Could you make your KN95 mask?

KN95 respirator

The KN95 respirator is one of the most effective face-coverings for filtering out particulates that advertently harm the robustness of the individual. They are one of the most optimal alternatives to N95 respirators and surgical masks. They somewhat resemble the N95 respirator. While NIOSH has approved the use of N95 respirators, a Chinese agency—similar to NIOSH—has agreed to the use of KN95 respirators. The KN95 respirator can block ninety-five percent of the particles as it has been mentioned in its name. 

The KN95 respirators filter out dust, mist, contaminants, pollutants, bacteria, viruses, and fumes, etc. All of these airborne particles get filtered out as a result of the efficacy of these face masks. The use of KN95 respirators has been elaborated as a way to tackle the scarcity of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The scarcity of N95 respirators and face masks in the United States has forced the people to buy the KN95 respirators. It is one of the most efficient Chinese face masks. 

Effectiveness of face masks against COVID-19

Face masks have been deemed effective at limiting the expansion of the coronavirus disease. In addition to that, it is hard to buy a face mask that is effective and affordable at the same time. Medical experts have said that the N95 respirators might be less efficient than the KN95 respirators. However, it does not mean they cannot protect the user from contracting the novel coronavirus. Coronavirus has dramatically affected and altered the whole world. 


Coronavirus broke out in late 2019 in the province of Wuhan, China. The coronavirus disease is a transmissible disease that spreads from one person to another through airborne particles and respiratory droplets. The individual contracts the coronavirus disease when they inhale the hazardous respiratory droplets of the infected individual. The majority of the people may experience symptoms that are from mild to moderate. The elders are the ones that could die after getting infected from the coronavirus disease. 

Being in the presence of a coronavirus patient could be fatal for you as you could inhale the airborne particles of the COVID-19 patient. Different people get affected in distinct ways. The majority of people experience symptoms such as dry cough, fever, headache, tiredness, loss of smell, conjunctivitis, and diarrhea, etc. Consuming organic food is one of the best ways to effectively guard oneself against the coronavirus disease.

Ingesting healthy food like green vegetables and fruits solidify the immune system of the individual and make it invincible. Limiting the ingestion of fizzy drinks, unhealthy food, and dairy products is crucial in terms of keeping the individual protected. Fresh fruits like oranges, guavas, apples, and bananas are indispensable for bolstering your immune system. People with invincible immune systems can shield themselves from COVID-19. However, seeking medical attention becomes crucial if you cannot breathe properly.

Impact of the coronavirus disease in the United States

The economy of the United States has plummeted because of COVID-19. In addition to that, the economies of various countries have drastically fallen because of coronavirus disease. It has adversely molded the way we would live before the pandemic. Healthcare facilities in the United States kept getting crowded because of the coronavirus disease. As a result, it became crucial for healthcare providers to wear face masks. There are thousands of healthcare facilities in the United States, and all of them would need sufficient medical supplies. 

The United States had run out of supplies after distributing the medical supplies to the healthcare facilities. The medical supplies could not suffice even though they dispensed all of the PPE fairly. Ultimately, healthcare facilities ran out of PPE, and they had to reuse the PPE to keep themselves shielded. The public would not have ample amounts of medical supplies either. In addition to the lack of enlightenment of the public, that is what led to the rise of COVID-19 cases in the United States.

Making your KN95 mask

You cannot make a KN95 respirator as you would require complex equipment to do so. Moreover, competence and dexterity are required to make one as well. The face-covering would not be efficient even if you ended up making one. Lack of equipment and competence are the reasons why you would not be able to make the face-covering. Wearing an inefficient face-covering would be fatal for you. However, it does not mean you cannot make a face mask.

Face masks might be less effective than KN95 respirators, but studies show that you could limit the spread of COVID-19 by wearing one. Face masks consume less time, and they can be made at home easily. You have to acquire three things before making the face mask. You must have a breathable fabric, rubber bands, and scissors. You can make the face mask with the assistance of these three things. However, one thing you must be sure about is the effectiveness and breathability of the fabric. 

Cotton is one of the best materials for protection from dust and dirt particles. Moreover, it is a fabric that is breathable too. You can use cotton as a barrier for blocking airborne particles from affecting the individual. Make sure your face mask is comfortable to your face. It should have a tough fit for your facial parts of the face. The face mask should cover your nose and mouth as well. The face mask should be able to be washed without damage as well.

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