How does Heat and Humidity sterilize N95 masks?

What is the N95 mask?

N95 masks are simply designed personal protective equipment that is mostly used by people for getting protection. These N95 masks consist of different types of protective layers that make it more efficient for the filtration of harmful particles present in the air. Different public healthcare organizations situated in different countries have approved N95 masks for use by the public.  

These N95 masks are made of non-woven fiber that make it able to filter about 95 % of the microscopic particles that can be harmful to people if they get entered in someone's body.

Role of N95 masks in COVID 19:

Since COVID 19 has occurred in China for the first time, it has affected many countries by destroying the economy and social life. A huge number of people have died of it and millions of people have lost their loved ones because of this threatening virus. So, different countries have struggled to find a proper solution to this problem and they have tried to adopt many strategies that could be beneficial for its control. Then thankfully, the United States manufactured an N95 mask for the control of this disease.

The N95 mask has proved life-saving personal protective equipment for millions of people. Because it has saved a massive number of people from being infected by COVID 19 in this threatening g period of the pandemic. 

Sterilization of N95 masks:

As the need for the N95 masks increased day by day, it was creating stress on the manufacturers of the N95 masks. It has forced the manufacturers to produce more and more masks in this pandemic so that they can maintain the ratio of its usage and supply. But there was a problem in the maintenance of N95 masks in different countries. And the problem was that people were using N95 masks excessively without caring about its scarcity. 

These N95 masks are special kinds of masks that were specially designed for the construction workers and also for the people working in medical institutes. And some special type of stuff is used by the manufacturers in the production of these masks. That's why these masks are produced in calculated numbers. But for a few days, these masks were utilized by the public instead of specifying their use for medical specialists. And that makes it available in the market in less supply and it has affected the maintenance of N95 masks all over the world.

By keeping in view this problem, different public healthcare organizations and FDA have decided to take some steps to secure the supply of these masks. These strategies were specially designed to control the excessive use of the N95 mask by the public. The excessive use of these respirators created a threat for the future that there could be a shortage of N95 masks in upcoming days.

So the healthcare organizations specifically designed some beneficial techniques that could be useful in minimizing the shortage of these respirators. All of these techniques are mentioned here:

  • Minimizing the use of N95 masks by public
  • Reuse of N95 mask in hospitals and medical institutes after a specific time
  • Using some chemicals to disinfect these masks
  • Creatively repairing these masks to use it again
  • Use of Heat to disinfect N95 mask
  • Use of Humidity to sterilize these masks
  • Use of humidity to sterilize N95 mask

These techniques were strictly recommended to the medical institutes so that they can minimize the use of N95 masks. And another reason for designing these rules was to let the people know how they can reuse these masks by themselves. Among all of these techniques, only two were considered the most effective techniques for easily sterilizing the N95 mask.

Use of Heat and Humidity for sterilizing N95 masks:

Although, all the above-mentioned techniques are effective for easily disinfecting the N95 masks. But only two techniques were admitted at the best and most effective techniques for the sterilization of N95 masks. And these techniques are the use of heat and humidity for the sterilizing N95 mask in a simple way. Many types of research have been conducted to prove the efficiency of heat and humidity for the sterilization of these masks. 

And all of these researches have proved that Heat and Humidity can disinfect N95 masks in severe conditions. It's a natural fact that heat can kill many microscopic particles or microbes present on the surface of a mask. And another important fact about the application of heat is that people don’t need to afford any costly apparatus for its sterilization.

People can easily sterilize these masks by keeping them under the sun. And it'll help them to make their masks germs free by killing many harmful particles.


The N95 mask is the most demanded personal protective equipment all over the world. Millions of people were using this N95 mask to keep themselves protected from all other harmful particle presents in the air and especially the Coronavirus. But this overuse of N95 masks has created a severe threat for the future that there could be a shortage of N95 masks in upcoming days.

So, by keeping in view this problem, FDA has designed some strategies for controlling the shortage of N95 masks. Among all of those strategies use of heat and humidity are the best techniques to be followed for the sterilization of this mask.

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