How much money has Honeywell made off of surgical masks?

Honeywell International is a publicly-traded, global conglomerate based in Charlotte, North Carolina. It predominantly works in four industry areas: aerospace, building technology, PMTs, and protection and efficiency solutions (SPS).

The company has about 110,000 staff globally and about 44,000 in the United States. The new President and CEO are Darius Adamczyk. The company hires over 110,000 people.

Honeywell International Inc., the firm’s new name, is the result of a transaction in which AlliedSignal bought Honeywell Inc. in 1999. The company’s headquarters has been merged with AlliedSignal’s office in Morristown in New Jersey; however, the combined company has selected the name "Honeywell'' due to the significant market popularity. Until 1999, its industry ancestors, including an early entry in the machine and thermostat industries, were registered in 1925.

It is a Fortune 100 company in the software sector offering industry-specific applications including aerospace, automobile devices and services; construction, home, and industrial automation technologies; and internationally performing equipment. The organization’s device offers a secure helicopter connection service that enables continuous contact even in remote areas. Almost every commercial, defense, and room aircraft Honeywell Aerospace devices and facilities are used by practically every automotive maker and truck producer worldwide and their turbochargers. Innovative technologies for fuel-saving vehicles and planes, direct-to-time flights, safer flight and road travel, aircraft engines, cab and cabin electronics, cellular communication systems, logistics, etc., are developed by the Aerospace business unit.


Adjusted earnings beat Zacks Consensus Estimate by $1.49 and were $1.56 per share. However, owing to reduced revenue, the result decreased by 25% a year.

The three-quarter turnover of Honeywell amounted to $7,797 million, up from $7,656 million on consensus. Because coronavirus outbreaks triggered weakness in end-markets, the top marked a 14 percent decrease over the past year both on the reported and organic basis.

Breakdown section

The sales of Aerospace amounted to $2,662 million, down 24.9% year-on-year. Revenues from Honeywell Construction Technologies fell to $1.305 million by 7.8 percent. Revenues for Materials and technology efficiency amounted to $2,252 million, down 15.7%, compared to $1,578 million, up 8.3% for defense and manufacturing solutions.


The company posted $5.383 million in net sales expenses for this year, down 10.8 percent annually. The revenue, general, and operating costs reduced to $1,103 million by 14.9 percent. Interest and other financial losses amounted to 101 million dollars, compared to 96 million dollars a year earlier.

The third-quarter net income margin plummeted 16.8 percent year-over-year by 250 basis points.

Growth History of Honeywell

Annual/quarterly Honeywell sales history and growth rate between 2006 and 2020. In return for a transaction in products or services, revenue can be described as the amount of money that a business earns from its consumers. Revenue is the largest item of an income statement that subtracts all costs and expenditures for net income.

  • For the quarter ended September 30, Honeywell's sales amounted to $7.797b, which is down 14.19 percent year on year.
  • For a total of 12 months since September 30, 2020, Honeywell's revenues amounted to $33.233B, down 10.04% year-over-year.
  • For 2019, Honeywell's Annual Profits stood at $36,709B, down 12.18% as of 2018.
  • Annual sales of Honeywell for 2018 amounted to $41,802B, a rise of 3.13 percent from 2017.
  • For 2017, Honeywell's annual revenues amounted to 40,534 B$, up 3.13% from 2016.

Situation of 2020

Honeywell International Inc. -1,86% posted earnings and revenues in the third quarter, which outweighed expectations and delivered a solid profit perspective for the current quarter. Net revenue of the producer of aerospace and transportation goods has declined from 1.62 billion dollars (2.23 a share) to 758 million dollars, or 1,07 dollars per share, throughout ages. The adjusted earnings per share hit $ 1,56, above the $1,49 Factset consensus, except for the non-recurring products. The pandemic affected the company, but the agreement on FactSet declined by $7,66 billion, down 14.2per cent to $7.80. Aerospace revenues declined by 25% to $2.66 billion, yet were north of $2.55 billion; the sales of building technologies dropped by 8 percent and reached $1.31 billion, but exceeded the estimates of $1.24 billion; the sales of products and technology by 16 percent decreased to $2.25 billion. The estimated figure for protection and productivity increased by 8 percent and sales of safety and development grew by $2.33 billion. The group forecasts the adjusted EPS from 1,97 to 2,02 USD in the fourth quarter, beyond the 1.88 USD FactSet consensus, and an $8.2 to $8.5 billion of revenue, with an outlook of 8.43 trillion US$. To date, securities that stayed dormant in premarket trade have lost 7.0%, while the S&P 500 SPX, 0.13%, has risen 2.5%.

In Response to COVID 

In reply to the COVID-19, Honeywell changed its production sites to manufacture personal protective equipment products for healthcare professionals in Arizona, Rhode Island, Michigan, and Germany. In April 2020, Honeywell began manufacturing n95 masks in Smithfield and Phoenix to produce 20 million masks per month. Honeywell's factories have been turned into industrial toilets for government departments in Muskegon and Germany.

During the pandemic, multiple states hired Honeywell to supply N95 particulate filters. A contract for the monthly procurement of 100 000 N95 masks was awarded to Honeywell by the North Carolina Task Force on Emergency Repurposing Production (TFERM). Mayor Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles declared in April 2020 that he had reached an agreement with Honeywell to manufacture 24 million N95 masks for healthcare staff and first responders.

United States President Donald Trump went to visit the Honeywell Aerospace facility in Phoenix on 5 May, which recognized the "incredibly patriotic and hard-working Honeywell's men and women" for making N95 masks.

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