Comparison of 9211 and 1860 N95 masks.

In December 2019, the new strain of coronavirus broke out and was found in a patient treated in the Wuhan district of China. The virus then did not take a lot of time to get spread all over the world and inflict the people in different countries of the world. Today when seen into the positive cases due to the covid-19 disease, we have a number as big as 85,689,897. This is definitely shocking and nurtures in them an emotion of fear. Every human being today is fearful of the Covid-19 disease infecting them. 

One of the best methods that have been told by the experts and authority is responsible for maintaining good health all over the world is the use of personal protective equipment like masks and face shields so that the virus can be brought into control and not get spread all over the world as rapidly as it is getting spread right now. 

Many manufacturers all over the world have been producing personal protective equipment for the safety of medical healthcare workers, and frontline workers who have been working hard to make the country work in an even fashion and people may live a life of convenience. 

Now, these N95 respirators are present in different companies' models, and it isn't easy to choose one. Here in this article, we will be discussing models of N95 respirators provided by the 3M company, that is, 9211 and 1860 models of the N95 Respirators. We will follow the points below to find out a conclusion finally,


  • What is 3M? 


  • Why are N95 Respirators important?



  • About the 1860 N95 masks by 3M 


  • Difference between the 9211 N95 Masks 1860 N95 Masks 

What is 3M? 

  • 3M is a company that was set by about four people working together, and they were named,

    • John Dwan
    • Hermon Cable
    • Henry Bryan
    • William A. McGonagle

  • 3M company is another International corporation working in every part of the world and providing its products to the people.

  • The N95 respirators made by 3M companies are very efficient and are known to provide greater efficiency due to their products.

  • The headquarters of the 3M company is present in Maplewood, Minnesota, US.

Why are N95 Respirators important?

Some of the points about N95 respirators that will prove their importance to the readers who are interested in knowing them,

  • The N95 respirators hold the responsibility to filter out small particles, and these particles are smaller than the space present between two fibers in the filter media of the mask. 

  • To look broadly into the N95 respirators, you can see that they are not only good at filtering small particles, but they also are very much efficient in providing you security against the larger particles in the environment, but they do have a little problem when it comes to middle-sized particles that are present in the environment. 

  • When looking at the N95 respirator and trying our best to find out what is the exact goal of these respirators is, then we should be aware that the exact goal for the respirators is not to let the airborne particles and the environment get into the airborne zone again. 

  • The filter media that is present in the N95 respirators is manufactured and designed in a way that acts like a web made by spiders, and the particles that get wrapped into it are just like the insects getting trapped in the web made by a spider. 

  • They are not just a piece of cloth or fabric and textiles aligned together to give you protection, but they also are incorporated with many rules of physics that are generally seen in our lives. 

  • One of the physical phenomenons that can be seen in the N95 respirators is them having an electric field, which tends to attract charged particles towards itself. 

About the 9211 N95 masks by 3M 

The 3M company is known to provide much personal protective equipment at different levels, and they also provide N95 respirators with different qualities, one of which is 9211 N95 masks. Below are some of the qualities of 9211 N95 masks that are manufactured by 3M company,

  • The 9211 masks provided by the 3M company are getting popular all over the world as it has been mentioned that they have provided a breakthrough when it comes to comfort and convenience.

  • These masks help you work conveniently for hours and will not let you face the humidity and warmth due to the masks.

About the 1860 N95 masks by 3M 

Below are some of the points about 1860 N95 mask by 3M company,

  • They are specifically provided certification by NIOSH, FDA as well as CDA because they meet every guideline provided by all these authorities.

  • When looked at the fabric material of these respirators, they do not contain any latex made components.

Difference between the 9211 N95 Masks 1860 N95 Masks 

9211 N95 Masks

1860 N95 Masks

  • They have a special design in which day provides a mechanism which can direct it to the required path so that the spectacles worn do not get foggy.
  • They have no such specific mechanism provided in them for the fogging of glasses.
  • They are designed in a curved format which is very low profile and also confirms convenience for your mouth and nose.
  • These masks are specially designed for face structures which are small and in adults.
  • They have been provided the NIOSH certification.
  • They too have the NIOSH certification and they are also approved by CDA because they meet the guidelines provided by CDA.

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