Does Home Depot sell N95 masks?

N95 mask Home Depot

The pandemic situation of COVID-19 necessitates many things that were not before in our lives. The normal previously and new normal - these two ideas are very much different from each other. This all-new virus invaded our lives at the beginning of the year, and, still, we are living lives in terror. With the increasing number of infected people, every day and the death tolls of the past have made us traumatized. Many of us lost their close ones during this period. Like the other epidemic that hit the world once and took away a lot of lives, it is doing the same, and despite being advanced in technology and medical science, we couldn’t save those lives. It has been months, and still, we fear stepping out of the home, we are working from home, we are mostly getting necessary household items online, and we are left with only the memories of our vacation last year. There is no way out. Keeping us physically aloof from everything around is the only way of defeating this virus until the vaccine comes. However, the researchers are putting tireless efforts, and their undying spirit finally introduced a vaccine for this virus. Still, it will take a few more months to e available for the public.

In the meantime, we have to follow the guidelines provided by our countries’ health organizations and governments. Setting all possible restrictions and taking steps to execute those successfully, the governments handled this situation quite strictly, and they are still trying hard to keep things under control. In this course, we have been well acquainted with what we should do and what not to stay away from COVID-19. As the virus is exceptionally contagious, we have to maintain the protocols to keep our family and kids safe, especially when the community spreading has already started affecting numerous people. Washing hands, using sanitizers, wearing appropriate masks, keeping social distance, keeping us hydrated, and boosting our immunity with balanced food rich in vitamins, minerals, and protein are the prime precautionary measures that we need to follow now.

When we said ‘appropriate mask,’ the first thing that comes in your mind is N95 masks, right? Well, there are valid reasons for it. The N95 mask is approved and certified as the most effective mask to prevent 95% airborne particles of air from entering one’s body. NIOSH has confirmed it to be the most efficient mask and respirator for this virus. It is capable of providing maximum virus protection. It was first introduced for industrial purposes, for people exposed to intense dust, dirt, metal particles, etc. but, at the right time, it came into the market for the medical practitioners, the moment COVID-19 hit the world. Because of the effectiveness, people started purchasing these masks in bulk, and, as a result, the market faced a shortage of production. People for whom the mask was introduced failed to get one. At that time, some retailers came forward and stopped their lines for common people to buy N95 masks in bulk and focused on distribution masks properly so that no particular group failed to get one. Amazon is one of those.

Apart from Amazon, there was Home Depot, another famous retailer of wholesale business in the United States.

When the situation is better than before, Amazon, Home Depot, and other retailers normally have started transactions. Many people in the USA were unsure about whether Home Depot is selling N95 masks or not. Typically, this is not the genre of this online store. Home Depot, unline Amazon trades mainly in wholesale, and this is an ideal place for the mediators who will sell the products to other people later. The price is, therefore, lesser than the platforms at Home Depot. Be it PPE Kit, surgical masks, disposable masks, N95 respirators, other medical supplies, healthcare products, antiviral supplies, smoke protecting masks, or anything else, Home Depot can sell them online in wholesale. The NIOSH or CDC affiliates all medical supplies available at Home Depot. This is why 3M masks are most found on the site. It includes all variations of 3M 95 masks, including 3M 8511, 3M 8210, or 3M 1860. 3M is the first manufacturer of N95 masks, and they sell the best quality N95 masks approved by NIOSH. 3M and Honeywell are two of those N95 manufacturers who got approval from NIOSH to sell their products in the United States.

Many masks are banned in the United States even though the online and offline sellers have the bulk to offer at a lower price. The reason is safety. Some N95 masks come with exhalation valves. And those are dangerous. The wearer stays safe in this mask, but the surrounded people become exposed to that wearer’s virus. The exhalation valve is implanted in a mask to prevent suffocation related problems for the wearer. It is a breathable mask, but it only allows exhaled air to be released. For a carrier or infected person, this mask can cause immense danger to his or her surroundings.

Also, Home Depot doesn’t keep any masks for kids, as the N95 masks are prohibited for them. No mask states of being kids-friendly. You can different types of N95 masks at Home depot in bulk, but nothing illegal or fake medical supply will be available there. You can check the specification of each mask before purchasing so that no seller can fool you around.

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