Do N95 masks cause acne on the face?

Americans are getting to know what it feels like to put on a protective N95 mask all around the country. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 's latest guidance advises Americans to wear N95 face mask coverings in public areas where social distancing is challenging to limit the hazard of transmitting the novel coronavirus.

Many humans have reportedly faced Acne, redness, inflammation, and breakouts on their pores and skin due to N95 masks' utilization. A study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology reports a 97% fee of skin harm better through infection-prevention measures among the front-line medical employees in Hubei, China. Just over 70% of those employees mentioned dry skin; 56.8% faced tenderness; 52.5% felt itchy skin. Over 60 rate said desquamation (peeling skin); 49.4% experienced erythema, and 32.9% had Acne or papules (pimples). 

"N95 masks have a specifically excessive risk for injury and acne due to necessities for a tight fit," says Bruce A. Brod. More importantly, N95 masks are "critical components that need to proceed to reserves for fitness care workers and other medical first responders." Ever because Covid-19 surfaced, N95 face masks have become a crucial phase of our lives. Be N95 mask while visiting for work or going for a quick grocery run, N95 masks pinnacle our checklists while leaving home. However, given the humidity buildup with our face gears on for long hours, a wide variety of people have located pimples breakout on their face, or in other words, "maskne."

As the name may additionally suggest, maskne is Acne brought about due to excessive utilization of N95 masks and face masks. As dermatologist Dr. BL Jangid puts it, maskne is pimples precipitated due to oily, sweaty skin that does not wash at regular intervals. Suppose you are unable to wash your face regularly. In that case, a microorganism is trapped on your pores and skin while sporting an N95 mask, growing a breeding ground for acne breakouts," he explains. What's more, maskne can additionally be the result of the form of N95 mask one wears. "The N95 masks typically purpose pressure, heat, and rubbing on your skin that leads to irritation, inflammation, rashes, and pimples, without difficulty causing acneiform eruptions," provides Dr. Jangid.

While one would assume the most transparent way of warding off this kind of pores and skin breakout is to reduce N95 masks' utilization sincerely, the virus's spread has left us with no choice but to hold our N95 masks whenever we expose ourselves to an outdoor environment.

So, what can one do to limit the incidence of maskne? "Wear a soft, cotton, or self-made mask that matches your face correctly. Do now not contact or itch your face as soon as you wear an N95 mask. Use a defensive cream or a barrier cream like sunscreen or a little moisturizer earlier than wearing an N95 mask. Dr. Ekta Nigam says you do not apply makeup when wearing an N95 mask. N95 masks can clog your pores, worsen Acne, or any facial dermatitis. 

The scenario is undoubtedly harder for healthcare workers, as their obligation entails wearing an N95 mask, face shield, and even PPE kits for lengthy hours. And it is, then, no surprise that maskne is a common occurrence amongst healthcare workers. Dr. Pooja Chopra, an Indian dermatologist, recommends for them, "Wearing a cotton mask as a first layer and an N95 mask over it helps." She also says that "Clean your face completely with a quality face wash earlier than and after sporting an N95 or other mask. Clean/dispose of your N95 masks regularly. A mild compact may also be used to take in the sweat/oil secretion before wearing an anN95 mask."

How to treat maskne

It's integral to keep sporting an N95 face mask, even if you have maskne. Keeping your mouth and nose protected is one of the excellent methods to shield yourself and those around you from COVID-19. There are countless methods to treat maskne symptoms. Let's take a closer look at each step.

  • Wash your face regularly:

During the pandemic, continue following your ordinary pores and skincare routine to keep your skin healthy includes washing your face once in the morning once at night, earlier than going to bed after sweating or wearing an N95 mask. When washing your face, use lukewarm water. Pat your skin dry with a clean towel. Avoid rubbing your skin, as this might also motivate irritation.

  • Use a gentle cleanser:

A mild cleanser can help do away with excess oil, sweat, and bacteria because of the N95 mask. Avoid cleaners that comprise alcohol or perfume. These elements can purpose infection and make it more challenging for your symptoms to heal. If your maskne is greater severe, attempt a medicated purifier with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. If you have sensitive skin, ask your medical doctor or dermatologist about the excellent type of medicated cleanser for your skin.

  • Use a non-cosmogonic moisturizer:

After washing your face, follow a moisturizer to hold your pores and skin hydrated. Use a non-cosmogonic product, which possibly won't block your pores.

  • Apply cortisone cream and moisturizer with ceramides:

Suppose your maskne commonly includes inflammation and raw skin. In that case, you may also prefer to observe a slight cortisone cream. To the vicinity together with a moisturizer that contains ceramides. It can assist defend your skin and relieve Acne, itching, and irritation due to wearing an N95 mask.

  • Take a break from makeup:

Skip the makeup while you're treating maskne due to wearing an N95 mask. Beauty products such as foundation, concealer, and blush can clog your pores and extend healing.

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