How do Honeywell N95 masks differ from Moldex?

N95 mask:

In this industry of personal protective equipment, the N95 mask has been considered the most effective for giving protection against harmful particles. The N95 mask is a kind of protective face piece that is used by people for protection. These masks are made up of different types of protective layers that make them more protective for filtering the microscopic particles in the air. 

Many public healthcare organizations that are working for the health security of the people have recommended N95 masks for public protection. And the reason for this recommendation is the high quality of these masks. These masks can give 95% protection against many viruses, bacteria, and dust particles.

Importance of N95 mask in Pandemic:

Since the beginning of 2020, COVID 19 has affected millions of people living in different areas of the world. A massive number of people have died of this virus. Many countries have got affected economically by the attack of the coronavirus. Governments of all infected countries have tried their best to get rid of this problem.

But they couldn’t control the spread of this virus from one place to another. Then the United States designed an N95 mask to tackle this problem. And this N95 mash has proved as a lifesaver for millions of people living in different countries.

Manufacturing companies of N95 masks:

In this time of the pandemic, as the COVID 19 has affected millions of people, it has increased a threat for the people, that they can get infected so easily. Because of this people are using N95 masks excessively to stay protected in this dangerous period. As people are using N95 masks on a massive scale there is a great need for increasing the supply and production of these masks in this pandemic so that the demand of the people can be fulfilled.

For this purpose, many companies have started working on the manufacture of N95 masks, so that they can manage the rate of production and its supply all over the world. These companies are:

  • Honeywell
  • Moldex
  • 3M
  • Kimberly-Clark Corporation 
  • Alpha Pro Tech 
  • Ambu
  • Teleflex

These are the companies that are playing an essential role in the maintenance of the production of N95 masks all over the world. All of these companies have manufactured good quality masks, but some of these have been considered as the most preferred companies for the manufacture of N95 masks. And there is also some obvious difference in the qualities of all the N95 mask products manufactured by these companies.

How do Honeywell N95 masks differ from Moldex?

Different companies are working on the manufacture of N95 masks all over the world. But Honeywell and Moldex are the most successful companies that have been manufacturing a high-quality N95 mask. But still, some factors differentiate those masks of these companies. These differences indicate the way of production and the material that has been used in these N95 mask products. So here are some factors that differentiate the N95 masks of both of these companies.

Filtration ability of N95 mask: The first factor that differentiates the N95 mask product of both of these companies, is the ability to filter microscopic particles from the air. Air contains different types of harmful particles that can be harmful to human health if they get entered into the human body. So, all the face masks should have good filtration quality so that they can filter maximum particles from the air.

But here is the difference, the N95 masks of Honeywell Company are more effective infiltration than of Moldex Metrics, Inc. Even if both of these companies are good at N95 mask production but the Moldex Metrics have a comparatively low ability in their N95 masks to filter the maximum number of the harmful particles from the air.

The adjustability of N95 masks: So the second factor that is important for all the personal protective equipment including n95 masks is, its adjustability. In this pandemic, everyone is searching for good quality mask products that people can protect themselves from harmful particles. But in this respect, people have noticed a difference in the N95 mask products of these famous companies. And the thing is that the N95 masks, produced by Honeywell, are more adjustable than those of Moldex. 

Because the Honeywell mask products can be easily adjusted on a person's face. And it doesn't cause any irritation that is the most important feature of any face mask.

High quality of masks: In this quality, the N95 mask products of both companies lie within the same category. But just like all other features, Honeywell is better at manufacturing high-quality mask products. As they manufacture N95 masks by adding non-woven fiber, as a part of its structure. Having high quality is important for personal protective equipment because it's a matter of lives. 

So in this way, Honeywell is taking the lead in providing better quality N95 mask products as compared to all other companies.


In this pandemic, different companies are manufacturing N95 masks to fulfill the requirement of people. Honeywell and Moldex, both have considered the most rated companies for the production of N95 masks. But some factors differentiate between the masks produced by both of these companies. Those factors include filtration ability, adjustability, and the quality of the N95 masks.

And people can easily differentiate between the mask products of both of these companies based on the mentioned parameters.

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