Does N95 mask cause sweating?

N95 masks are a necessity to fight the coronavirus yet it can cause sweating because it gives tight facial fit.

Year 2020 has shocked us and we have learned that wearing masks is a necessity. One may not be infected yet for protecting themselves from potential threats it a necessity to adorn the mask. One needs to wear the mask in public or around the people who cannot wear masks. Even there is a category of people who are symptomatic and transmit the virus to others unknowingly and therefore the need to wear a mask is mandatory. WHO has recommended the use of face masks for the general masses and N95 masks is meant for the medical experts and emergency responders. N95 masks give 95 % filtration from germs, bacteria, and viruses. The design of N95 pollution masks is that the multiple layers of filters ensure that the air breather is inhaling and is 95% free from dust particles and pollutants. Also breathing resistance in the N95 masks is comparatively lesser than most of the other types of masks; thus the wearer can wear it without getting suffocated. 

The effectiveness of the N95 masks depends widely on the correct usage of the mask. 

Buy the N95 mask after fit test:

Before buying a N95 mask it is mandatory that the wearer undergoes a fit test. After the fit test the mask that fits the best is to be worn by the wearer. Once a particular mask that fits well is discovered thereafter the particular mask type should be used till there are any changes in the fit. N95 masks are worn in a particular way and this makes the wearer safe. N95 mask is a tight fitted mask and the medical experts, nurses, and the emergency responders need to wear it for long hours. The result of wearing the masks for long hours results in accumulation of sweat inside a full-facepiece respirator mask and the rise in facial skin temperature that can result in acute sweating. As per studies it was observed that if the wearer is in warm, humid temperature (that is temperature above 35 degrees and 90% relative humidity) for 90 minutes then on an average the accumulated seat will be 0.203 g sweat/min from the face, head, and neck. It was also observed that men sweat more than the women. Thus it was found that a large amount of sweat accumulates inside the mask over an 8-hour day. The facial skin temperature was found to rise about 2 degrees over an hour while the wearer has the mask on. 

How to wear the mask effectively:

If you fulfill the criteria of buying the N95 masks and it is available for sale either online or retail, you should have complete knowledge of wearing the N95 mask. If the mask fails to sit on your face precisely, then the mask’s is not solved. The most important point to remember is that before touching the mask or the respirator, sanitize your hands with an alcohol-based sanitizer. If you have a respirable breathing system from before, then opt for the same type of make and scale. Here are the steps that, if followed correctly, can help you wear the mask perfectly, so it performs the task perfectly:

  1. Put the breathable piece on your fingertips in your hands.
  2. Cup the air breather in your palm so that the headbands hang in your hands. Hold the nosepiece under the respirator.
  3. The mask has two straps, of which one will cover the head’s back, and the lower will wrap around the nape.
  4. Now place your fingertips on the metal clips, slide fingertips down the metal strip on both the sides to cling on the nose, giving it the shape of a nose and provide a firm grip. 

How to keep cool while wearing the mask?

It is evident that the medical experts and emergency responders cannot say no to the N95 masks and will need to wear it for long hours as the C0VID-19 cases are on the rise. The only way to stay protected till the introduction of vaccines is the use of N95 masks. Thus, follow the below tips and try to stay cool in the mask. 

  1. Buy from NIOSH approved dealer or manufacturer- The mask from an approved dealer and manufacturer is of good quality and gives a good fit thus it will be gentle on the skin and resulting in a comfortable fit thus there will be no sweating. 
  2. Stay hydrated- if you are well hydrated by drinking plenty of water then the chances of sweating unexceptionally high is ruled out. Staying hydrated will result in supple skin and the body temperature will also, not rise too much therefore sweating will be considerably less.
  3. Use a face shield- using a face shield above the N95 masks will ensure that for a while during the off period even for a few minutes you can take it off to cool your face without compromising on your safety. Thus wear a face shield above the N95 as a means to protect yourself from germs and sweat.
  4. Bring a spare- if you are sweating due to the N95 mask it is not possible to stay without the mask, but it can get itchy and wet if you continue to be in the same mask. Sweat is the breeding place for germs and thus it will harm you, therefore carry a spare N95 mask. Use a sanitizer and remove the wet mask  and wear a new one. The wet mask needs to be first sanitized before reuse.

Wear a mask and remove it when it gets wet to stay cool.    

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