Could you borrow masks from friends?

Wearing masks is now a necessity. Along with the observance of social/physical distancing and proper handwashing, they make the triad of protection. The triad of protection does not completely protect a person from coronavirus. But it lessens the possibility of getting in contact with the virus.

Two of the most effective masks in the world today are the surgical mask and the N95 mask. The surgical mask is a 3-ply mask that offers three layers of protection. The N95 mask, on the other hand, is the most efficient mask with its ability to filter particles up to 95%. The surgical mask and the N95 mask can protect anyone who wears them.

Comparing the two masks, the N95 mask has the advantage. The surgical mask leaves a person open to contamination. This is due to the mask’s fit. The surgical mask is a loose-fitting mask. Therefore, there are areas where the virus can infiltrate the body. The N95 mask is capable of achieving a tight fit. The tight fit will prevent the wearer from being contaminated.

However, the surgical mask and the N95 mask are on the brink of scarcity. With its overwhelming demand, supplies for both masks are running out. Hospitals are worrying about their supplies for the N95 mask and the surgical mask. People are also worrying as to where they will procure their own masks.

Would it be possible to borrow masks?

It is possible but discouraging. Borrowing masks like surgical masks or N95 masks from another person, whether a relative or a family member, is not advisable. Contamination is more potent with borrowing masks. A used N95 mask and surgical mask house to unknown strains of viruses and bacteria. The moment the person borrows a used mask makes the person susceptible to viral contamination. The filters from the surgical mask or the N95 mask are most likely containing microorganisms. The microorganisms present on the mask can endanger the person

A person can borrow masks like surgical masks and N95 masks if they are properly disinfected. The surgical mask, however, cannot be disinfected. The N95 mask is the one that can be disinfected. Spraying a disinfectant can help eliminate the microorganisms on the surface. However, it is best to discard both masks properly.

Is it advisable to wash the borrowed mask?

If it is a cloth mask, it is possible. The soap will eliminate the virus and bacteria present on the mask. If it is an N95 mask, one can still wash the mask. However, the filtration efficiency of the N95 mask depletes over time. The N95 mask is no longer as effective as it is first bought. The surgical mask cannot be disinfected or washed. It has to be disposed of immediately after use.

Rather than borrowing masks from other people or washing the borrowed mask, it is best to stay at home in the meantime. This will keep a person from any form of viral contamination. Instead of borrowing, a person can always ask for a spare mask. If a person now has the chance to buy masks like a surgical mask and an N95 mask, there are stores where you can buy your mask

Pharmacy/Drug Store

A pharmacy or a drug store is where you can buy your N95 mask or surgical mask. Aside from affordable medicines, this store also sells protective masks that subscribe to the standard retail price. Masks in this store are for sure legit.

Convenience Stores

Convenience stores are everywhere. Most likely, there are masks being sold in these stores. But what you should remember is that these stores sell products that are a little more expensive than the retail price. This is for the convenience that these stores offer.


Department stores

If you want to be a little fashionable, department stores can be your go-to place. Cloth masks are now everywhere. The good thing about the department store is that they sell a variety of cloth masks, suitable to your liking. With varying prices, you can choose which mask you prefer.

Online Platform

With the advent of strict lockdowns, the e-commerce activity blossomed at skyrocketing rates. The online economy boosted as people were required to stay at home. The good thing about online stores is that they are convenient. With only two to three days, your ordered masks will be right at your doorstep. Masks like the N95 mask and the surgical mask are not sold per piece. They usually come in 10s, 20s, and 50s.

If you are a person who uses surgical masks or N95 masks, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will definitely advise you to resort to alternatives. The scarcity of the N95 mask and the surgical mask is threatening the lives of the frontline workers. Without protection from these protective masks, they are more susceptible to any form of viral contact. Instead of saving more lives, they will most likely become an addition to the upsurge of cases.

Using valved masks is prohibited. Aside from protecting yourself, you are threatening the lives of the people surrounding you. The CDC highly discourages the public from wearing valved masks.

Masks are now an essential part of people’s daily lives. Masks have become an important commodity that helps people to be protected at all times. A person without any mask on can better stay at home. Going out without any mask adds a burden to the people working on the front lines. Regardless of what mask you are wearing, a mask is better than no mask.

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