Everything You Need to Know About 3M Masks  The Clinical Supplies Guide to 3M Masks

3M is an American company that provides protective equipment to workers and healthcare professionals. They produce thousands of products like face masks and fire protection equipment under different brands.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they have become one of the most recognized companies that manufacture face masks and respirators. Recently, 3M has doubled the production of N95 respirators.

Today we are going to discuss everything you need to know about the face masks created by the 3M company.

You’ll learn more about them, why you should use them and what’s the difference between the different models.

What is 3M Mask?

The 3M face mask is a disposable face covering that offers you protection against dust particles. It filters more than 90% of dust particles which are the most difficult to filter effectively. The 3M mask is one of the bestselling protective pieces of equipment because it offers a great level of protection.

Why Should You Use A 3M Mask?

3M is one of the most well-known companies that are creating face masks and other protective equipment. They are an American company that provides high-quality products to the people that most need them.

If you’re looking for well-made face masks, you should definitely check out the 3M face masks, because they offer an excellent level of protection. It’s recommended that these masks are used exclusively by healthcare professionals.

Which 3M Mask Should You Use?

  • 1404 Face Mask


The 1404 face mask is a barrier that protects you from dust, pollen and smaller particles. It has a 2.5 PM filter. Each of these face masks is created with 100% soft and breathable fiber that you can easily stretch. You can fairly easily put it on your face.

This 3M face mask is reusable, which means that each time you use it, you should wash it afterwards, so you can use it for the foreseeable future.

This model is created for people that want to use face masks with fancier designs.


  • 8210 Face Mask


Another excellent 3M face mask is the 8210 respirator. It will provide people who are going to be exposed to dust or liquid particles with effective protection. These face masks are tested by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), which means that they filter at least 95% of the small particles.

The 8210 face masks are very durable, and they not only provide protection against dust particles but fire particles as well. They have an advanced filter material that increases their resistance.

However, that doesn’t mean that it will be hard to breathe even the contrary. The 8210 face masks are extremely comfortable and easy to wear, making them one of the best options on the market.

If you’re looking for 8210 face masks, you can see all the options here. We also offer wholesale options which you can find out here.


  • 8511 Face Mask


The 8511-face mask model offers great way level of protection from dust particles as well as liquid particles. It’s another face-covering created by the 3M company that is tested and certified from NIOSH as an N95 respirator.

These types of masks that are part of the N95 category should be used exclusively by a medical professional who works with COVID-19 patients because they offer a great level of protection.

They are extremely durable and provide great comfort for people who work in hot environments. If you’re looking for an 8511 face mask, you can see our options here.


  • 9210 Face Mask


NIOSH also recognizes the 9210-face mask as an N95 respirator. That’s great because it means that this model offers excellent protection against smaller particles. If you’re using one, you can easily exhale air directly from the noise panel without irritation the skin on your face or your eyes.

The 9210 mask sits very comfortably on your face, and you won’t feel that it is there. This model is also made from soft materials, making it extremely useful for healthcare works who need protection against dangerous particles and viruses.


  • 9332+ Face Masks


The 9332+ face mask model is tested and approved by the CE. It’s an easy to store, comfortable and protective piece of face covering that is extremely breathable. The 3M company has ensured that these masks will give you an effective filtration of dust and liquid particles, so you can be protected from dangerous bacteria.

This model offers the same level of protection as the previous two models, but it provides more comfort as well. You should use this type of mask, only if you’re a healthcare professional that is exposed to COVID-19 patients.


To summarize, 3M face masks filter at least 90% of airborne particles coming from the air. They are made from the 3M company, which is an American company that provides protective equipment to the people that need it the most.


Here are the different types of 3M face masks:


  • 1404 face mask is for people that want to use fancier masks.


  • 8210 face mask offers great levels of comfort and protection.


  • 8511 face mask is an N95 respirator created specifically for medical professionals.


  • 9210 face mask is also an N95 respirator that is extremely comfortable.


  • 9332+ face mask combines excellent protection with great comfort.


If you’re looking to buy 3M face masks, you can see all of our options here.


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