How many of the world’s N95 masks are currently located in the United States?

A respirator mask is a protective gear to prevent the user from inhaling aerosols and health threats from vapors or gases. Respirators can also shield the wearer from airborne particles, including SARS, coronavirus, H1N1, etc. In contrast to standard surgical masks that protect only against infectious droplets, for example, saliva droplets or other secretions.

Respirator mask must follow the industry norm, which requires a three-grade disposable respirator mask named N95, N90, and N99 in the USA and many other nations.

  • N90 applies to at least 80 percent aerosol filtration and overall 22 percent inside leakage. This mask is used mostly as a mask for dust restructuring and other forms of work.
  • The most filtering masks on the market are the N99 masks, also known as FFP3 masks in the European standard. They guard against tiny particulate matter such as asbestos with a minimum filtration percentage of 99% and a maximum leakage of 2% within them—the most potent coronavirus safety cover.
  • N95 masks are also known as European FFP2 masks, with a minimum filtration output of 95 percent and a gross leakage of 8 percent inland. They are used predominantly by practitioners in the fields of manufacturing, agriculture, and health care. N95 masks were demonstrated as the most popular and best-selling form of respirator masks to protect them against coronavirus.

Impact of Coronavirus on the Global Market

According to the latest study on the N95 respirator market, the outbreak of coronavirus worldwide will raise demand and manufacture for respiratory masks globally and, in particular, for N95 masks, which will increase the global N95 respirator market size by USD 382.90 million between 2020 and 2024.

The need for N95 breathers among the frontline healthcare staff, such as nurses, initial responders, and medical practitioners, has increased recent outbreaks of pandemical respiratory infections such as COVID 19 and H1N1. In the safety of workers from job hazards of exposure to infectious micro-organisms and viruses, N95 respirators find widespread use. While global health regulators also proposed that N95 respirators’ usage be restricted to healthcare staff, many people still purchase these masks to reduce the danger of COVID-19 and deter its spread. These reasons significantly improved the revenue and demand for N95 masks from medical facilities.

While discussing the amount of N95 respirators available in the United States market, it is relevant to shed light on the lead manufacturers of N95 masks over there. Here you go. 


The 3M Group is a global American company working in the industries, protecting employees, health care, and consumer products markets. She is one of the world’s major surgical mask makers, including attached facial blinds and masks of N95. 3M Co plans to scale up US monthly production of N95 respirator masks to 50 million in June 2020 as demand from healthcare professionals and first respondents battling the coronavirus pandemic. In the coming year, the company will also manufacture 2 billion N95 breathers worldwide.

Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Kimberly-Clark is a US health and hygiene company that produces and delivers consumer goods and personal services. Things of the Company include clothes, tissues, blankets, incontinence remedies, working robes, and disposable face masks. The essential items from Kimberley Clark are available in countries worldwide, such as procedural, operating, N95 gloves, face veils, filters, pliers, and kids’ gloves.


Honeywell is a global pioneer in personal protection equipment (PPE) devices, including pesticides, vapors, fumes, welding, particulates in airborne devices, and pollution. Honeywell is the world's top 10 N95 mask manufactures based in Santa Ana, CA. Any top market items include unnecessary breathing machines, mask cleaners, cylinders, and N95 masks.


In New Jersey, United States, BD is a multinational medical technology corporation involved in producing, manufacturing, and selling a wide variety of medical supplies, instruments, labs, and diagnostic devices. Their primary products are used to monitor illness, administer medications, administer prescription supplies, enhance diabetic treatment, and other health-care priorities.

Alpha Pro Tech

Alpha Pro Tech is an American medical technology corporation that has produced, marketed, and distributed a range of cleanroom, automotive, pharmacy, medical, and dental disposable clothing and infection prevention products. One of the world's leading manufacturers of N95 breathing masks cover and shieldless masks, shields, and other surgical safety clothing.

Prestige Ameritech

Prestige Ameritech is one of the world's top 10 respirators mask suppliers and the most extensive domestic provider of surgical and respiratory masks. Although the Reputation Ameritech also sells a wide variety of surgical gloves, surgeons, and other items, as well as facemasks and respirators. In the United States, Reputation Ameritech serves consumers only.

Future Market of N95 Respirators

One of the critical developments in respiratory masks that will influence the industry’s story is moving toward disposable products in developing countries. Available masks minimize the need to sterilize the product and avoid cross-contamination with other recycled items. They are economical, avoid pollution, and minimize patient stays. They also prevent contamination. Countries like the United Kingdom and the United States will then move towards single-use or disposable commodity acceptance. During the forecast period, the demand is projected to be concentrated. Many of the top 10 N95 mask manufacturers worldwide are now focused on increasing their revenues through direct sales, online and retail marketing to minimize advertising and operating costs.

Yet, the United States is in pretty bad condition in regard to the mask supply for the medical workers. The situation is trying to be controlled hard, hopefully, this will be over soon. 

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