Does wearing a mask make your lips chapped?

The pandemic has more than one impact on our lives. In addition to putting an end to life, as we know it, the relentless sense of doom has intensified the fear and tension of our skin. If it is not enough, the need to wear a face mask adds to the list of skin issues any time you walk out of the door.

We bet that you haven't given much thought to the skin on your lips—yes you have completely missed it—most of you may even have a devoted regimen in place to relax your agitated, angry skin.

A mask will lead to a specific problem, called mouth soreness, and even dry your lips mostly. Learn what causes lip sore and mouth ulcers and how to handle this issue effectively. 

Why does this problem occur?

In your mouth, a lot is happening. Indeed, according to the National Institutes of Health, nearly 700 species of microbes exist there. Like other regions of the body, both positive and poor bacteria exist (such as stinking your breath or contributing to cavities. There are also fungal infections, which are common but can cause certain difficulties.

You are now more vulnerable to mask-induced skin difficulties as mask-wearing has become the norm. The mask is more common, but it is also possible to infect candida. Parasite fungi from the Candida genus can be found in both the skin and saliva, a kind of yeast usually present in the body.

Usually, although candida may not pose a threat, certain species named Candida albicans can cause an infection if it is not managed, the CDC states. If candida in the vagina is overgrowing, it is referred to as yeast infection; when it is overgrowing inside the mouth, it is referred to as thrush. This yeast development is also likely, for example, in your breasts, in your skin folds.

Anyone wearing a mask in the summer knows it can get humid and masks have the optimal overgrowth conditions. Candida thrives, just like that formed under your mask, in wet environments. Although the only cause of skin infection cannot be a mask, the interaction between heat, humidity and a tight mask may worsen the underlying conditions that trigger a bacterial or fungal infection.

A shiny, red, irritated, or shaken region or a rash of the skin can occur. Candida's development, however, is hard to discern from acne, says Mount Sinai Hospital, New York City, Director of Cosmetic and Clinical Testing, Mount Sinai Hospital. It can even appear like bumps or pus pimples as the signs of this candida infect may, he says.

The agitation at the corners of the mouth is an astounding warning. You could be at greater risk if saliva is stuck at the corners of your mouth if you are looking for it to compulsively lick your lips while they are dry. It becomes a field of candida breeding.

Infection of this type is also called corner cheilitis, which occurs in the corners of the mouth as splitting, irritation, bleeding and redness. The wearing of masks is a possibility, but also for the wearing of teeth or the use of pacifiers in young children.

The warm trapped moisture in your mask is one of the major triggers mouth sores and chapped lips. The moist atmosphere is the optimal breeding ground for a vast number of bacteria which contributes to problems like acne flare-ups in the mouth.

A very infamous bacterium is the Candida, which thrives in your mask particularly in the damp climate. There is also a very nice house for the bacteria to thrive in if you're someone who has dry lips and is using them to licking. You're not aware. Sounds disgusting but real. It sounds gross.

Where these two things - the breath moisture and the saliva caused by the continuous liking - come together, they get stuck in the cracks and lines around their mouth, contributing to both mouth pain and persistent dry lips.

How to Prevent This Problem

It is worth worrying about the wellbeing of your skin while wearing a face mask, particularly for longer periods. Although face masks are able to defend themselves from such germs, they also can cause skin havoc.


A mask will leave your skin dry for long stretches of time so it's a smart idea to spend more time on your skincare routine. More moisturization can be done by adding further steps, including serums and face cramps. Hyaluronic acid-rich serums and creams help retain moisture. Often, attempting to part with your facial mask, and bring your facial mask back on with a bristle where possible.

Sun Protection 

Even when a part of your face is masked, particularly if you are out, but even when you're back in a work environment, sunscreen remains a must because glass windows do not block all UV rays.

Therapy for lips

Even if the lips are sealed, behind a facial mask, they will become dry. Breathing in your mouth will make your lips pinch and other dry conditions. Choose a lip balm with nutrients such as vitamin E. Breath-smelling formulations with peppermint will improve. Consider a waterproof mask with anti-bacterial properties if you are worried about the atmosphere but still concerned about odours. Purchase your washable ears/washable faces with the odour security Silvadur which can be washed up to 50 times without losing efficacy.

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