How many surgical masks can you buy in bulk?

The beginning of the year 2020 brought us the news of an evolved strain of the virus. Not the news anyone of us expected! 

With a time-lapse of a few days, the virus outbreak's unexpected news was defeated by the speed at which the virus reached other continents, countries, and states. 

All the world involving the one rarest end to the other was struck by the virus's wrath developed by undergoing mutation. 

The virus found its origin from a patient who died suffering the disease caused by the virus. The patient was a resident of China, the Wuhan district of China, to be specific.

The virus on further investigation was found to be showing matching symptoms of the common cold-causing coronavirus. 

When researched further, the virus was found to be a mutated strain of the coronavirus. This deadly disease-causing virus was then named Novel Coronavirus by the World Health Organisation (WHO). 

This virus has a few symptoms that one should look after for; below are some of the symptoms that need a mention,

  • One of the most common ones is having a high temperature.
  • Another symptom involves the patient having a dry cough.
  • Some symptoms may include the patient not being able to smell.
  • Serious symptoms may include difficulty in breathing.

The virus not only has caused physical damage to us, but it has also managed to cause many mental strains on the existence of the human race. Some of the things that people have to undergo on Mars are,

  • They had to settle for being in the dose for about a time period of five to six months.
  • Every work, including manufacturing and official work, was put on hold due to the pending make that has surfaced on Earth's face.
  • Schools were closed due to the youth of the countries, or shall we say the youth all over the world have not been exploring and learning what they should have been at their age.
  • People had to learn to live with masks on their faces, which is not the most convenient way of living.

The masks which are apart of the personal protective equipment are of very different kinds few of them are mentioned below,

N95 Respirators: 

    • These are the most preferred respirators worldwide, especially in the times of pandemic that has been a result of the widespread virus and the disease Covid-19 that it has been causing.
    • As the name suggests, these respirators do not protect from any aerosols present in the oil. Also, going with the name and focusing on the 95 in the N95 respirators, you can rest assured that they provide 95% efficiency in protecting against the viruses and microorganisms, which are of the length of 0.3 microns in diameter.
    • The N95 respirators provide comfort and breathability to the wearer and thus are one of the most preferred masks worldwide. 
    • These masks are efficient because they are three-layered and are made out of principles that prevent the entering of any microorganisms into the inside environment of the mask and vice versa does working towards the cause of not letting in Covid-19 spreading any further.

Surgical Masks:

    • These are another three-layered masks that are the second most preferred mass worldwide for acquiring protection against Covid-19.
    • These masks are also given authorization by NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) and CDA (Disease Control and Prevention) for being used in hospital settings and around people who are covid positive.

Cloth Masks: 

    • These are masks that provide you protection against bigger particles present in the environment and not let you get infected.
    • They are mostly prepared at homes in a DIY activity, and cotton fabric is preferred as the raw material for building out such masks.
    • The authorities suggest these masks to the common people who are not involved in the hospital settings or front line work.
    • These masks provide better breathability and comfort to the people at meager prices and ensure the storage of N95 respirators for the people who really need them like frontline warriors and medical healthcare workers.

The surgical masks and the N95 respirators are essential for the proper functioning of places like hospitals and places where people are directly exposed to the contamination of the covid-19 virus. 

With the increasing cases of the virus, we are getting short on the masks' availability and respirators like surgical masks. We are facing quite a lot of problems while trying to buy surgical masks in bulk.

The surgical masks are very beneficial for the people who need protection from covid-19 and are very affordable compared to the N95 respirators.

It is starting to become necessary to buy these masks in bulk, especially when you meet them for healthcare facilities like hospitals, nursing homes, etc.

The bigger question that arises is that many surgical masks can be bought in bulk and is there the availability of these masks online or through offline media. 

You can get yourself a bulk of surgical masks through people you know and getting a green certificate from the authorities, especially when there is a great shortage of surgical masks all over the world.

Where to get a bulk of Surgical Masks in Bulk?

  • There are various online platforms like B2B and, etc. You can get a bulk of surgical masks, especially when you want them for people in dire need like covid-19 positive patients, carriers of the disease, and the health care personnel who get involved directly with the patients.

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