How are N95 masks sourced by distributors?

Hospitals in the United States are currently facing a shortage of N95 respirators. There are N95 mask distributors that are providing counterfeit N95 masks to healthcare workers in the medical, surgical, and dental fields. The US continues to check the supply of N95 masks coming in so that only NIOSH certified N95 mask providers can supply hospital workers.

At the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak, N95 mask manufacturing continued but exportation ceased as China claimed the N95 mask supply for its own people. As the slope went down in China, N95 mask exportation continued.

For the safety of everyone, it is important to do a full check on the quality supplied by N95 mask sellers online. But just where do N95 mask suppliers get their stock of N95 respirators? Here are some of the leading sources of N95 mask distributors and suppliers who sell the disposable face mask online:

Top Sources of N95 Masks

  1.       3M

If you shop for a disposable N95 mask, chances are you will find the 3M brand for sale. However, sometimes it is hard to find a 3M N95 mask in stock.

If you don’t want to buy an N95 mask made in China for your kids and family, then one of the best options is this American company called 3M. It is among the largest manufacturers of surgical masks worldwide. They have a plastic reusable N95 mask, face shield, disposable N95 mask, and other essential PPE.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, 3M has already ramped up their N95 mask production. They produce 50 million N95 masks just in June 2020 and expect to produce as many as 2 billion N95 masks worldwide by the next year.

  1.       Alpha Pro Tech

This med-tech company is also based in the US. They have a line of disposable PPE including the N95 mask with or without a shield. This N95 mask manufacturer also makes medical personal protective clothing that is essential in this time of the pandemic.

  1.       Ambu

Located in Denmark, this N95 mask source is responsible for developing, manufacturing, and marketing of life-supporting devices for use in hospitals as well as rescue services. They have a myriad of products including the N95 mask, laryngeal mask, resuscitator, and other equipment used in clinics, hospitals, and ambulance services.

  1.       BD

This global med-tech company in New Jersey is one of the sources of medical supplies as well as laboratory equipment even before the pandemic. They seek to create products to control infection, manage medication, and medical supply.

  1.       Honeywell

Another well-known N95 mask source is this California-based N95 mask manufacturer. It is a leading brand in PPE manufacturing. They have a certified N95 mask for providing protection in environments with airborne particles, vapors, and gases that can cause contamination and illnesses.

  1.       Kimberly-Clark Corporation

This American company also manufactures an N95 mask, personal care, and incontinence care products. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, this N95 mask source also increased their production of N95 mask for kids as well as for adults around the world.

  1.       Louis M. Gerson Company, Inc.

Hospitals and clinics looking for a legitimate N95 mask source can look to this medical company. They manufacture medical supplies both in the US and in China. They are ISO certified regarding respiratory protection. Their equipment is used in medical as well as industrial environments.

  1.       Prestige Ameritech

Among the leading N95 mask manufacturers is this American company. Look no further than domestic when searching for quality N95 mask supplies. The company also has a wide selection of surgeons masks, medical goggles, and similar products. Furthermore, this N95 mask source only serves customers in the US.

  1.       Teleflex Incorporated

This N95 mask source has more than 30 manufacturing sites around the world. They have operations in the United States as well as in Mexico, Germany, Czech Republic, and Malaysia, among others. They are involved in the design and development of the N95 mask they sell. They are manufacturers and suppliers of quality N95 masks for critical care.

What to Consider When Buying N95 Mask from Suppliers

When the N95 mask supplier is from overseas or is unknown to you, there is a way you can check if they are legitimate N95 mask sources. Here are some of the things you can do to check the legitimacy of your N95 mask supplier or distributor:

  • If the N95 mask source is from China, you can use websites like Qiyechacha or Both websites are able to give you information on when the company was founded and what areas of business the company is in.
  • The N95 mask supplier should be in operation for a minimum period of 5 years. The N95 mask source should also be registered in the health and medical sector. Finally, the Chinese government should have authorized or approved this N95 mask source to sell their N95 mask overseas.
  • Be sure to check for the N95 mask or Kn95 certification. You can ask for certification from the N95 mask supplier. The name on the N95 mask you buy should match the name of the company and certification showed to you.
  • Finally, check the quality of the N95 mask you have gotten from the N95 mask supplier. Be sure that it is sealed tight and fits well so that no particles can enter from the sides. It should be comfortable to use for extended periods, too.

In the United States, the N95 mask supply is being thoroughly checked to prevent counterfeits as some N95 masks entering the country from overseas do not meet the US health standards.

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