Does Uline ship surgical masks?

Masks – one people’s primary defense against the virus. Experts in the medical field have reiterated facts about wearing a mask. One of which is being protected against particles that may carry microorganisms, which can trigger a pandemic.

This leads to nations to declare mask mandates that require their citizens to wear protective masks while in public. However, not every mask functions the same. Masks like the surgical mask is an appropriate protective mask that people can wear. Surgical masks are commonly used in hospitals. With blue and white coding and elastic straps, the surgical mask is a comfortable mask to wear. Unlike the N95 mask which can create a tight seal, the surgical mask is loose-fitting. Despite that fact, the surgical mask can still give the wearer the necessary protection.

How does a surgical mask give protection?

A surgical mask is made from polypropylene polyester, which is found reduces the chance of skin irritation. The surgical mask is proven to provide protection to prevent the wearer from being contaminated and is waterproof. The surgical mask has a good filtration ability and it does not transmit any liquid substance like saliva and phlegm from the inside to the outside. Once properly worn, the surgical mask can protect the wearer by blocking droplets, or liquid aerosols that can potentially carry harmful microorganisms. Since the surgical mask is only good for one-time use, you cannot reuse it for another day. The surgical mask has to be disposed of right away for it can be a potential breeding ground for strains of viruses and bacteria.

The surgical mask is proven to aid breathability for it does not obstruct the breathing cycles of anyone who wears this mask. Like the N95 mask, the surgical mask also is an in-demand mask. The surgical mask is one of the alternatives of people, skipping the N95 mask.

Companies like Uline are doing their best to prevent the scarcity of the surgical mask from happening. Uline has been dependent on consumers as far as surgical mask distribution is concerned.

What exactly is the Uline Company?

The Uline Company is the number 1 company that distributes personal protective equipment like the surgical mask, in North America. Started in 1980, Uline had been at the top of their game by delivering service to people. The company even released a statement that their on-site personnel is sanitized and their temperatures are regulated; following the protocols established by the Center for Disease Control and Protection (CDC).

Uline has been prioritizing their customers’ health and welfare. On their website, they even have a catalog that allows customers to browse their offered products and services.

Does Uline ship surgical masks?

Uline does ship both surgical masks and disposable face masks. Priced at $17 a box, Uline’s surgical mask is guaranteed safe, comfortable, and of top quality. The great thing about Uline is that the company offers low shipping costs, eliminating the burden of adding additional bucks in shipping. Also, the company has a same-day shipping scheme. Which means, the order arrives on the same day regardless of the time.  Customers have been really satisfied with this kind of service from Uline. The customer can customize their delivery time depending on their location.

Where are their locations?

Uline has its base in Wisconsin in the US. They have 8 locations across the United States. 2 locations in both Mexico and Canada. Here are the locations of Uline in the US where you can procure your surgical masks:

  • Los Angeles, California
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Allentown, Philadelphia
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Reno, Nevada
  • Seattle, Washington

Does Uline also offer other types of surgical masks?

Yes. Aside from the standard surgical mask that has a stretch earloop, Uline sells other variants of the surgical mask. These are the tied back surgical mask, which has four long straps that are wrapped around the head. The good thing about this surgical mask is that you can adjust the tightness of the straps depending on comfort.

Another one is the Deluxe Surgical Mask. The deluxe surgical mask is another surgical mask comparable to the ASTM level 3 mask. This surgical mask has a filtration level of 99%. Unlike the standard surgical mask, the loops of this surgical mask in particular are thicker. It also comes with a nose strip that adds comfort.

Lastly, Uline offers the surgical mask with an eye shield. Similar to the deluxe surgical mask, this surgical mask has a filtration ability of 99% and it does come with an eye shield. The eye shield is there to prevent fog from further invasion.

All of the four surgical masks are not available for retail purchasing. The surgical mask is sold per carton, ranging from $12 to $17 per carton.

Is the surgical mask from Uline guaranteed safe and of top quality?

Yes, the surgical mask from Uline is guaranteed safe and of top quality. They went through the recommendation and testing of the CDC to make sure that their surgical mask is safe for distribution.

With Uline, people’s safety is surely guaranteed. Purchasing their masks is one step for everyone to slowly enjoy their lives. In this time of need, a mask is considered a staple. When going outside, masks should be donned. The mask is there to protect people once social/physical distancing is not observed. Wearing a mask lessens the contagion and can help save lives. A mask is better than no mask.

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