How effective are N95 masks when around non-mask wearers?

Covid -19 the one name, now we all are quite familiar with as of its high affinity for infection though not that deadly but can cover quite a no. and it is safe to say it better goes untested of its full potential as the elderly have said from generations that nothing good ever came up from digging your feet in a mud hole. There is no sign of any medicine (vaccine) fully effective against this virus scientists worldwide are trying hard & their level best to attain a solution for this recent pandemic. While they are at it, we should also act as law-abiding citizens and strictly follow government guidelines issued in the public interest to minimise the number of cases.

If the cases took a sudden rise there will not be enough resources for going around and treat everyone affordability will also play quite a role in lieu of the expenses that need to be quelled before recovering and reaching perfect health again as those who do not have enough resources will face some serious consequences of not following the issued guidelines, prevention always comes better than cure now don’t it?, now that the guidelines issued are that tough to carry on with, of course they may differ from region to region but some key factors remain all in the same, basically – you should wear respirators in public places and almost everywhere rather than the place you call home , normal public shouldn’t use high level protective gear such as N95 masks and its other buddies as their supply is limited and is required for our frontline heroes who are putting their life online daily for our sake to make our lives easier, maintaining stated distance from each other whenever outside of your house as for the safety you and your loved ones.

Now comes the topic of N95 masks being better than surgical & other common masks and by what margin we are in the 21st century. We need some serious stats to believe stuff, you know. When it comes to that there is no question in that the N95 masks (respirators) have a better performance score than those of surgical masks ant other of its kind as the name itself states N95, it filters up to 95% of airborne particles from the air you intake leaving only 5% chance that you may get infected, on the other hand, there is the surgical mask which provides 45 to 55 % protection from airborne particles quite a small no but still judging by their price to performance ratio they are quite considerable & it’s no use spending money on a high protective gear if you are not a frontline worker thus normal citizens should go for surgical masks no problem vice versa if you are a frontline hero you need your special gear to carry on the good work & forging on ahead.

 Following point will be discussed on ahead as we progress on towards our conclusion –

  • Why are people choosing to wear N95 masks?

A status symbol to us is no new thing to us I guess as rich people love this concept to flaunt or to show off the best of the best and N95 is right there at the very top of the list, half of the N95 devotees have this mentality, the remaining ones combine of those who really want it for their safety and the ones who need them the most that of course are the front line workers who are falling short of N95 due to the above binge buyers.

  • Why are there still people who choose not to wear masks?

This question at one problem becomes hilarious as affordability, lack of knowledge and mentality are still leading factors which are causing these problems to arise, some people can’t afford to buy masks regularly as after sometime normal masks get worn and in due course torn, then come to the people who do not know 

enough about this pandemic and the harm it can cause to them and now the most lethal form of ignorant species who believe the fundamentals of 19th century or even later commonly saying “I don’t believe what I have not seen before“ and trust me they can’t be reasoned with.

  • How can non-mask wearers affect the environment?

The right question here should be how can they go not effecting the environment? as they are most clearly not following the basic rule of the pandemic considering this as a mass practice it would be such a disaster, a threat to not only to the non-mask wearer but to the whole mask-wearing populace too, the virus will carry on spreading if this goes down no of infected due to this very instance will grow up to double no less and judging by people’s behaviour of getting inspired by each other it becomes more of a serious threat.

  • Effects of wearing an N95 mask in front of non – mask wearers.

A better example would be that out all the populace in the country alone guy in some back ally wears a mask and abides by all the guidelines issued by the government now the question arises will it help in preventing the increase in no of cases the answer is No of course not same is the case with the above issue wearing the N95 mask is preventing only you from the disease not preventing the rapid spread of the disease, in short, it is all for no cause.  

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