Do N95 respirators make it difficult to breathe?

Face masks and respirators are the tools from personal protection equipment that are used to protect against the dust and airborne chemicals. These respirators are commonly used by the medical staff and patients to protect themselves from the respiratory tract infection caused by various agents. From all the categories of masks and respirators, N95 respirators and masks are considered to be the best.

N95 respirators are manufactured by 3M and other companies and then approved by the NIOSH, Centre for Disease Control and Command, and the FDA. These respirators provide the maximum prevention of the virus. However, these respirators may also cause breathing problems and other issues in people who are sensitive to the environment. These respirators have been reported by various customers to be non-comfortable.

Moreover, these N95 respirators and N95 masks have seemed to be affecting the consumer’s health in various ways. The CDC recommended N95 respirators and surgical masks no doubt provide 95% protection against the virus, yet at the same time the cause breathing problems as well. Following are some of the respiratory problems due to the N95 respirators usage and types of N95 respirators that may cause these problems:

Flow Resistance of Oxygen CO2

This is one of the biggest problems that is caused due to these N95 respirators. N95 respirators fit tightly on the face and leave no place for the particles and dust to enter inside. If these respirators do not fit properly, then they might not be effective. So, fitting on these N95 respirators and masks on the face is necessary. Due to this, they stop the dust and the airborne particles from entering the body.

However, this is the major backdrop for these N95 respirators. These respirators provide the resistance for the smooth flow of air inside and outside of the body. The normal amount of oxygen going inside the lungs and helping various processes inside the body is obstructed due to these N95 respirators. So, a person may feel suffocated with these N95 respirators on. The second major problem is the accumulation of CO2 at the starting point of respiratory tract. 

Most of the times it happens that, the air coming outside of the lungs feels resistance and is blocked by the N95 respirator. CO2 mainly causes various problems if it gets stored in a place. People who have respiratory problems due to the CO2 may feel dizzy and eventually lose consciousness. CO2 enters the bloodstream and causes the pH of blood to drop. So, these problems due to the CO2 obstruction by these N95 respirators are very dangerous. 

These are the breathing problems that are caused by these N95 respirators and N95 masks. Due to these problems, N95 respirators are losing their market value.

Problems faced due to the valve of N95 respirators:

To make the breathing process easier with the N95 respirators, an exhalation valve is added to these respirators. The exhalation valve helps in the normal breathing process and provides comfort to the users. However, some problems are related to these masks. The valves of these N95 respirators act as a one-way filter. It filters almost all of the air coming inside. In this process of filtering inhaled air, it saves the person from the viral attack.

However, the major problem is the exhaled air. The valves of these N95 masks do not filter the air going outside. So, they might become a reason for the spread of infection. Most of the time these respirators are used by the medical staff, workers, and the patients. So, if they are infected with the virus or have any mild symptoms, the germs from them can easily be transferred to the other person even if they are wearing these N95 respirators.

The other major problem is that these N95 respirators throw the air outside forcefully. So, the farther throw of exhaled air by these N95 respirators may transfer the virus to other patients and persons. This is also one of the biggest backdrops of these N95 respirators along with the breathing resistance.

Microclimate and Breathing Rate Alteration

N95 respirators cause various breathing problems. The breathing problems then further lead to various problems. Whenever these N95 respirators operate at different temperatures and humidity, they affect the normal functioning of the body. The microclimate is the temperature and humidity of the air. 

The air moving inside the body with the different temperature and humidity produces a stimulus that causes the sensory cells around the neck, nose, and mouse to the response. In response to the stimulus, the heat exchanged by the respiratory tract is affected. It affects the nervous system and then the heart rate. Furthermore, it leads to various issues inside patients with breathing sensitivities. 

Some patients are sensitive to change in the heat produced and released conditions inside the body. In these N95 respirators, heat is produced which is then released outside the body. So, this heat produced may cause problems in these patients.


N95 respirators and N95 masks are recommended by the Center for Disease Control and Command (CDC) because of the 95% protection that they offer. However, these are some of the major breathing issues which are caused by the N95 respirators. The company does not want its market value to fall, so various techniques have been developed in the most developed N95 respirators and N95 masks to do away with these problems and provide efficient services.

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