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Several companies have started to make masks for helping the nation during the pandemic and one of the companies making such N95 masks are Sureways.

The pandemic has got us in a situation whereby we understood the need and importance of masks, sanitizers, gloves, surgical gowns, and other PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). The virus claimed the lives of millions from all parts of the world. Government tried to control the situation by means of lockdown, but then this is not the solution as sitting idle in home will hamper the economy and mind set of people. The cases of COVID-19 cases increased with people starting to move out. The infection spread like wildfire fire and many were engulfed in its ruthless attack. Coming to the fact that life goes on and we all need to brave ourselves and move out, but maintaining precaution was crucial. Maintaining six feet distance, wearing masks, applying sanitizers, using wipes, following protocol of self-isolation if feeling sick, was required. Coming to the masks, they went scarce. The cloth masks meant for the general public were widely available and even if not available it could have been made at home without much effort. However, getting N95 respirators and surgical masks for the medical experts was difficult.  The N95 and surgical masks were out of supply. Several companies who were not in the production of the N95 masks started the production. Yet, the scarcity could not be overcomed. Importantly, the health experts required masks of top quality that were approved by the NIOSH and FDA. of the many companies that were in the approved list of manufacturers, one is SureWay Health’s. The company has proved its worth by scaling up the production of the N95 and surgical masks.

Knowing more about the SureWay Health’s:

SureWay Health’s Services Inc is a home health agency in Houston, Texas. The was established in 1970 as a fully integrated metal manufacturing and steel service centre. The company offers a wide range of health care services that are used in homes in case of any injury or illness. The company has its mission to achieve a zero-injury workplace. The company strives to attain the mission by means of educating, managing, accountability, and employee education. The work-place safety culture and injury prevention efforts extends to all visitors, subcontractors,and customers in all the different facilities of the company. The company has initiatives that are designed to motivate the employees to accept and implement a zero injuries mentality. The safety of the employees is the parameter that speaks volumes about the success of the SureWay Health’s. The company has strategies and implements them in a way that it achieves its goal and sets a benchmark in the industry. The company has a very strong motto stating “ it’s about our employees, it’s about our families, it’s about people, and to us it’s people.” the company strives to achieve its professional goals by means of maintaining equilibrium and contributing widely to the society. 

The company that considers all humans as its own could not stay behind from manufacturing the N95 masks when it was the most essential requirement by the nation. The doctors and nurses were contributing humongously and serving the COVID-19 patients. The masks were scarce and thus the company considered it as its moral duty to scale its production of the N95 masks.

The company finally started is production of N95:

The company also has started offering some of their premium face masks like their Dasheng DTC3X respirator for sale to the general public. However, SureWay Health is making masks for both medical and consumer grade face masks earlier this year. The company supplied the DTC3X to hospitals and front;ine workers and the mask is now available for purchase. The mask is made from several breathable layers of special non-woven synthetic polymer fabric. The DTC3X is the safest mask option available anywhere. The masks from the company are approved by NIOSH and are recommended by the FDA and the CDC.      

The mask is produced through a melt-blown process which is the inner BFE filtration layers inside and it blocks out 95% of hazardous, virus-carrying particles, and airborne particles. The masks are latex-free, odourless, and glue-free. The masks fit comfortably on the face with a pliable fabric that secures around your mouth and nose. The mask has soft woven headband straps that secure the seal in place. The metal nose piece is adjustable and thus it adds to the comfort fit. Therefore the mask is effective, and even if its worn for long hours no irritation occurs to irritate the wearer. It can be safely concluded that the masks are on guard for the whole day.  The best aspect of the masks from SureWay Health’s is that the masks are extensively tested in the two world-class US-based labs to confirm it exceeds filtration standards. The masks can safely and effectively be used several times if the user is sure that they have not been exposed to COVID-19.    

Another feature of the mask is that it protects from viruses and additionally it is apt for any job that kicks up lots of particulates, like the construction sites and home improvement, gardening, cleaning, disinfecting and more. The masks also fulfills the precautionary need for the hazy, smoky, wildfire season.the company took as its obligation to help all during the need and thus offers the mask at 35 to 52 percent discount at their regular price.   

The premium quality masks are available for donations. One can easily connect with the company and do their bit by donating the N95 masks to the health care experts. Importantly the company itself is donating the N95 masks to various hospitals and charitable organizations. The mask has an innovative design that it it's all face sizes, whether large or small or somewhere in between, without compromising on the seal or protection. The fit is perfect as it has two headband straps to provide the facial fit. Importantly, the mask has both functional and aesthetic aspects to it. It fits well and gives a clean look so that you needn’t worry. No wonder that it is the most trusted and used N95 masks brand for the Americans. 

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