Easiest ways to donate surgical masks

When we watch the pandemic of coronavirus unfold on a global scale, we will quickly feel powerless. Yet you will make a difference regardless of who you are or what the condition is. There are also a lot of opportunities to get involved and to give back even though you are under quarantine, like contributing money or materials, practically charitable work, and checks on people who may need help.

Something should still be said to help people. And you can indeed support yourself by serving others. Research suggests you're happier and better with volunteering. Especially now – with most of us lonely or just communicating with others in our home – it is a perfect way to improve the group relations and remind you that we all work for a shared cause. The quest for ways to return during COVID-19 will alleviate your own anxiety and tension, improve your mood and give you a sense of intent during this tough period.

Donations & Volunteer to Make Face Masks

Both people and groups who are able to support our health care professionals, patients, and society through the COVID-19 crisis are thankful to university hospitals. UH is taking important measures in order to ensure the protection and well being of all those we represent, with the anticipated rise in coronavirus-related events.

Below is a list of opportunities to build masks, to provide food and materials for our caregivers, and to have guidance about how to provide COVID-19 help. Donors like you make sure that we can still give you, your families, and our neighborhood the best quality treatment during this extraordinary moment.

Start with the community

The best way to return is to meet the ones you know. The supportive text or video call can be made to neighbors, colleagues, co-workers, and family alike. It may seem to be a minor gesture, but should not underestimate the positive effect of inspection on anyone. Starting now for those who can feel insecure. This could be your elderly neighbor who is alienated from their social interactions or your acquaintance who is suffering from terror and depression. It is one of the easiest ways to be of service to have a touchstone for others at this period. It also helps to alleviate your own anxieties and to improve your feeling.

Another way to protect you when you're comparatively young and safe is to run orders for the individuals at heightened risk of serious illness. Think of the aged, the disadvantaged, or the housebound in the immediate social environment. Call out to see if food or medications require help. To keep your distance secure, you can leave your bags outside the entrance. Local social media networks or sites such as Facebook or Nextdoor will help you reach others in your neighborhood who are in need.

How to Donate Face Masks

Local volunteers sewed and donated several thousand cotton facemasks, and surgical masks to support our patients and staff during the pandemic.

Although VUMC is currently in a position to shield workers and patients from COVID-19 with sufficient stocks of personal protective equipment (PPE), fabric masks will perform well for other situations and contribute to maintaining reserves for N95 breather masks.

Both patients, guests, and personnel of the VUMC must wear a mask during their visit to the Medical Center.

Masks can be stripped from 8:00 am-4:30 p.m. Hand sewn. Vanderbilt One Hundred Oaks in the plastic bin below the portico at Entrance A. This is at the end of the mall, the closest to the theatre. It is around one hundred oaks. Here you can see the map and instructions.

Donations can be left at the entrance to the Vanderbilt Wilson County Hospital. Place products in a Monday-Friday plastic bin 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

The following can be found in a suggested sewing style with recommended fabric materials. Write down elastic and elastic models.

Make a donation 

While many people do not have spare money right now, consider contributing a pandemic to an agency if you are one of the fortunate people. Some options include hospitals and centers of health or national and local shelter, financial aid, or food agencies.

GoFundMe also provides funds for critical employees affected by COVID-19 or families who suffer after sickness or death.

During this time you can still help your favorite local firms keep away by buying gift cards that can be used later, ordering deliveries from restaurants that are still open, and shopping at home if they still accept orders.

Expressing gratitude

Physically and mentally, health professionals are tested. You may leave thanks and encouraging messages for programs such as Health Hero Hotline. In certain neighborhoods nationwide, at various hours of the day, residents are often gathered at their screens, decks, or doors in order to enable health professionals to initiate or finish transfers.

Find Vulnerable Groups 

Meals on Wheels, an agency that serves meals to elderly adults, is in demand. Senior people are advised to stay as long as possible at home under health directives. You will volunteer from home by checking in with the young by telephone in addition to providing meals. Another app, Be My Eyes, is a blind and visually impaired program where volunteers can use Video Chat to assist with regular activities.

You may also contact a nearby treatment provider, senior cente,r or a non-profit agency that helps individuals with cancer, disabilities, or other health issues. Tell them the best to assist. Maybe you can provide the required supplies to make those who are alone feeling less alone or actually send letters or phone.

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