dust mask because of its quality manufacture.

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