How different companies have dealt with America's N95 respirator shortage

The lack of masks may be most troubling of all of the coronavirus issues faced by the United States of America. Masks are now so complicated to locate that health workers use their most consecutive days. For months, supermarket employees with a high risk of the virus are refused masks. Every day people make fabric scraps their own.

One reason why the US struggled to produce masks is that many of them were made in China, and during its outbreak of coronavirus, the country slowed down the production and discontinued to ship to the US. But America was supposed to have its own mask supply in the Strategic Arsenal, a hidden stash in an unrevealed number of warehouses throughout the world. It was nearly out on April 1.

The inventory of pandemics has been the subject of intense criticism over COVID-19, and the complaint is obvious: how has the wealthiest country in the world failed to keep adequate maskings for pandemic influenza? The Critical National Stockpile, along with millions of other safety masks, distributed eighty-five million N95 respirators during the 2009 swine flu pandemic. This commitment to distribution led to the overall success of this outbreak by the federal government. But the masks were never filled up.

Amazon sold mainly out of various styles of the mask. Keepa, which records the prices of the goods sold on Amazon, reveals that a ten kit of 3 M N95 aircraft sold for 18.20 dollars approximately a month ago now costs 99.99 dollars. And one seller from Amazon is selling a 3 M N95 breather pack for $198.98. On eBay, there is a two-pack 3 M N95 face mask for $59.99. Some stores typically sell less than $6 masks but are out of stock now. A customer from Amazon told that they were purchasing 100 3 M N95 respirator for $10 each this week, expending a total of $1,000 — showing the consumer awareness of the risks that coronavirus can pose in the United States.

Sellers of Amazon set their own price for items sold through the online marketplace of the eCommerce giant. But this is an effort by the company to ensure "fair price", and some sellers have this week warned that if they break their price rules, they risk being suspended. The price of a product or services that are "significantly higher than the price provided on or off Amazon" or charges unreasonable shipping and handling costs may be used.

Prices increase as stocks of masks are low. Prestige Ameritech, the U.S.'s largest operating mask maker, said it struggles to keep demand for its products, including facial masks and respirator, up to date this week. And 3 M Company masks are also available online at stores such as CVS, Home Depot, Sam's Club, Target and Walmart. Mike Bowen, Vice President of Prestige Ameritech, said that since COVAD-19 was born in China, there has been a thousand times higher demand for its face masks and respirators. The business sells all 17 masks and shields on its website.

Home Depot in North America has ordered all 2,300 stores to stop N95 sales masks from protecting them from emergency reactions for those on the front lines of coronavirus. Ms Gorman said the organisation donated P.P.E. equipment millions of dollars and delivered N95 masks into hospitals and healthcare staff and urgencies throughout the United States.

Owing to the recession, Home Depot was not the only major retailer to divert supply.

More than 3,000 companies have developed new business areas for face masks or converted some of their manufacturing lines into masks, protective equipment and other necessities, including 700 technology firms.

During the Spring Festival holidays, some domestic mask companies changed plans to suspend production and others resumed operations on the edge of banking.

Large firms such as electronics manufacturer Foxconn and Chinese car manufacturer BYD have changed their industrial and commercial registrations also to start making masks. Foxconn revealed plans to manufacture 2 million masks a day.

Alpha Pro Tech has started another N-95 PRR at its Salt Lakes City facility in Utah, and it is anticipated that production will increase further by early February, said Lloyd Hoffman, President and CEO of Alpha Pro-Tech. Management commits itself to increase our production efforts to meet this unprecedented demand for N-95 face masks and to help communities worldwide to tackle this outbreak.

In addition to N-95 facial masks, Hoffman has further continued to increase the market for facial shielding and other PPE products. The business tracks inventory levels in our full line of PPE items and will take suitable measures to improve production to meet customer demand.

The government has an inventory of 30 million masks of various species, but Alex Azar advised that N95 masks need to be fitted and checked to be successful. The government plans to manufacture approximately 300 million N95 masks more, but it is not clear when. However, it is manifested that all the companies are trying to cope with the situation in their own ways, hoping to help the world with the PPE that is unavoidable in this situation. They are increasing production, donating mask to the healthcare in the industry, creating awareness for the reuse etc. Hopefully, we will all together overcome this situation of COVIFD-19 so that we don’t need this mask anymore.

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