How do 3m n95 masks differ from the Kimberly-Clark corporation?

Pandemic sudden increase to demand is likely to generate short-term prospects for manufacturers of N95 quality N95 medical safety masks: 3M, Kimberly-Clark, Prestige Ameritech, Honeywell, KOWA, Vogmask, Shanghai Dasheng, DACH Schutzbekleidung GmbH & Co. Cardinal Health KG, Cambridge Mask Co, Te Yin, Hakugen, Gerson. 

The N95 Grade Mask Market is a breathing aid intended to protect against airborne particulate matter. At least 95% of 0.3-micron test particles can be blocked while the 95 masks are shipped. Those breathing devices are not oil tolerant.

The Global Economy

Over the forecast period, the demand for N95 masks is projected to rise at a CAGR of 13,86% to US$2,034,594 million by 2025 from 2019 to US$933,793 million.

N95 is commonly used as a safety mask for tightly fitted airborne particles’ ineffective filtration. It is called N95 since it blocks at least 95% of small research particles (0.3 microns). The growth of the industry over the projected period is expected to fuel increased air pollution worldwide. The supply of replacements is, however, likely to restrict demand growth in the next few years. Cummins and DuPont, for example, recently collaborated to develop an alternative N95 mask for health practitioners to satisfy the increasing need for respiratory masks.

Increasing healthcare Expenditure

It is one of the key factors of demand growth over the projected era. In Indonesia, per individual health care expenditure rose from USD 162 in 2008 to almost USD 350 by the end of 2018, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development figures show. The increasing demand for the N95 mask due to growing awareness of health is faced by both public and private investors in developed countries.

Among others, 3M Business, Honeywell, Prestige Ameritech, Kimberly-Clark, Vega Corporation Co, Alpha Pro Software, and Makrite are major industry players for the Indian N95 Mask Market. 3M and Honeywell are the world's largest N95 mask firms and hold a large market share. As a result of heavy competition, various businesses pursue various tactics to increase their margins. Big businesses search at strategic alliances to raise their market share including fusions and acquisitions and joint ventures. Significant players and their relative strategic position and strategies on the global N95 mask market have been covered. Recent deals and acquisitions from various players in the industry over the last year are also listed. This segment presents the industry history, financial results (public firms) in recent years, primary goods and services offered along with recent deals and acquisitions made in the global N95 masking market by these important players.

There are many manufacturers who sell N95 masks and 3M and Kimberley are one of the two topmost. 


The 3M Group is an American multinational corporation that specializes in industrial, occupational safety, welfare, and commodities markets. It's one of the biggest surgical mask producers in the world, including annexed facial shields and N95 masks. 3M Co anticipates that, in June 2020, the monthly supply of N95 air masks will increase to 50 million as demand from medical professionals and first responders fighting coronavirus pandemics increases. In the next year, the company will also manufacture 2 billion N95 respirators worldwide.

3M's commodity

3MTM Particulate Respirator N95 is a disposable particulate respirator intended to ensure at least 95% of the respiratory safety against such non-oil-based particles is effective. This breather is intended for use in particles such as scraping, sanding, baling, lifting, bagging, and other stainless steel processes. This respirator can also lead to a reduction in inhalation exposure to particular biological airborne particles (e.g. mold, Bacillus anthracis, Mycobacterium tuberculosis), but cannot reduce the possibility of illness, disease or disease contracting. The breather features 3M's patented technologies with specialized microfiber filter media, which are electronically charged to facilitate breathing. A range of safety eyewear and hearing protection are compatible with this respirator.

This NIOSH (National Institute for Health and Occupational Safety) Particle respirator offers a permitted filtering efficiency of 95% or more for conditions containing certain non-oil-based particles.

Hazardous particles breathing can pose a health danger. A 3M Particulate Respirator, which is designed to minimize the exposure to such airborne particles, has been reviewed and approved by NIOSH, a Federal Regulatory Agency.


Kimberly-Clark is an American health and hygiene corporation manufacturing and distributing personal care and customers. The products of the Business include sculptures, clothes, paper towels, incontinence treatment supplies, operative clothing, and disposable face masks. Kimberly-Clark is sold around the world to big items such as procedural, operating, and masks of N95, facial veils, shades, floating, and infant masks.

Kimberly-Clark product product

The Specific Filter Respirator and Surgical Mask are made of Kimberly-ClarkTM Fluidshield N95 with a layer that is resistant to fluid penetration. The pale orange mask is signed Soft padding, soft on the eyes, by Kimberly-Clark, and has wide, pouch-style breathing space for added convenience. Two polyurethane headbands attach a mask to the face to avoid leaks across the mask boundaries. It is ranked N95, indicating a minimum efficiency of 0.3-micron particles at the filtration of 95 percent (though it is not oil-resistant). The fluid defense is graded by ASTM Level 3 (for heavy fluid protection). You should rely on the NIOSH-authorised Fluidshield N95 Particulate Filter Respirator and Surgical mask by Kimberly-Clark when you need a reliable, supportive respiratory filter to help protect your staff.

  • 210 N95 Particulate filter and a surgical mask (6 panels of 35), Standard sizeRespiratory Filter, and Surgical Mask.
  • Provides 0.3-micron particles at least 95 percent filtration efficiency (N95 rating)
  • Built with a fluid-resistant coating and a material mix to withstand fluid penetration
  • The mask is attached to the face by two polyurethane headbands to help maintain a near face seal and stop the leakage around the mask edges
  • Big breathing chamber in pouch form and soft coating for extra comfort.

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