Does 3M also produce surgical masks?

In addition to retaining 6 feet of physical distance, the U.S. CDC currently recommends wearing a non-medical surgical mask or cloth face coverings in public settings. He also places other social distancing measures that are difficult to hold (e.g., grocery shops and pharmacies), especially in good-sized community-based transmission areas. These face coverings are now not equal to a surgical mask or a respirator. According to the U.S. CDC, people who have to now not put on some surgical face mask children below the age of 2, everybody who has to bother breathing or has a related health condition, and absolutely everyone who can't do away with a face-covering/surgical mask barring help.

 3M and its 96,000 personnel continue to step up as the COVID-19 pandemic disrupts lives globally, applying our innovative thinking to advance options for a unique moment in world history. 3M responded early and hastily to the pandemic, providing indispensable products to devoted frontline fitness care people and the first surgical mask. By the end of 2020, we will produce two billion surgical masks globally – extra than three instances of the amount we manufactured in 2019.  As of October 2020, 3M allotted 1.4 billion surgical masks globally and is on music to supply two billion with the aid of the cease of the year. 

Along with physical distancing and hand washing, carrying a non-medical surgical face mask is an essential step in forestalling the unfold of COVID-19 to aid others' well-being in the community. That's why we have introduced the 3M™ Daily Surgical Face Mask, a non-medical, reusable, fabric face mask to help support the time-honored public's efforts to restrict the transmission of COVID-19 when shopping, at social gatherings, or in any place where a Surgical face masking is needed efforts COVID-19 outbreak started, 3M has responded with cash and product donations – together with respirators, surgical masks, and hand sanitizer – through nearby and world humanitarian resource partners. 

We have committed $20 million as a cornerstone monetary present helping neighborhood companions address crucial needs. Also, 3M and the 3M Foundation have committed $10 million in money and product donations to COVID-19 response efforts during 2020.

Peter Navarro, an adviser to President Trump on manufacturing and trade, contended on Fox Business the remaining month that China had taken over factories that make masks on behalf of American companies. In a statement, Minnesota-based 3M said most of the Surgical masks it made at its manufacturing facility in Shanghai had been sold within China even earlier than the outbreak. It declined to remark on when exports from China might resume.

China may be easing its grip as the world wants to grow. Tan Quahog, the regular supervisor of a small manufacturer of disposable masks in central China, stated that she had filled the government's purchase orders and was once starting to resume exports. The Chinese government is additionally transporting surgical masks abroad as a phase of goodwill packages.

Other manufacturers say the Chinese authorities are nevertheless claiming all the surgical masks their factories in the USA make. "Surgical Mask exports are nevertheless now not authorized, but we are following the state of affairs every day,” stated Guillaume LA verdure.

Much as it dominates the manufacturing of cars, steel, electronics, and different necessities, China is essential to the world’s furnish of protecting scientific gear. Most of what it makes is the disposable surgical masks worn with the aid of health professionals. It makes a smaller variety of N95 respirator masks, which supply more filtration for doctors and nurses.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the general public does not want to wear surgical masks. The demand for surgical masks has skyrocketed in China, where the police require all of us who go out in public to wear a surgical mask. Not all masks are the same. There is a clear distinction between surgical masks and a respirator. Do you have adequate respiratory protection? Respirators and Surgical Masks by 3M Health Care furnish you with the respiratory safety you desire. Every day you put yourself at hazard to make confident your patient's care. Make sure you are taking care of yourself as nicely by choosing the suitable respiratory PPE.

3m Surgical Masks and Their Features

3M™ Splash Resistant Surgical Mask Type IIR, 1819


  • Tie-on fastening with a white polypropylene four-layer construction
  • splash/fluid resistant
  • Comfortable and breathable

3M™ Splash Resistant Surgical Mask Type IIR 1820S


  • Ear-loop fastening
  • splash/fluid resistant
  • Comfortable and breathable

3M™ High Fluid Resistant Surgical Mask 1835


  • Level 3 fluid resistance. Passes ASTM's best possible stage of protection (160 mmHg)
  • This disposable surgical mask has a particulate welding respirator with a carbon layer. This surgical mask helps furnish respiratory protection where metallic fumes. It can also be current along with those with ozone and nuisance stage natural vapors: features foam face seal and 3M™ Cool Flow™ Valve.

3M™ Filtron™ Surgical Mask, Off-The-Face/Anti-Fog Style 1838R


  • A duckbill pouch design with Tie-on fastening 
  • splash/fluid resistant
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Hypoallergenic to reduce the hazard of an allergic reaction.
  • Off-the-face (duckbill) format helps hold the masks away from the nose and mouth for more effective remedy and breathability.
  • Does not contain either herbal rubber latex or dry natural rubber as components in the product or its packaging to cast off latex reaction concern.

3M™ High Fluid Resistant Surgical Mask with Face Shield 1835FS


  • Mask with splash/fluid Resistance and Tie-on fastening with protective face shield 
  • Level 3 fluid resistance. Passes ASTM's most comfortable level of protection (160 mmHg)
  • Anti-fog-coated face guard designed to grant a shielding barrier against splashing; black anti-glare strip over nose

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