How big is the n95 mask market projected to be by 2030?

N95 respirator

The N95 respirator is a particulate filter which filters out airborne particles that could affect an individual adversely. Infectious agents, dust, viral infections, and dirt are harmful airborne particles that could harm an individual’s health. The word N95 means that the N95 respirator can filter out hazardous airborne particles that could pose a threat to an individual’s health. The N95 respirator keeps the wearer safe from harmful diseases as well.

The N95 respirator can filter out particles whose size is as small as 0.3um. The N95 respirator is the only respirator in the United States to filter out particles of such a small size. The best Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is the N95 respirator since it can filter out particles of such a small size. Healthcare professionals like doctors, nurses, and physicians use the N95 respirators since the N95 respirator is effective at keeping an individual safe from harmful diseases.  

Furthermore, the N95 respirator has been approved by NIOSH, which means that the quality of the N95 respirator is exceptional. Since the pandemic began, it has made it crucial for everyone to wear the N95 respirators. Because of the novel coronavirus, the N95 respirator market has been anticipated to lessen until 2030. In 2019, the N95 respirator industry was at 1.3 billion dollars, but it has increased to 8.1 billion dollars; the market has experienced a surge because of the large number of cases of COVID-19.

Since the N95 respirator is one of the most crucial Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), the industry has experienced massive growth in the demand for the N95 respirators. It has been made compulsory for the doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers to wear the N95 respirators while treating patients who have been infected by COVID-19. Whenever such viruses break out, the demand for N95 respirator increases. When everything is normal, people do not buy the N95 respirators. 

Although certain people downplay the effectiveness of N95 respirators, it is an efficient respiratory protective device for filtering out harmful airborne particles. It is useful in combating diseases or viruses that spread through the air. COVID-19 is one of those diseases which spread through the air. Therefore, the use of N95 respirators has drastically risen as a result of the outbreak of this fatal disease; this is because these viruses and diseases are lethal as well.

In the United States of America (USA), around five hundred people die from the influenza virus per year. The H1N1 influenza virus was responsible for killing seventeen thousand adults when it broke out. The majority of the people who died from the influenza virus were healthy adults. Such lethal viruses can put a healthy adult’s life in jeopardy. Therefore, people who have a powerful immune system buy the N95 respirators as well for keeping them safe.

Because of the fear of the disease or the virus, everyone buys the N95 respirator. Therefore, the N95 respirator market increases. It increases whenever a hazardous virus breaks out and wreaks havoc. Since it has been expected that COVID-19 will have ended in a maximum of two years, it is expected that the N95 respirator market will lessen as well. The N95 respirator market is directly proportional to the harmful and contagious viruses. If they are in the world, the N95 respirator will be in profit. 

However, if the pandemic finishes, the N95 respirator market will gradually vanish as well. Hence, people wear N95 respirators when they are exposed to harmful airborne particles; this is the reason why the N95 respirators are in demand at the moment. Since the novel coronavirus will be around for two to three years, the requirement for the N95 respirators will exceed. Therefore, more and more people will buy the N95 respirators to keep themselves safe from this dangerous disease. 

But the people of the United States have shifted towards buying such N95 respirators that are non-disposable; this is because disposable masks are expensive, and after every use, an individual has to purchase a new one. Therefore, people of the United States have started purchasing N95 respirators and cloth masks that are non-disposable. Such respirators can be decontaminated by using several processes.

Decontamination of a respirator means killing the bacteria or harmful airborne particles on that respirator. Since the wear uses the N95 respirator, the N95 respirator blocks the harmful airborne particles from entering into an individual’s body. Therefore, harmful airborne particles remain on the surface of the N95 respirator. Since it is hazardous to touch the surface of the N95 respirator and to reuse it, the decontamination of the N95 respirator is necessary before using it again. 

There are several decontamination methods. One of the ways to decontaminate an N95 respirator is by using the process of UV light. This process is used by big healthcare facilities since they have complex equipment for using this treatment. Dry heat is the method that has been recommended by the higher authorities for the public who does not have access to such complex equipment.


The N95 respirator market is in immense demand due to the novel coronavirus. Since COVID-19 will have ended until 2030, the requirement for N95 respirators will abate as well. The requirement for N95 respirators is directly proportional to harmful and contagious viruses. If there is a virus, people buy the N95 respirators. If there is no virus, people do not purchase the N95 respirators.

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