Dr. Anthony Fauci and N95 Respirators

N95 respirators have been the center of discussion since the start of the pandemic. Everyone has been labeling it as what they think is correct. Some suggested that these should be left for medical use only, some recommended that every local should also use it as safety, whereas some came up with the idea that these are not effective in preventing the disease.

The pandemic had gone out of control all over the place. Every country is trying to control it using different safety measures. Nothing seems to affect the spread of disease but as time passed people were more aware of the virus and were getting used to it. Developed countries including the United States of America have suffered a lot in the pandemic.

Especially New York City had become the epicenter of coronavirus. Emergencies were caused, people were panicking, looking for prevention and N95 respirators. Some started sanitizing and reusing their N95 respirators as there was no other option.

Many politicians and influencers have discussed the importance of N95 respirators publicly. The N95 respirators have been the main discussion in my conferences and media talks. N95 respirators were discussed everywhere in the world. A lot of big politicians have discussed it. Some have asked the public to reuse it or not to buy anymore and leave it for the doctors as they are the ones that need to be armed in this war against germs.

Politicians and N95 respirators:

Many politicians have discussed it some are discussed below.

President Donald Trump:

Recently the United States of America had been suffering from the early shortage and bulk demand of N95 respirators. Due to poor policies of marketers and retailers, N95 respirators ran out of stock much earlier than expected. Mr. Donald Trump discussed the importance of N95 respirators and how people should be using it, and what are the Government strategies to overcome the shortage of N95 respirators 

Mr. President, Donald Trump had advised the people to reuse their contaminated N95 respirators by sanitizing them. He stated that the nation has more sanitizer and disinfectant than N95 respirators. So, locals should decontaminate their old N95 respirators and use it frequently. The N95 respirators available in the retail stores should be left for use by the doctors and medical staff as they are the ones that are saving the nation.

After the president of the United States of America, Mr. Donald Trump's advice people started to figure out ways that can disinfect N95 respirators thoroughly. Many experiments were held by locals all around the world. Within a few days’ people found four ways to decontaminate N95 respirators completely. After this discovery, 3M released white papers that addressed that their N95 respirators should be decontaminated on one's will. The company did not take any responsibility for what was being done.

N95 respirators are a very delicate piece of medical study, it can be damaged by a single pull. It should be used with care and the process of decontamination should be held precisely, looking carefully not to damage a single thread. N95 respirators can be of no use if a single thread is torn or damaged. This needs to be kept in mind by the person who is purifying the N95 respirator.

Mr. Donald Trump had also signed a written contract which stated that 3M will produce N95 respirators at a higher production rate from now on. 3M was enthusiastic to help the nation and worked hard to produce twenty times more N95 respirators than usual. It is a milestone in the history of 3M.

Dr. Anthony Fauci:

Dr. Anthony Stephen Fauci is a physician and immunologist, seventy-nine years of age. He has been awarded the Presidential Award of freedom and many other awards. He has been advising eight presidents straight on the critical topic of human immune virus (HIV) and AIDS. He has also been the advisor of domestic issues and global health problems.

Mr. Anthony had served a lot to the United States of America and the entire nation is proud of him. His advice is listened to and considered. His point of view is mostly different from others but are wise and based on truth.

On the recent pandemic of coronavirus which had gone out of control in the United States especially in New York City. Mr. Anthony took his stance on N95 respirators. He was disappointed to see N95 respirators which are great value being sold to locals at retail stores.

He tried his level best to stop these sales in bulk. He knew that his statements have an impact stated that N95 respirators cannot provide protection against the virus and should not be used for prevention, these N95 respirators are as same as cloth masks when it comes to protection against coronavirus.

After his statement, controversies started to take place as many other officials stated against his statement and he had to take a step back from what he said earlier. He took his words back and stated on media that he stated that because he was seeing N95 respirators getting out of stock soon, he further stated that N95 respirators will run out of stock if the retailers kept selling them at the same pace the country will be under crisis.

His statements were found true when the United States of America ran out of N95 respirators, he had warned the nation before but it was if no use because of the sense of fear that was being created by many other doctors and officials.

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