How do 3M N95 masks differ from Prestige Ameritech?

N95 masks are scarce, and the market is flooded with various options before buying the mask to know the mask completely for buying the best N95.


The pandemic has led to the use of masks in public. The heavy use of masks led to the scarcity of masks, especially the N95 masks. Several companies started the production of N95 masks. The existing companies in the field of manufacturing N95 masks have sped up the production. Yet the gap between the need and availability of masks could not be covered. The companies maintained the coronavirus norms, like social distancing and adhering to the lockdown norms, and tried to increase the production. The situation is difficult, but then there was no option. The N95 masks need approval from NIOSH and FDA for selling them as the N95 masks. The NIOSH approved N95 masks are fit for use by the medical experts as it presents 95% of filtration with limited breathing resistance. The N95 respirators are fit for filtering non-oil elements. The market is full of counterfeit N95 masks, and one needs to understand the essentials of an original N95 mask before buying it. The dealer or manufacturer of the mask must be listed on the NIOSH's official site. 

3M and Prestige Ameritech are amongst the top suppliers of N95 masks. Both the companies are listed on NIOSH's official site. They adhere to all the prerequisites of approval for being an N95 mask and fit for being used by the doctors. Here is a detailed analysis of N95 masks from both the companies.

The 3M company:

 3M is a company that is using science to improve people’s lives. The company has been doing great work to support public health care, and it is making sure to take every possible action to manage the demands that are being raised. Mike Roman is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the 3M company. The company started a century ago and has stood the test of time as a small-scale mining venture in Northern Minnesota. It was named as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company. The company grew and now has become a global company that sells more than 60,000 products in 200 countries globally. The company took no shortcuts to reach the peak and thus it now has corporate operations in 70 countries. The company had five founders, and the goal was to mine for corundum, a mineral required for making sandpaper and grinding wheels. The work seemed easy, but they didn’t have a clear understanding of the mineral. The founders could have quit, but they persisted, and they tried innovating. The founder's zeal and their efforts made the company a global name and listed on the Founder 500 list. 3M is a multinational corporation responsible for producing healthcare products like surgical mask N95 respirators and other such things. 3M products are used in homes, businesses, schools, hospitals, and other industries. The company strives to reach new areas with its thousands of researchers and scientists spread in all parts of the world. The company manufactures N95 masks, and during the pandemic, it has increased its production to help the nation and its citizens.   

N95 masks from 3M:

The company provides NIOSH approved N95 masks providing 95% filtration against non-oil based particles. The two-strap design is a welded dual point attachment that provides a secure seal. It has a cushion on the nose foam for a comfortable fit. The mask is lightweight and promotes greater worker acceptance, and thus the wearer can wear it for long hours without any breathing resistance. 

During the coronavirus time, the global crisis has raised demands for personal protective equipment to the bars very high. The demands have managed to exceed the supply that is provided by industries. Government health agencies, distributors, and other people who prioritize supplies of N95 respirators are working together to meet this demand for the N95 respirators and other personal protective equipment. The team working for 3M consists of people dedicated to the work and consists of talent capable of bringing changes and innovations.



Prestige Ameritech company: 


Prestige Ameritech is an American based company that manufactures and designs equipment useful for serving in the medical field. The company is also known to manufacture automated devices responsible for manufacturing the equipment used in medicine. 


On comparing the merits and demerits of N95 masks produced by 3M and N95 masks made by Prestige Ameritech? 


The N95 respirators efficiently blocked about 95% of the contaminants above the range of 0.3 microns. Does have greater efficiency to protect against coronavirus. The two manufacturers which we evaluated are 3M and Prestige Ameritech's N95 Respirators. 


  1. Filtration efficiency- N95 respirators provided by 3M filters 95% of particles above 0.3 microns the N95 respirator by the Prestige Ameritech managed to filter out 99% of particles above 0.1 in micron diameters.
  2. Prestige Ameritech has masks made from stretch-knit headbands that fit well on different face shapes giving the perfect fit on the other hand 3M has no such contouring fit feature.
  3. The ventilation provided by the 3M masks is way better than the ventilation that the mass-produced by Prestige Ameritech provides.
  4. The stretch band provided on the Prestige Ameritech masks enhances the comfort level of the mask. The 3M is not facilitated with that mechanism.
  5. The N95 masks from Prestige Ameritech have a large filter area. Thus it grants more space to talk and breathe this feature missing in the 3M mask.



Final Takeaway:

Both the American companies have proved their worth in manufacturing the best quality NIOSH approved N95 masks. Thus one can buy the mask from either of the companies.

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