Comparison of 8210 and 8110s N95 masks

The brand 3M is one of the leading manufacturers of N95 masks. It is NIOSH approved and is producing a wide range of N95 masks - for medical and industrial use. 

Among the popular models of N95 masks from 3M are the 3M 8210 N95 mask, 3M 8110s N95 mask, and the 3M 1860 N95 mask. These 3M N95 masks are different from each other but they have the same function - to protect wearers against airborne particles and contaminants.

What is an N95 mask?

An N95 mask is a type of air filtering respirator that can filter tiny airborne particles and non-oil based particles. This type of mask has a filtering efficiency of 95%. The N95 masks are approved and regulated by the United States National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). This disposable mask is widely used in the medical and construction industries.

3M 8210 vs 8110s N95 mask

3M N95 masks come in different styles and designs depending on their intended application. Here’s how the 3M 8210 N95 mask compared to the 3M 8110s model:

3M 8210 N95 mask

The 3M 8210 particulate respirator is a NIOSH-approved disposable mask. The N95 mask has a 95% filtering efficiency. This type of N95 mask is not resistant to flame and not resistant to any fluid contaminants. 

The 3M 8210 N95 mask has a two-strap design with a welded dual point attachment, which is specifically designed for a secure and closed seal. It is equipped with nose foam cushioning for added comfort. 8210 has a lightweight design for greater worker acceptance and increased wear time. Lastly, the mask also features advanced electrostatic media for easy breathing.

The 3M 8210 N95 mask is effective in filtering dust and other airborne particles. This mask is not suitable for oil-based particles. This mask is recommended or suitable to be used in the construction, general manufacturing, mining, food safety, transportation, and food processing industries. 

The 8210 N95 masks are meant for industrial use but because of the coronavirus pandemic, the FDA approved this mask to be used by healthcare workers. However, this mask is not cleared by the FDA as a surgical mask. When used for operating rooms, wearers should also wear face shields.

3M 8110s N95 mask

The 3M 8110s is another classic N95 mask model but it is smaller in size. The S in the model name indicates it is a small type of N95 mask. It is the smaller variation of the 8210 N95 masks. 

It has a cup-style respirator with a two-strap design for a tight and closed fit. It comes with a nose foam cushioning with an adjustable nose clip for a personalized and secure seal. This N95 mask is NIOSH-approved and it is intended for occupational use. 

The 8110s N95 mask has a lightweight and comfortable design. It provides reliable protection against non-oil based particles.

How to check if the N95 mask is genuine

It is the top priority of 3M to protect all N95 mask users. To help ensure 3M products are authentic, the brand created the 3M SafeGuard process that helps users check if the mask is genuine or not.

  • Locate the code of the product found on the bottom of the box. There are two sets of codes you should take note of - 10 digits secure codes and 6 digits lot code. 
  • On the 3M SafeGuard page enter the codes. There are two indicators - the green checkmark means the N95 mask is genuine and the red symbol means that the product may be counterfeit.

Other types of face mask

Aside from N95 masks, below are the other types of face masks that are also used as protection against the coronavirus:

Cloth masks

Mostly made from nonwoven fabric, cloth masks offer protection against air particles. It is advisable to wear cloth masks with two layers of fabric. It is not waterproof but highly breathable.

Cloth masks are widely available online. They come in different designs and styles and in different sizes. Unlike the N95 mask, the kids can actually find cloth masks that suit well to their size.

Surgical mask

A surgical mask can also filter airborne particles. And because it is waterproof, it can also filter droplets - respiratory droplets, blood, and other bodily fluid. Surgical masks have a loose-fitting design, very lightweight and comfortable. This type of mask is suitable for medical and dental use.

Non-medical disposable masks

Since healthcare workers are given priority when it comes to N95 masks and surgical masks, the general public is widely using non-medical disposable masks to protect themselves from the virus. This type of mask has a loose-fitting design. Its filtering capacity is not as high as the N95 mask but it can still filter large respiratory droplets and airborne particles.

KN95 masks

The KN95 mask is the Chinese equivalent of the N95 mask. It can also filter tiny airborne particles and bodily fluid. The KN95 masks also come in different styles and models.

Because of the coronavirus, the CDC and FDA approved some kinds of KN95 masks to be used by medical and healthcare workers. The KN95 masks are also lightweight, breathable, and comfortable to wear for a long period.

In recent types, the demand for N95 masks is increasing because of the coronavirus. But because of the low supply, it is recommended for the public to wear non-medical disposable masks, and cloth masks, to give priority to medical and healthcare workers.

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